Raymond Young

Visiting Fellow

I am an international authority in the area of project governance. My research has been published by Standards Australia as HB280 a handbook explaining how boards and top managers influence business projects to succeed. My career objective is to help clients realise strategic business benefits from their projects rather than to simply come in on-time on-budget.

My career alternates between consulting, industry and academia. I am currently a Senior Lecturer at the University of NSW - Canberra. I have a decade of management consulting experience culminating in a CIO role within Fujitsu Australia. My significant clients have included Colgate-Palmolive, BHP, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Telstra, Department of Health, Electricity Trust of South Australia and Prospect Electricity.

Most recently I have been advising Federal Government agencies on how to improve their project, programme and portfolio management practices. I worked closely with both DEEWR and the Department of Social Services to improve their PMOs and I am preparing case studies of how ComSuper and the Australian Tax Office achieved the highest levels of portfolio management maturity in the public sector.

Specialties: Business projects, IT Projects (no such thing really), IT Governance, Management Consulting, Logistics, Supply chain, Inventory, Activity-Based Costing


Conference Papers
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Journal articles
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