Jeremiah Thomas Brown

Lecturer in Public Policy

Jeremiah Thomas Brown is a lecturer with the Public Service Research Group in the UNSW Canberra School of Business. His work examines the interaction between public policy, freedom, and financial wellbeing, with an emphasis on the principles required to support economic dignity for all citizens in the modern state.


His work draws heavily on Amartya Sen’s capability approach to understand how different kinds of disadvantage can constrain people’s freedom in established democratic societies. His recent work has analysed the role that application forms can play in preventing access to social security support, and how using a systems approach to financial wellbeing can improve our understanding of the concept and improve financial wellbeing related outcomes.


Previously Jeremiah has worked as a financial wellbeing research fellow at the Centre for Social Impact UNSW, and in 2019-2020 he was the inaugural ANZ Tony Nicholson research fellow at the Brotherhood of Saint Laurence Research and Policy Centre, where he worked on how the concept of economic dignity can be used as a framework to evaluate ideas, structures and policies related to financial wellbeing.


In 2018 he completed his PhD in Political Theory at the University of Melbourne, which examined how freedom is conceptualised in measures of democracy, and he developed a new measure of democracy using a definition of freedom based upon the capability approach.

Journal articles
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Working Papers
Brown JT, 2020, Economic dignity and financial capabilities: Connecting principles and concepts, The Brotherhood of Saint Laurence, Fitzroy, VIC,,
Brown JT; Bowman D, 2020, Economic security and dignity: A financial wellbeing framework, The Brotherhood of Saint Laurence, Fitzroy, VIC,,

Public Policy, Liberal Theory, Administrative Burden, Social Policy, Financial Wellbeing

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