Parents’ Room

A Parents’ Room is available on Level 2 (the top floor) of the Academy Library during the Library’s opening hours.

Parent's room in the Academy Library

The Parents’ Room offers a space for the use of all students and staff babies or children. The room is available for the use of breastfeeding, expressing of milk, bottle-feeding and short-term (1 hour) supervision of children.

The room has blinds for privacy and is equipped with a comfortable chair for breastfeeding, a fridge, toys, and books. Hand-washing facilities are available in the Library’s staff administration area on Level 1 during regular working hours. Please speak to a staff member for access. Baby change facilities are available within the Level 2 accessible washroom facilities.

Clients must book the Parents’ Room before using it.  Booking sheets are provided on the room door. The booking sheet must be checked prior to entering the room. If two clients wish to use the room and no booking has been made, breastfeeding/ expressing must take priority over the supervision of children.

While the room is located in the Library, it is a service that is managed by the Equity & Diversity Unit. Contact the Equity & Diversity Unit within working hours for advice and support, or to provide feedback on the Parents’ Room. More information is available at: