Guide to the Histories of Commissioned Ships in the Royal Australian Navy [MSS 284]

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Manuscript Name Histories of Commissioned Ships in the Royal Australian Navy
Manuscript Number MSS 284
Last Updated June 2022
Extent 1.26 m (9 boxes)
Location Special Collections, UNSW Canberra
Abstract Photocopy and carbon typescript drafts relating to Commissioned Ships serving in the Royal Australian Navy. The collection provides technical ship data together with a brief service history of between one to seventeen pages for each vessel from launching to disposal, 1866-1983.

Scope and Content

Photocopy and carbon typescript drafts relating to Commissioned Ships serving in the Royal Australian Navy. The collection provides technical ship data together with a brief service history of between one to seventeen pages for each vessel from launching to disposal from 1866 to 1983. This information was collected for The Australasian Military History Database (MIHILIST), produced by the Academy Library, UNSW Canberra, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra.

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The collection has been arranged in box then folder order.

Administrative Information


The collection is available for research.

Restrictions on Use

No copying is permitted without the permission of the copyright owners.

Preferred Citation

Histories of Commissioned Ships in the Royal Australian Navy, Special Collections, UNSW Canberra, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra, MS 284, Box [Number], Folder [Number].


Collected and indexed for The Australasian Military History Database (MIHILIST), produced by the Academy Library, UNSW Canberra, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra.

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Topical Subjects

Warships -- Australia -- History

Corporate Names

Australia. Royal Australian Navy -- History

Container List

Box 1

Folder 1
HMAS Abraham Crijnssen

Folder 2
HMAS Adelaide (I)

Folder 3
HMAS Adele

Folder 4
AE1 (Submarine)

Folder 5
AE2 (Submarine)

Folder 6
HMAS Albatross

Folder 7
HMAS Alexander Thompson

Folder 8
HMAS Alfie Cam

Folder 9
HMAS Allenwood

Folder 10
HMAS Anaconda

Folder 11
HMAS Anzac

Folder 12
HMAS Ararat

Folder 13
HMAS Armidale

Folder 14
HMAS Arunta

Folder 15
HMAS Australia (I)

Folder 16
HMAS Australia (II)

Folder 17
HMAS Ballarat

Folder 18
HMAS Bandolier

Folder 19
HMAS Baralaba

Folder 20
HMAS Barcoo

Folder 21
HMAS Barwon

Folder 22
HMAS Bataan

Folder 23
HMAS Benalla

Folder 24
HMAS Bendigo (I)

Folder 25
HMAS Bermagui

Folder 26
HMAS Beryl (II)

Folder 27
HMAS Bingera

Folder 28
HMAS Birchgrove Park

Folder 29
HMAS Black Snake

Folder 30
HMAS Bombo

Folder 31
HMAS Bonthorpe

Folder 32
HMAS Brisbane (I)

Folder 33
HMAS Broome

Folder 34
HMAS Bunbury (I)

Folder 35
HMAS Bundaberg

Folder 36
HMAS Bungaree

Folder 37
HMAS Burdekin

Folder 38
HMAS Burra Bra

Box 2

Folder 39
HMAS Cairns

Folder 40
HMAS Canberra (I)

Folder 41
HMAS Cape Leeuwin

Folder 42
HMAS Cerberus

Folder 43
HMAS Cessnock

Folder 44
HMVS Childers

Folder 45
HMAS Colac

Folder 46
HMAS Condamine

Folder 47
SS Coogee

Folder 48
HMAS Coolebar

Folder 49
HMAS Coombar

Folder 50
HMAS Coongoola

Folder 51
HMAS Countess of Hopetoun

Folder 52
HMAS Culgoa

Folder 53
HMAS Deloraine

Folder 54
HMAS Diamantina

Folder 55
HMAS Doomba

Folder 56
HMAS Dubbo (I)

Folder 57
HMAS Durraween

Folder 58
HMAS Elwing

Folder 59

Folder 60
HMAS Encounter

Folder 61
HMAS Falie

Folder 62
HMAS Fantome

Folder 63

Folder 64
HMAS Forceful

Folder 65
HMAS Fremantle (I)

Folder 66
HMAS Gascoyne

Folder 67
HMAS Gawler (I)

Folder 68
HMAS Gayundah

Folder 69
HMAS Geelong (I)

Folder 70
HMAS Geraldton (I)

Folder 71
HMAS Geranium

Folder 72
HMAS Gerard

Folder 73
SS Gippsland

Folder 74
HMAS Gladstone (I)

Folder 75
HMAS Goolgwai

Folder 76
HMAS Goonanbee

Box 3

Folder 77
HMAS Goorangai

Folder 78
HMAS Grass Snake

Folder 79
HMAS Gunbar

Folder 80
HMAS Gympie

Folder 81
HMAS Hawk (I)

Folder 82
HMAS Hawk (II)

Folder 83
HMAS Hawkesbury

Folder 84
SDB 1323 (Seaward defence boat; Ex SDML 1323 and Ex HDML 1323)

Folder 85
HMAS Heros

Folder 86
HDML 1347 (Harbour defence motor launch)

Folder 87
HMAS Hobart (I)

Folder 88

Folder 89
HMAS Innisfail

Folder 90
HMAS Inverell

Folder 91
HMAS Ipswich (I)

Folder 92
HMAS J1 (Submarine)

Folder 93
HMAS J2 (Submarine)

Folder 94
HMAS J3 (Submarine)

Folder 95
HMAS J4 (Submarine)

Folder 96
HMAS J5 (Submarine)

Folder 97
HMAS J7 (Submarine)

Folder 98
HMAS Jeparit

Folder 99
HMAS John Oxley

Folder 100
HMAS K9 (Kolonien class submarines)

Folder 101
HMAS Kangaroo

Folder 102
HMAS Kanimbla

Folder 103
HMAS Karangi

Folder 104
HMAS Kara Kara

Folder 105
HMAS Katoomba

Folder 107
HMAS Kianga

Folder 108
HMAS King Bay

Folder 109
HMAS Kinchela

Folder 110
HMAS Koala

Folder 111
HMAS Kookaburra

Folder 112
HMAS Koompartoo

Folder 112
HMAS Koopa

Folder 113
HMAS Korowa

Box 4

Folder 114
HMAS Krait

Folder 115
HMAS Kuramia

Folder 116

Folder 117
HMAS (RAFA) Kurumba

Folder 118
HMAS Kybra

Folder 119
HMAS Labuan (I)

Folder 120
HMAS Lachlan

Folder 121
HMAS Lae (I)

Folder 122
HMAS Lanikai

Folder 123
HMAS Launceston (I)

Folder 124
HMAS Laurabada

Folder 125
HMAS Lismore

Folder 126
HMAS Macquarie

Folder 127
HMAS Mallow

Folder 128
HMAS Manoora

Folder 129
HMAS Marguerite

Folder 130
HMAS Maroubra

Folder 131
HMAS Marrawah

Folder 132
HMAS Martindale

Folder 133
HMAS Mary Cam

Folder 134
HMAS Matafele

Folder 135
HMAS Matthew Flinders

Folder 136
HMAS Medea

Folder 137
HMAS Melbourne (I)

Folder 138
HMAS Mercedes

Folder 139
HMAS Mildura

Folder 140
HMAS Miramar

Box 5

Folder 141
ML 429 (Fairmile motor launch)

Folder 142
ML 815

Folder 143
ML 817

Folder 144
HMAS Mollymawk

Folder 145
HMAS Moresby

Folder 146
HMAS Moruya

Folder 147
HMAS Mourilyan

Folder 148
HMAS Mother Snake

Folder 149
MSL 251 (motor store lighter)

Folder 150
HMAS Nambucca

Folder 151
HMAS Napier

Folder 152
HMAS Narani

Folder 153
HMAS Nepal

Folder 154
HMAS Nestor

Folder 155
HMAS Nizam

Folder 156
HMAS Norman

Folder 157
HMAS Nyroca

Folder 158
HMAS Olive Cam

Folder 159
HMAS Orara

Folder 160
HMAS Otway (I)

Folder 161
HMAS Oxley (I)

Folder 162
HMAS Parkes

Folder 163
HMAS Parramatta (I)

Folder 164
HMAS Parramatta (II)

Folder 165
HMAS Paterson

Folder 166
HMAS Patricia Cam

Folder 167
HMAS Penguin

Folder 168
HMAS Perth (I)

Folder 169
HMAS Pioneer

Folder 170
HMAS Pirie

Folder 171
HMAS Platypus

Folder 172
HMAS Protector

Folder 173
HMAS Psyche

Folder 174
HMAS Paluma (I)

Folder 175
HMAS Paluma (II)

Folder 176
HMAS Paluma (III)

Box 6

Folder 177
HMAS Quadrant

Folder 178
HMAS Quality

Folder 179
HMAS Queenborough

Folder 180
HMAS Quiberon

Folder 181
HMAS Quickmatch

Folder 182
HMAS Reserve

Also included are photocopies of 4 black and white photographs of the officers of HMAS Reserve taken on the bridge of the ship. All of these photos were taken at Guiuan, Samar in the Philippine Islands on 11 April 1945. Donated by Joseph Newman, 5 January 2010

Folder 183
HMAS River Snake

Folder 184
HMAS St. Giles

Folder 185
HMAS Samuel Benbow

Folder 186
HMAS Sea Mist

Folder 187
HMAS Shoalhaven

Folder 188
HMAS Shropshire

Folder 189
HMAS Silver Cloud

Folder 190
HMAS Sleuth (I)

Folder 191
HMAS Southern Cross

Folder 192
HMAS Sprightly

Folder 193
HMAS Stalwart (I)

Folder 194
HMAS Stawell

Folder 195
HMAS Stuart (I)

Folder 196
HMAS Success

Folder 197

Folder 198
HMAS Swan (I)

Folder 199
HMAS Swan (II)

Folder 200
HMAS Swordsman

Folder 201
HMAS Sydney (I)

Folder 202
HMAS Sydney (II)

Folder 203
HMAS Sydney (III)

Box 7

Folder 204
HMAS Tallarook

Folder 205
HMAS Tambar

Folder 206
HMAS Tamworth

Folder 207
HMAS Tarakan (I)

Folder 208
HMAS Tangalooma

Folder 209
HMAS Tasmania

Folder 210
HMAS Tattoo

Folder 211
HMAS Terka

Folder 212
HMAS Three Cheers

Folder 213
HMAS Tiger Snake

Folder 214
HMAS Tingira

Folder 215
HMAS Tobruk (I)

Folder 216
HMAS Tolga

Folder 217
HMAS Tongkol

Folder 218
HMAS Toorie

Folder 219
HMAS Toowoomba

Folder 220
HMAS Torrens (I)

Folder 221
HMAS Townsville (I)

Folder 222

Folder 223

Folder 224
HMAS Uralba

Folder 225
HMAS Vampire (I)

Folder 226
HMAS Vendetta

Folder 227
HMAS Vengeance

Folder 228
HMAS Voyager (I)

Folder 229
HMAS Voyager (II)

Folder 230
HMAS Waree

Folder 231
HMAS Warramunga

Folder 232
HMAS Warrawee

Folder 233
HMAS Warreen

Folder 234
HMAS Warrnambool (I)

Folder 235
HMAS Warrego (I)

Folder 236
HMAS Warrego (II)

Folder 237
HMAS Watcher

Folder 238
HMAS Waterhen

Folder 239

Box 8

Folder 240
HMAS Westralia

Folder 241
HMAS Westwind

Folder 242
HMAS Whang Pu

Folder 243
HMAS Whyalla (I)

Folder 244
HMAS Wilcannia

Folder 245
HMAS Wollongong (I)

Folder 246
HMAS Woomera

Folder 247
HMAS Wyatt Earp

Folder 248
HMAS Yandra

Folder 249
HMAS Yarra (I)

Folder 250
HMAS Yarra (II)

Folder 251
HMAS Yunnan

Box 9

Folder 252
Photocopies of folders 1-41, HMAS Abraham Crijnssen to HMAS Cape Leeuwin, 1906-1973

Folder 253
Photocopies of folders 42-91, HMAS Cerberus to HMAS Ipswich (I), 1868-1983

Folder 254
Photocopies of folders 92-138, HMAS J1 to HMAS Mercedes, 1910-1983

Folder 255
Photocopies of folders 139-170, HMAS Mildura to HMAS Pirie, 1876-1973

Folder 256
Photocopies of folders 171-203, HMAS Platypus to HMAS Sydney III, 1884-1975

Folder 257
Photocopies of folders 204-229, HMAS Tallarook to HMAS Voyager II, 1866-1972

Folder 258
Photocopies of folders 230-251, HMAS Warree to HMAS Yunnan, 1909-1972

Folder 259
Hardcover notebook entitled 'MIHILIST ships' comprising an alphabetical list of the ships listed in folders 1-251, 1991