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Cyberspace continuously transforms the way we live. As new technologies emerge, cyber attacks become more sophisticated. This means keeping up with new and emerging security risks is an ever-present challenge across the world. 

Our cyber research at UNSW Canberra at ADFA delivers unique capabilities through a collaborative approach. We balance the technical, practical and human aspects of cyber security. From tackling the ethical and moral challenges of modern cyber warfare, to exploring the benefits of machine learning, deep learning and emerging artificial intelligence techniques to help address cyber vulnerabilities, we strive for innovative and responsive solutions. Thanks to our long-standing partnership with Defence, you will also explore cyber in relation to military, strategic and defence studies.

We are committed to developing industry-led research to combat the critical problems individuals, communities, government and industry face — both now and in the future.

Cyber Research

We have an outstanding record in discovery-driven cyber solutions. From harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence to identifying cyber vulnerabilities to exploring how human factors impact organisational security, see how we’re building cyber capability for the future.

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Cyber Security

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Start your career journey at the undergraduate level with one of our world-class degrees. You’ll gain the theoretical understanding and practical experience needed to launch your career in a wide range of industries.  

We provide the best teacher-to-student ratio in Australia and access to unique partnerships with Defence and defence industries.

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Cyber Security Boot Camp

One of our most popular offerings, this hands-on course is designed to teach you about cyber security issues. Delivered over five days, learn how to protect yourself and your organisation from cyber threats.

Explore this and more with our broad range of professional education courses.

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UNSW Canberra Cyber Centre
Tiny Town

Our Research Facilities

We’re home to a number of state-of-the-art research facilities dedicated to finding solutions to the world's most complex problems. We partner with Defence to educate our national security leaders, which includes through specialised research centres such as Cyber. 

From the SCADA table used to simulate cyber attacks on critical infrastructure to digital forensics lab, explore facilities that support our science research.

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An Integrated Defence Focus

UNSW Canberra proudly educates Australia’s future military leaders—but we also strengthen national defence and security through our relationships with the Australian Defence Force and defence industries.

Our Defence Research Institute (DRI) aims to sustain Defence’s competitive operational advantage in support of Australia’s sovereign interests.

Explore how our wide-ranging research generates disruptive capabilities and delivers multidisciplinary solutions to complex defence and security problems. 

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