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Manuscript Name Papers of Daniel Clode
Manuscript Number JHL 008
Last Updated August 2021
Extent 2 boxes
Location Special Collections, UNSW Canberra
Abstract Papers, cartoons


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Scope and Content

This collection relates to the cartoonist Daniel Clode. It includes correspondence, files, sketches and final artwork for his politlcal cartoons 

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Biographical Note

Daniel Clode studied Arts and Law while working in roles for Liberal politicians Senator the Hon Ian Campbell (WA), Senator Grant Chapman (SA), Bill Stefaniak MLA (an ACT Government Minister) and Gary Humphries MLA (Deputy Chief Minister ACT). After previously doing cartoons for the federal Liberal Party during the 1995 Canberra by-election, he was enlisted to work at the Coalition Campaign Headquarters during the 1996 federal election campaign as the campaign cartoonist. 

In 1998 Clode worked as an adviser to Cabinet Minister the Hon Peter Reith MP (Vic). On Reith’s retirement, he became Director for the ACT Division (2002-2004), before becoming an adviser to Finance Minister Senator the Hon Nick Minchin (SA). In the 2001, 2004 and 2007 federal elections he worked at the Coalition Campaign Headquarters, shadowing the Opposition campaign and doing some cartooning.

After the 2007 election he worked as Policy Director for the ACT Opposition, before joining the Australian Taxation Office in 2008 as a Senior Director (later sometimes acting as an Assistant Commissioner). After the 2013 election, he returned to politics becoming Senior Adviser to Finance Minister Senator the Hon Mathias Cormann (WA).

He served again at Coalition Campaign Headquarters in the 2016 and 2019 federal elections. By late 2019 Clode had worked on ten federal budgets for two Finance Ministers. He has performed roles across the political process from being an officebearer in a political party, to a Director of a party machine, to working in the public service and serving as an adviser across the Howard, Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison Governments.

Administrative Information

Access and Copying Conditions 

Access: The permission of The Howard Library Director is required to access this collection.  

This collection contains a variety of copyright material. Copyright is held by the creator of each item. Specific conditions for this collection are listed below. If no conditions are stipulated then the standard terms of the Copyright Act apply for published and unpublished items. Digitised material from manuscript collections is provided to clients by UNSW Canberra in good faith for private study and research only, and may not be published or re-purposed without the express and written permission of the individual legal holder of that copyright. Refer also to the UNSW copyright, disclaimer and takedown policy. 

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Papers of Daniel Clode, Special Collections, UNSW Canberra, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra, JHL 008, Box [Number], Folder [Number]. 

Provenance {heading 3} 

The collection was donated by Daniel Clode in 2019.  

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Howard government, political history, Liberal Party of Australia

Personal Names

Daniel Clode

Corporate Names

Liberal Party of Australia 

ACT Liberal Party


Political staff 

Political campaign staff


Container List

Box 1

A4 cut out and painted mask of Bronwyn Bishop [on display at The Howard Library]                                                                                      

Final artwork, inked artwork, tracing paper sketches for fake money designs [on display at The Howard Library]                                 

A3 coloured artwork of Kevin Rudd playing the ukulele and singing "Tip Toe Through the Tulips", with Greg Combet dressed in a leather vest, with a guitar and saying "Cute warm-up act. Just wait til WE take the stage!", Kevin Reynolds bare-chested with a drumstick, and Bill Shorten with a microphone and a guitar [on display at The Howard Library]                                                                                                                             

A4 inked artwork, sketches and final Christmas card artwork showing Peter Costello, John Howard and Alexander Downer dressed in Asian outfits and singing the well-known carol “We Three Kings of Orient Are”. In the background is Pauline Hanson singing “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” [on display at The Howard Library

T-shirt with cartoon as well as A3 inked artwork of The Politician's Republic cartoon [on display at The Howard Library]                

A4 copy of letter from Jeff Kennett to John Howard about proposed reductions in Commonwealth State Funding

A4 copy of letter from Barbara Hayes to Arthur Sinodinos about Commonwealth State funding

A3 inked artwork of Balance of Power with various demographics around a ballot box

A3 inked artwork for Daniel H Clode letterhead with knight on horse

A4 pencil sketch of Bob Hawke

A4 caricature of John Howard

Pencil sketches on tracing paper [x42]

Small sketch of Paul Keating on a copy of the Australian 7 April 1995

A4 inked artwork of faces [x28]

A4 inked artwork depicting fist of money with ALP written on the wrist

A4 artwork for Thank You notes from Daniel Clode with knight and easel

A3 inked artwork for Campaign Headquarters + A4 copy

A4 copy of artwork about Keating and Labor L.A.W. tax cuts [x2]

A4 copy of artwork depicting Keating and 'Labor Lies'

A3 inked artwork and A4 copy depicting chariot race

A3 inked artwork and A4 copy of Nationals car race

A3 pencil and ink artwork depicting two female politicians with the words 'It's times like these when you really appreciate who your best friends are'

A3 inked artwork and A4 copy of Keating with various speech bubbles

A4 copy of Liberal train with man on bike

A3 copy of transport artwork depicting plane, train, car, truck and boat

A3 inked artwork and A4 copy of Kim Beazley and 'The olde tale of Tom Thumb'

A3 inked artwork and A4 copy of Paul Keating trying to wrangle a bull of 'Foreign Debt'

A3 inked artwork depicting John Howard as a superhero selling off Telecom

A4 inked artwork depicting John Howard in a plane with Cheryl Kernot laying down in front of it

A3 inked artwork and A4 copy depicting Pauline Hanson and a joke about the ABC

A4 inked artwork and A4 copy depicting Paul Keating dressed up as Napoleon and drinking wine while waiting for Question Time

A4 copy of artwork depicting Paul Keating and John Howard talking about the Pacific Highway promise

A3 inked artwork and A4 pamphlet copy depicting a welder paying Union Dues

A4 copy of artwork depicting Carmen Lawrence on a hospital bed talking to Paul Keating about the Liberal health policy

A3 inked artwork of Paul Keating taking money out of the handbag of a shopper. Text about L.A.W. tax cuts.

A4 [x3] design for leaflets 'Try Commissioned Art' with examples of Daniel Clode's work.

A2 inked artwork and A4 copy of Paul Keating reading the paper with the headline 'Howard condemns France' and 'Who's A Shocking Tart eh?'

A3 inked artwork [two figures], A4 inked artwork [cat] and A4 copy of Paul Keating dressed as 'Big Mamma' smacking someone for letting the 'cat out of the bag'. The bag with the cat has 'Tax' written on it.

A4 inked artwork of a crocodile. The text reads 'You don't have to like him, but you've got to respect him'

A3 inked artwork and A4 copy of Australian animals

A4 copy of artwork with John Howard and Peter Costello on the front line with a machine gun saying 'Welcome back'

Andrew Robb photo and various inked sketches of faces

A4 sketch in blue pen of Kim Beazley on one side and other sketches on the other side

A4 pencil sketch of David Oldfield wearing headphones

A4 pencil sketch of Ian Sinclair. Signed by Sinclair

A4 pencil sketch of Michele Gratton and David Ettridge

Small inked artwork for 'Daniel Clode Caricaturist' calligraphy style with quill

Folder with papers about campaign structure, Campaign Headquarters bulletin, media releases and Inside the Hub.

A4 inked artwork of Bronwyn Bishop in various fighting positions

A4 sketch of Simon Crean in ink on the back of scrap paper

Small sketch in ink of [?] on back of scrap paper

A4 pencil sketches of Paul Keating with sticky note attached

A4 pencil sketch with pen outline of Carmen Lawrence on the back of 'Young Achievement Australia' poster

Small inked artwork of a hand holding a plug

Plan and sketches for trifold pamphlet 'Do you Know This Man?'

A4 inked artwork [x2] of Kim Beazley and Bank Manager with final artwork of the two together.

_ in every 100 young job seekers still can't find work here' with 100 faces.

Fax from Chris Miles and information about Paul Keating's visit to Burnie and the misspelling of Bernie. Also, an A4 inked artwork about the mistake.

A4 inked artwork of a hand ripping a page out of the Statute Book with the words 'L.A.W. Rip! R.I.P.'

A4 inked artwork of a hand about to write on a Liberal scroll

Fax from Peter Costello about budget results, underlying results, Commonwealth debt and Foreign debt. Sketches and artwork for '800% increase' and '13 years of foreign debt'.

Inked artwork and final product for trifold pamphlet about Labor Promises

Fax from Darryl Johnston at Australian Medical Association with a copy of Clode's cartoon that appeared in the 19 February 1996 edition of the Australian Medicine magazine

Poster and associated artwork relating to Paul Keating and the Telstra privatisation with people asking questions

A4 copy of Ralph Willis poster with 'Pretenders always get caught in the end'

Sketches, A4 inked artwork [4] and final trifold pamphlet with artwork. On the front is 'Has Labor Left You Out?'

A4 inked, pencil sketches and final artwork for a trifold pamphlet about Paul Keating called 'The Great Pretender'

Inked artwork and final artwork for a pamphlet about Paul Keating with the title 'Magical Surprises Within'

Artwork and final copies about the National Union of Students

A4 inked artwork and smaller copy for Howzat! With Howard emoji and Paul Keating's head

A3 inked artwork of Canberra with various landmarks

A3 inked artwork of Laurie Oakes with spotted tie and spotted jacket.

A3 inked artwork of members from the Liberal coalition party and the Labor Party shouting and pointing at each other. John Howard and Kim Beazley are portrayed along with many others

A4 copy of campaign poster about local Labor politician Wayne Berry and senior advisor Sue Robinson hiding information about scandals.

A4 copy of sketches of Julia Gillard front on and in profile showing identifying features.

Sketch of Martin Ferguson front on and in profile. Written in read pen in Swan Combet Crean Ferguson

Pacman cartoon [5 pages]. Pencil sketch of Sharon Burrows with the note "Black hair. Light brown streak in hair" Other sketches of politician's faces are on the right-hand side. Sketch of Greg Combet and Julia Gillard standing side by side with the notes "Dark Brown Hair. Copper Red hair. Orange badges". Notes on how the cartoon is to be laid out on a scrap piece of paper with advertising for the movie The Guru. Print out of Pacman with lay out sketched around. Sketch of Simon Crean and Martin Ferguson standing side by side.

Three pencil sketches on the one page of Wayne Swann

Pencil drawing of Peter Garrett's face.

Pencil sketch of Wayne Swann as a Buddhist monk doing meditation

A3 inked artwork of Australia as a boy standing in front of personified England and America as adults behind

A4 pencil sketch of Julia Gillard's face. She is looking down.

A4 pencil sketch of Julia Gillard. She is wearing a bikini and elbow length gloves.

A4 pencil sketch of Julia Gillard's face. Caricature

A4 pencil sketches of male topless bodies, a guitar, a sombrero, bucket a spade and sandals.

A4 pencil sketch of Kevin Rudd, Greg Combet and Dean Mighell

Small cartoon strip square with Air Force One flying off with a kiwi staying 'Brother! You gave your word'

A4 pencil sketches of Kevin Rudd faces

Email exchange between Daniel Clode and the Tactics Unit Members relating to things that Peter Garrett had said. Also, a note relating to the cartoon "Land Clearing"

Nomination Form and Pledge for the Australian Labor Party - Victorian Branch Federal Parliamentary. Highlighted is "I hereby pledge … to vote as a majority of the Parliamentary Party may decide at a duly constituted Caucus meeting" and "I have been a financial member of the ... Union for the past three months"

A4 pencil sketch of Kevin Rudd and Peter Costello. On the back is written "This guy heard at work getting policy together. This Rudd guy's being a peep. Pete won't notice if I copy, will he? How do you spell that Pete? Let's take a sneak photo and use my toes. I like that one, I'll call it my own"

Box 2

A4 pencil sketch of Jennie George dressed in a bikini with elbow length gloves.

A4 pencil sketch of Greg Combet dressed in black tie and carrying a gun

A4 pencil sketch of Wayne Swann depicted in a dressing gown with a cigarette in his hand

A4 pencil sketch of Julia Gillard smoking a pipe and Kevin Rudd in the background

Small copy of artwork for 'Clode ink' with a knight with paintbrush and easel

A4 copy of Labor Lies pamphlet with Keating artwork

A3 inked artwork with A4 copy of Dark-Angels pamphlet with Angels with black wings and masks with 'NUS' on the front. Text reads 'The Dark-Angels of Propaganda are Descending Soon at the ANU...'

A4 copy of fake NUS logo with 'Our Money Our Campus'

A4 inked artwork of four people [students?] holding 'Vote Yes' leaflets

A4 copy of trifold pamphlet of 'The Facts' about the Liberal's Policies for Universities

A4 inked artwork and A4 copy of leaflet with Keating in bed with students

Pencil sketch of Kevin Rudd holding an open leather bag with the words "ALP Kitty" written on it

A4 pencil sketch of Kevin Reynolds with shirt and suspenders. Down the suspender is written CFMEU.

A4 pencil sketch of John Howard sitting at his desk talking on the phone. He is also writing on letterhead paper.

A4 pencil sketch of Clare Martin talking on the phone. In her hand is a piece of paper that says, "Crime at record levels". There are also two sketches of her feet.

A4 pencil sketch of Kevin Rudd in a suit with the words "Geek '07" above him

Kevin Reynolds pencil sketch on lined paper. He is wearing a CFMEU shirt and is holding a photo of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. It reads "And the sweetest thing about my sponsor children … is putting them in my pocket"

A4 pencil sketch of Kevin Rudd with a question mark about his head and two of Peter Garrett's face

A3 inked cartoon of Clare Martin having a telephone conversation. She is saying "John, Clare here. I just wondered if you would mind taking over policing in the Territory too!" and is holding a newspaper with the text "Crime at record levels". Behind her is a till with dollar notes scattered, and a wastepaper basket inscribed "TOO HARD BASKET" containing a paper reading "Little Children are Sacred". John Howard is sitting at his desk talking on the phone. He is also writing on letterhead paper.

A4 copy [not complete] of John Howard caricature and A4 inked artwork

A3 colour cartoon of Kevin Rudd (standing) and Peter Garrett (sitting) in suits at the cabinet table. Kevin Rudd is saying "Where is the rest of Cabinet?". Peter Garrett is saying "They've called a stop-work over the presence of non-union labour". On the table are notices each reading "WE'RE COMING BACK".

A3 colour cartoon of a rural scene with Peter Garrett wearing a T-shirt inscribed "dnight Oil", stooping down with a dustpan containing a dog. In his other hand he is holding a small figure carrying a pitchfork, while children and a person on horseback run away and a tractor overturns

A3 colour cartoon of Peter Costello and Kevin Rudd without jackets at a table. Costello is writing, Rudd has a pen in one hand and a phone in the other. Behind Rudd is a bare foot with a paper reading "POLICY RIP-OFF #28". Another paper in the background reads "ME TOO #29"

A3 colour cartoon of Kevin Rudd and Harry Reynolds. Rudd is holding up a bag labelled "ALP Kitty" and is saying "You know for now I'll have to distance myself and call you a jolly rotter …". Reynolds is wearing a red shirt emblazoned "CFMEU" and is putting a paper labelled "$1,000,000" in the bag and saying "Ha ha! Do your best mate"

Wine label for 'Young Liberal Movement of Australia 50th Anniversary Wine'. Cartoon of Robert Menzies + Menzies A4 inked artwork

Leaflet of Paul Keating drinking wine in front of a Timetable that only has Question Time. 'What sort of Australian would put extra tax on the Family Home, the Family Car, the Nation's Health and Australian Jobs?'

Large coloured original artwork detailing the Australian Medal Tally for the 1996 Olympics

A3 inked drawing of John Howard driving a tank towards Paul Keating who has a gun and the Eureka flag with Keating saying 'Surrender while you can ya silly bugger! Game's over red rover'. [water damage]

A4 inked drawing of Paul Keating with tattered Eureka flag and suitcase with 'Paris: or Bust'

A4 inked cartoon sketch of John Howard and Paul Keating titled 'Liberal Policy'

A4 inked drawing of John Howard and Paul Keating dressed as cowboys standing off outside Parliament House

A3 inked drawing of Paul Keating in the back of a car with a chauffeur alongside a truck driver who is flipping him the bird.

A3 inked artwork for 'We want you for The Green Corps'. Text and illustrations.

A3 inked artwork of Paul Keating with Commonwealth Bank for sale and Qantas sold with 'That evil spooky Mr Howard will sell of a third of Telstra. Wimp! I'm flogging off 100% of Qantas and the Commonwealth Bank and I didn't ask any fool voter for permission'.

Small copy of inked drawing of modified United States of America (USA) seal

A3 inked artwork of an Australian man sitting in front of his TV with Carmen Lawrence talking about 'Mens Health Policy' and dreaming about 'Leadership by Example' with politicians dancing.

A4 inked drawing of Paul Keating with underpants on his head hiding behind saloon style doors and someone outside is saying 'Don't give me that Bull. I know the Prime Minister is hiding here somewhere'

A3 inked artwork of Kim Beazley pointing to a ship called Telstra saying, 'What about the other 16 million who used to be shareholders?' and a homeless man saying 'Yeah, bring back the glory days ... with bugger all dividends'

A3 inked drawing of John Howard, Tim Fischer and Paul Keating handing out leaflets in front of a Town Hall Polling Booth.

A3 inked artwork of Malcolm Fraser smoking a pipe

A4 print out of Clode's price schedule with logo in top left corner

A4 signed photograph of Tim Shaw addressed to Daniel Clode

A4 inked drawing of the Howard family at the dining table titled 'Order in the House' with Mrs Howard commanding John Howard and the children [water damage]

A3 inked artwork of amended Lord's prayer and church

A3 inked artwork of John Gorton caricature

small inked drawing of alien/martin holding a 'Foreign Aid Request' while overlooking earth

A5 pencil sketch of 3 'rebels' holding up the 'Green Left Weekly'

A3 inked drawing with pencil sketches of John Howard at the confessional saying 'Forgive me father For I have stood up for family values, defended the work ethic, taken the taxpayer out of debt and put people back into jobs.' with the priest saying 'Ooh you wicked child you have sinned! How about a national apology then?'

A3 inked artwork of the Queen in the centre on two separate phones talking to four other dignitaries including Malcolm Fraser.

A3 satirical mock-up of The Canberra Times front page

A4 colour cartoon of a hand holding up a rock that says 'ALP' on the top with protestors walking away from underneath.

A3 colour cartoon of Kevin Rudd at the beach in his beach shorts with an ice-cream, sandcastle bucket and sombrero

A4 inked drawing with pencil sketch of Amanda Vanstone eating 'Rite Prunes' with a man dressed as a maid stirring a pot

A3 inked artwork of Keating dressed as Napoleon. Signed by Clode.

A4 colour cartoon of two Union members, one with a microphone and one with a megaphone

A3 colour cartoon of Jennie George, Julia Gillard and Greg Combet with the words 'Union Bond Pledges are Forever'

A3 colour cartoon of Julia Gillard sitting down with a pipe and The Economist with Kevin Rudd smoking a cigarette.

A3 colour cartoon of Wayne Swann meditating with the 'Unreal Economics' and a viper with the text 'The Guru of Unreal Economics'

A3 inked artwork of fist of money with NUS on the wrist

A3 inked artwork with A4 copy of pamphlet 'Could it be that NUS is in town?' with drag queens and NUS.

A3 inked artwork of runner with an arrow sign that has '???'. Signed by Clode

A3 inked artwork and A4 copy of the 'Olde Tax System' machine with an old lady shackled to it. There is an outlined figure cutting her free and the headline is 'Put Yourself in the Picture'

A3 pencil sketches of 'Family & elderly'

A4 pencil sketch of David Connolly and Brendan Nelson

A3 inked artwork of two posts of a man in a suit. One with jacket over his shoulder

A4 inked artwork in red and black map of Australia with Wall to Wall 'They'll change it all'

A3 inked artwork of Kim Beazley under the thumb of ACTU. Signed by Clode

A3 inked artwork of B1 and B2 bananas in pyjamas talking about 'Bloody Market Competition'. Signed by Clode

A3 colour cartoon of the Federal Finance being 'Closed for Christmas'

A4 sketch of Ros Kelly in blue pen with 'Draw Ros again looking ugly' Weekend Australian 12-13 1994 p. 6

A4 colour artwork of Ian Sinclair with chainsaw about to cut a tree that has a koala

A4 inked artwork of Amanda Vanstone and John Howard

A3 inked artwork with Kim Beazley (ALP) and ABC and ACTU with the words 'PRATS the Musical'

A3 inked artwork with the title 'In Their Dreams...' with Kim Beazley and John Howard sitting down talking to an angel about Senator Harradine

A3 inked artwork of Christ on the cross leaving the church saying, 'I'm just going outside, I may be a while'. The title is The Church of Moral Relativism. Signed by Clode

A3 inked artwork of environmental activists in a tree with animals coming down with a sign that says, 'Let Nature Be!'. Two workmen with chainsaws are walking away.

A4 pencil sketch of Ros Kelly

A4 pencil sketch of Leo McLeay

A4 copy of artwork for 13 years of foreign debt artwork

A3 inked artwork with a Bishop talking at a microphone about the Church and the ABC

A3 inked artwork of Mark Latham writing 'Labor's Low Interest Rate Guarantee'

A4 pencil sketch of trifold pamphlet and A4 inked artwork of car crash

A4 inked artwork of single mother and her two children

A4 inked artwork of two workmen cutting wood with safety glasses

A3 inked artwork of Paul Keating with the face of John Gorton over his shoulder

A4 pencil sketch of Paul Keating's face looking down

Small copy of lady on a headset and holding two handsets

Small inked artwork of Lynton Crosby and Andrew Robb

Small inked artwork of Wilson Tuckey [?]

Small inked artwork of Lynton Crosby 

Small inked artwork of Malcolm and Tamie Fraser and [?]

A4 inked artwork of the Federal Secretariat team

A4 pencil sketch of Bob McMullan

A4 pencil sketch of [?]

Small inked artwork of Gordon Bilney with 'Not Kingston'

A4 pencil sketch of Graham Richardson and Bob Collins

A4 inked artwork of Barry Jones saying 'I refuse to live in the past. I can't remember it!'. Signed by Clode

A4 inked artwork of Laurie Brereton riding a motorcycle. Signed by Clode

Small inked artwork of Bob Halverson

A4 pencil sketch of Paul Keating with the text 'In one ear out the other'

A3 pencil sketch and A3 inked artwork of Russell Broadbent with jacket over his shoulder

A3 pencil sketch of a multi-generational family sitting on a park bench

A3 inked cartoon of three sequences showing a schoolteacher and a child with the text 'All men are fallible ... except High Court judges'

A3 inked artwork of the angel Bert in the cloud with Kim Beazley dressed as a women heading in the direction of 'Tariffs' and away from 'Prosperity

A3 inked artwork of Kim Beazley stirring a large pot with a ladle

A5 inked artwork of a mother and daughter standing outside an 'Antiques and Taxidermy' shop with the head of Paul Keating on the wall

A5 inked artwork of the speaker saying, 'Silence in the public gallery!' with Paul Keating yelling from the gallery 'Ya mongrels! Ya lousy Liberal scumbags' and Beazley saying 'Shame!!! Fancy silencing an old man in a Zegna suit!'

A5 inked artwork of two men sitting on Santa's knee and singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town with an elf behind

A3 inked artwork of a son saying, 'what exactly are they marching for Mum?' and the mother replying 'Well, they don't know themselves actually' with Beazley, Keating and others marching down the road

A3 inked artwork of Pauline Hanson standing behind an ABC microphone that is too tall with the words 'If she was ignored...'