Experimental Chemistry


From sustainable water quality technologies to the promotion of human and environmental health, our cutting-edge chemical research has contributed to the development of new technologies including: 

  • novel water treatment and desalination technologies, mining wastewater treatment processes and water sterilisation processes. Several of our water purification projects are approaching the large pilot-scale level. A recently commissioned report by Arcadis stated that our novel desalination process could be up to 30% more efficient than reverse osmosis. 
  • the synthesis and study of novel functionalised supramolecular structures such as cucurbit[n]urils that can be used for biological, environmental, pharmaceutical (including drug delivery technologies) and industrial applications. 
  • the synthesis and study of redox-active and luminescent transition metal complexes for applications in biological systems, sensor systems and light-activated molecular devices. 
  • coating materials designed to prevent ember attack during bushfires expected to have worldwide application. 
  • propeller cavitation technology that is expected to revolutionise shipping transport.   

Competitive Advantage

New state-of-the-art laboratories with excellent analytical research infrastructure including NMR, mass spectrometry, GC-MS and fluorometers.  

  • Close working relationships and funding from industry partners to develop various novel water treatment processes based on several of our patented ideas.  
  • Strong and on-going collaborations with academic colleagues in Australia and around the world including the Australian National University, the University of Sydney, Lund University (Sweden) and Cambridge University (England).  
  • Considerable external funding from government sources (e.g. Australian Research Council) and industry including $400,000 from Australian Pork Ltd and $600,000 from Breakthrough Technologies.
  • Strong publication record in international journals. 

Successful Applications

  • Successful adoption of some of our research by industry through international patents and the setting up of “spin-off” companies. This includes several of our recent water purification technologies currently under consideration for large-scale pilot studies with a view to large scale industrial development and adoption.

Study With Us

Our teaching is informed by our research, particularly in our second and third-year courses. This provides both interesting and important real-world applications that highlight the theoretical aspects of our courses and the development of a variety of student-oriented research projects at all undergraduate and postgraduate levels.