Engineering a Stronger Community

We know that delivering exceptional engineering and technology to society doesn’t begin or end when students come to us to undertake a degree. Recognising we are part of a larger society, we are dedicated to actively building, strengthening, and extending our culture of engineering excellence into the wider community. We are committed to developing a wide range of initiatives to help support and enhance the development of skills, knowledge, and opportunities that are available within engineering and technology.  

Diverse Recruiting & Support

We are committed to ensuring everyone is accepted and enjoys equal opportunities when it comes to education and employment at the School of Engineering and Information Technology. We value the benefit of diverse perspectives and work to strengthen our team through deliberately recruiting for, and embracing diversity.  

We have successfully conducted female-only recruitment rounds for academic staff. We will continue such targeted practices to include not only gender, but also a wide variety of initiatives to ensure the school grows stronger through an equitable, diverse, and inclusive team. 

We actively support all staff from day-one through a Buddy and Mentor system that strengthens our culture by providing a supportive environment for all new staff. 

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Bianca Capra

Partnerships with World-Leading Organisations

Delivering the best teaching and research requires strong partnerships. We have developed positive relationships with key government and industry partners over many years to share our knowledge and expertise and find solutions to the complex problems facing society. 

We are proud to partner with several world-leading organisations on research and educational initiatives including: 

Team Teaching

We recognise that when it comes to studying there is huge diversity in courses, student motivation, and preferred learning styles. To support this diversity, our academics teach in teams of two or more and employ a diverse range of approaches to their teaching methods. 

Teaching teams work together to support student learning needs by making careful and deliberate use of technologies and educational techniques to maximise learning opportunities. This also allows for a wider scope of ideas and concepts and provides opportunities for deeper levels of discussion and debate. 

Explore the other initiatives we have in place that contribute to the delivery of our world-class learning experience.

Learn with us 

The ASPIRE group attending numerous activities on campus with a number of UNSW staff and academics

Inspiring Future Engineers

We run several community events, activities, and school programs throughout the year to help promote the field of engineering and technology to young people, providing them with a hands-on experience of engineering. We want to open their eyes to the possibilities and show them they too can make a difference through engineering. 

With the field of engineering offering so many opportunities for young Australians, this free three-day workshop is designed to inspire young women in years 9 -12 to consider a future in engineering.    

The program aims to show young women how their maths and science studies at school can help shape their future. Participants have access to a range of hands-on activities, talks by practicing female engineers, and the chance to meet other like-minded young women in a fun and supportive environment.  

Find out more about how young women from around Australia are coming together to create the next generation of leaders in engineering.