Spotlight: A Skills Recognition Tool - IRRG

Published by Employment New Zealand (New Zealand Ministry of Business), the Spotlight tool was developed by a team led by Anne Junor and Ian Hampson of the IRRC. It is designed to shed light on under-recognised and under-valued skills, used particularly in service work. It consists of a job analysis tool, together with HR tools for use in recruitment, selection and performance development.

The job analysis tool is a classification framework for identifying the skills used in interacting and relating, coordinating and shaping awareness. Each skill group is defined at five levels of learning, making concepts such as ‘problem solving’, ‘communication skills’ and ‘time management’ more precise. This framework is designed to support equitable job evaluation. The tool was used in preparing expert witness evidence in the Australian 2010–2012 Social and Community Services Equal Remuneration Case and in the NSW 2017–2019 School Administrative Support Staff case.logy in exploring the professional skills of early childhood workers, particularly those involved in reflective practice. This work is producing a publication stream.