Science Research

From understanding the dynamics and impacts of bushfires to tracking the survival of little penguins – we use mathematical methods and scientific computing to find practical solutions to real-world problems.


We apply the physical laws of microphysical processes to explain astronomical events and determine the lifecycle of stars, planets, and galaxies in the Universe as well as how the Universe has changed with time.   

Using our understanding of human behaviour through aspects like decision-making, habit, and motivation, we investigate ways in which these promote healthy, resilient adjustments to an increasing range of pressing social problems.

We monitor and analyse coastal changes caused by human activity and climate change to develop strategies that will protect coastal systems for future generations. 

Our researchers work at the intersection of science and art to explore the challenges posed through changes to the human way of life, applying social scientific thinking to help resolve social conflicts and environmental crises.

Drawing from the natural and social sciences, we seek to understand the applied and conceptual environmental challenges facing our planet and its inhabitants.  

From water purification and the development of new drug delivery methods to understanding the fundamental properties of metals, we examine the physical properties of molecules and how they interact to develop new materials and technologies.

We explore elementary and analytic number theory, with a particular focus on the distribution of prime numbers and the properties of the Riemann zeta-function.

Space Situational Awareness (SSA) is the understanding of the very large number of objects in orbit around the Earth, the complex and dynamic environment that they orbit in, and their interactions with that environment.

We are developing novel approaches and techniques to understand the structure, movement and reactions of molecular systems in the absence of an experiment.

As the world’s population continues to increase and the effects of climate change become more severe, we are playing a key role in developing cost-effective desalination and water treatment technologies to address the water shortage challenges facing our planet.