Dinda Timperon



I’m a qualified Aerospace Engineer, and also a professional performing artist, of mixed Indonesian and European background, and also Muslim. I’m a UNSW@ADFA graduate, have served in the Royal Australian Air Force with roles ranging from being in charge of 80 troops through to attending National Test Pilot School in the USA, and now I’m in the civilian world. Through all this I’ve realised that I was often the only woman in the room, also often the only person of colour. I’m very passionate about championing diversity to change the faces seen in these rooms and alter profession stereotypes for future generations. Representation matters. Diverse voices = more diverse experiences and ideas = a thriving workplace. Often though, you cannot be what you cannot see, and thus we need these changemakers to act as role models to show others what is possible and pave the path for the future.

BE, 2012

Part of the Facing Equality Series