Objectives - IRRG

  • Objective 1: To promote better understanding of labour markets and industrial relations
  • Objective 2: To promote safe, engaged, productive and fair workplaces
  • Objective 3: To encourage the recognition, development and utilisation of skills
  • Objective 4: To continue to build the impact of The Economic and Labour Relations Review
  • Objective 5: To engage with industry, community and government in the production and dissemination of research
  • Objective 6: To build our working relationships and international outreach
  • Objective 7: To help develop emerging scholars
  • Objective 8: To further UNSW Strategy 2025, particularly the pillars of Engagement and Impact
  • Objective 9: To address UNSW Grand Challenges, particularly Inequality and Climate Change
  • Objective 10: To collaborate with and bring together, in shared projects, colleagues and academic units across the UNSW in pursuit of the other objectives, reflecting the UNSW 2025 Strategy’s emphasis on interdisciplinary research and collaborations.

The IRRC pursues these objectives through:

  • Seeking and carrying out individual and team research projects, whether funded by competitive grants or industry contracts
  • Publication of the findings of this research in scientific journals and books
  • Dissemination of research results to the wider community through media releases/social media, seminars/conferences, keynote addresses, industry forums, consultancies and reports
  • Provision of human resource practitioner materials such as job analysis data
  • Provision of the infrastructure and staffing for publishing The Economic and Labour Relations Review (ELRR), which continues as the IRRC’s single largest project.