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Manuscript Name Papers of Denis Kevans
Manuscript Number MSS 226
Last Updated June 2021
Extent 16 boxes + 4 oversize
Location Special Collections, UNSW Canberra
Abstract Correspondence, diaries, photographs, scrapbook, notebooks, audiovisual material, proofs, posters, clippings, leaflets and notes relating to Denis Kevans

Collection Subject Type


Scope and Content

The papers of Denis Kevans comprise of drafts and notes for such works as The Great Prawn War and Other Poems (1982), Ah, White Man, Have You Any Sacred Sites?(1985) and The Bastard Who Squashed the Grapes in Me Bag (1991). Correspondents include Peter Sculthorpe, Dorothy Hewett, Frank Hardy, John Manifold, and Sonia Bennett. The extensive diaries, notebooks, drafts, and clippings relate to Kevan's work as a poet, songwriter, journalist and teacher

Date Range of Content


Biographical Note

Wikipedia article:

Peter Denis Kevans (1939-2005) was an Australian poet, songwriter, journalist, and folk singer from Canberra. Known as Australia’s “poet lorikeet”, he wrote mainly on political, human rights and environmental topics. Initially enrolled in medicine at the University of Sydney, he worked for a time with the Department of External Affairs before returning to the University of Sydney where he completed an arts degree and a teaching certificate. Kevans worked for 20 years as a journalist and teacher whilst also writing poetry, often with anti-war or environmental themes. Many of his poems were set to music and recorded by Australian bands and musicians, and two of his poems were chosen for the World Heritage Stones at Echo Point in Katoomba. Kevans won many poetry awards in his lifetime and is featured in several anthologies.

Austlit : Denis Kevans retrieved 21 July 2020


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Related Material

Further papers of Denis Kevans are held by the NLA at MS 5555

A videorecording of Denis Kevans reading his poetry and singing at the ADFA Library was taken on the 1 November 1990 and is held at PR9619.3 .K479 D46

Separated Material

The following published items have been catalogued and added to the main Academy Library collection:

The Bastard Who Squashed the Grapes in Me Bag, by Denis Kevans -- Sydney : Left Book Club Co-operative, c1991 x 3 copies

The Blue Mountains Mystery Track : Lindeman Pass , Jim Smith -- Winmalee, NSW : Three Sisters Productions, 1990 -- (A history of the Jamison Valley ; v. 1)

Education : Journal of the N.S.W. Public School Teachers Federation – Sydney : The Federation, 1919- -- Vol. 54, 1973 Index x 2 copies; vol. 55, 1974, vol. 56, 1975

Front Bar Politicians : Australian Bawdy Bush and Bar-room Ballads, by Rocky Marshall -- Oaklands Park [S. Aust.] : Wahratta Enterprises, 1984

The Green Alliance Newsletter --Sydney : The Green Alliance, 1980-

Historic Blue Mountains : Being Selected Images of a Unique Region Extending Through Some Twenty Townships, from Emu Plains to Hartley and Beyond to Mount Wilson, paintings by Richard Smolicz; historical text by John Low -- Katoomba, N.S.W : Blue Mountains City Council, 1987

Letter from Switzerland [manuscript], by April Glaser-Hinder, 1979

Migrant Mosaic -- Blacktown [N.S.W.] : Blacktown Migrant Resource Centre, 1988 -- Sunday 18 September 1988

Poems[manuscript], by April Glaser-Hinder, 1979

‘The poetry of Henry Weston Pryce’ [manuscript], Denis Kevans -- 1976

The Realist : Journal of the National Council of the Realist Writers' Groups -- Northbridge, N.S.W : National Council of the Realist Writers’ Groups, 1964-1969 -- No. 21, Summer 1965, no. 24  Summer 1966, no. 26, Winter, 1967, no. 27, Spring 1967, no. 33, Winter 1969, no. 34, Summer 1969

The Seamen's Journal, Seamen's Union of Australia -- [Sydney] : The Union, 1935-1993 -- Vol. 36, no. 6, June 1981, vol. 41, no’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 9, 10, vol. 42, no. 1, vol. 42, no. 2, February 1987, vol. 42, no. 4, April- May 1987, vol. 42, no. 5, June 1987, vol. 43, no. 8, vol. 45, no. 3, vol. 45, no. 5, June- July 1990. vol. 45, no. 6, August 1991, vol. 45, no. 8, October 1990

Stringybark & Greenhide --Newcastle, N.S.W : [s.n, 1979?- (S. & G., P.O. Box 424, Newcastle, N.S.W.)] -- Vol. 2, no. 4, August 1980, vol. 3, no. 3, Spring 1981, vol. 4, no. 2, 1982, vol. 5, no. 2, May 1984

To Make My Heart and Voice Come Loud, ed. by Eric Beach -- Hobart : Kaleidoscope Community Arts, 1989

Young Writers' Camp, Stanwell Tops, April 1983 -- Arncliffe [N.S.W.] : N.S.W. Dept. of Education, Metropolitan East Region, Professional Services Centre, 1983

Your Friendly Fascist --Sydney : Your Friendly Fascist, [197-]-, No. 18


The following published items were separated from the collection and do not appear in the catalogue:

Amandla, No. 5, January/February 1985

Australian Aid for Ireland, July 1989

The Australian Tradition, No. 15, December 1967, no. 22, May 1970, no. 33, December 1973

The Beacon, April 1986, June 1986, July 1986, July 1989, September 1990, July 1990, August 1990 x 6 copies

Blue Mountains Gazette, Vol. 27, no. 43, 4/10/1990

Care Newsletter, No. 64, October 1984

Challenge, 24/2/1981, 30/3/1981, 14/4/1981, 7/7/1981, 26/8/1980, 13/5/1981, 15/7/1980, 4/12/1981, 18/12/1981, Mar. 80, no. 23, 29/7/1980, 2/12/1980, 31/3/1981, 9/9/1980, 27/1/1981, 10/2/1981, 10/3/1981.

Conservation Issues : General Studies, Teacher’s Association

The Cornstalk Gazette, No. 201, August 1990 x 2 copies

FOCO Newsletter, Vol. 2, no. 8, February 1969

Free Chile National Bulletin, October-November 1980

Green : Nuclear Disarmament Newsletter, June 198?

The Guardian, No. 517, 31/1/1990

Hawkesbury Flora, Summer, 1984-1985, No. 8, Winter, 1985

How are you South Australia, by Dave Clark and Val Holden

INPA (Illawarra National parks Association), August 1987 and April 1989

Irish Weekly, Saturday 21 June 1980

Jail News, Vol. 3, no. 1, October 1980

Latin American Newsletter, May 1987

Lots Wife, Vol. 28, no. 13

Lousy Little Sixpence : Discussion Guide

Maritime Worker, Vol. 64, no. 1, Mar. 1964, May 29, 1970, vol. 61, no. 13, October 18, 1977, vol. 62, no. 10, September 1979, vol. 63, no. 1, February 1980, November 1979, vol. 62, no. 7, Jun 19, 1979, August 1979, vol. 62, no. 8, July 3, 1979,    May 8, 1979, Mar. 27, 1979, April 17, 1979, vol. 62, no. 13, October 24, 1978

Mulga Wire, No. 29, February 1982, no. 34, December 1982, no. 40, December 1983, no. 46, December 1984, no. 52, February 1985, no. 53, December 1985, no. 55, June 1986, no. 64, December 1987, no. 67, June 1988, no. 70, December 1988, no. 71, February 1989

National Parks Association of NSW Inc., December 89-January 1990

Newcastle Green Movement, September 1990

Newsletter, Blue Mountains Environmental Council, No. 3, December/January 85/86

Newsletter, CORE, No. 6, 21 October 1989

Newsletter (National Parks Association), Illawarra, 86.3, 86.4, 86.11, November 1988

Newsletter, Queensland Folk Federation, No. 28, no. 74, July 1986, no. 64, October 1985, no. 104, January 1989, no. 71, April 1986, no. 88, September 1987, no. 89, no. 113, December-January 1989

NPA (National Parks Association), Illawarra Branch, April-May 1990

Open Council, May 1981

NSW Folk Federation Newsletter, No. 75, Mar. 1982

Peace Paper, May 1989

P.E.N., 1979

The Stirrer, No. 14, June 1990, no. 14, June 1990 x 4 copies, no. 16, August 1990 x 2 copies, no. 17, September 1990 x 3 copies

Survey, Vol. 12, no. 4, May 1989

The Sydney Bushwalker, February 1990

Tribune, No. 2631, 14/11/1990

Upper Blue Mountains Conservation Society Publication, No. NBHO 925

Women & Health (Illawarra), February-Mar. 1989, November-December 1988, April 1989, October 1990, May 1988, January-February 1990

Youth Voice, September 1990 x 5 copies


Subject Keywords



Denis Kevans, 1939-2005 — Archives

War poetry, Australian

Political ballads and songs

Folk poetry, Australian

Personal Names

Denis Kevans, 1939-2005





Container List


Box 1

Folder 1

-Notes from conversations

-Notebook: list of rhyming slang

-Notebook: interviews

-Notes on CPA Conference, 1964

-Notes while working at Sydney Hospital as trolley-man

-Correspondence from Peter Sculthorpe, 22 December 1975 and 19 February 1976

-Correspondence from Monaro Folk Music Society, 20 January 1976 regarding the National Festival

Folder 2

Notepads: containing poems, thoughts, interviews, accounting

Folder 3

Vernacular: poetry, songs, thoughts, articles

Folder 4

-St. Joseph’s College Annual, December 1956

-Correspondence from Bill, Manuka, 6 March 1987, thanking Denis for articles in the Tribune

-Correspondence from Dot Butler, The Sydney Bush Walker’s, 18 December 1989, regarding sending one of Denis’s song books to John Cruik in New Zealand

-Correspondence to the Editor ‘Hearsay, Not Evidence’, by Denis Kevins (subject: Edgar Penzig)

-Correspondence from Peggy and Ewan, Kent, 31 January 1983

-Leaflet advertising a ‘Tribute to Victor Jara’

-Writings by Denis, 29 March 1990

-Copy of The Guardian, 10 August 1988

Folder 5

Diary for 1989 extensively notated: includes miscellaneous newspaper clippings, correspondence to the Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, and selected poetry

Folder 6

-Correspondence received by Denis Kevans, 1987

-Correspondence written by Denis Kevans

-‘Trains of Treasure’: a collection of poems and songs from Railway History, research, voice, title and title song by Denis Kevans

-‘The Driftwood’: poetry

-Denis Kevans’ resume

-Correspondence to the Editor by Denis Kevans, 1987

-Various leaflets advertising coming events

-Network Bulletin, April 1987

-Brochure: ‘Join Australians for Kanak Independence’

-Miscellaneous newspaper clippings

-Education : Journal of the New South Wales Teachers’ Federation, March 30 April 12 1987


Box 2

Folder 7

-Interview with To Huu, Vietnamese poet, author of ‘Song of the Perfume River’, 1938

-Magazine clippings: Ernest Hoskin, bird-watcher

-Miscellaneous newspaper clippings

-Note to Kevin on formulas used to get peace of mind and creative calm

-Page containing notes

-Selected handwritten and typewritten poetry

Folder 8 cont.

-Correspondence from Drew Cottle, 25 May 1987, containing correspondence from Jeff Lee and a ‘Reaction in Australia Between the Wars Conference’ programme

-Correspondence from Jeff Lee, 22 May 1987, and 20 May 1987, regarding his MA (Hons) thesis titled ‘The Politics of Denis Kevans Poetry’

-Address of Rose and Andrew Brooke

-Newsletter, National Parks Association, Illawarra Branch, 4/87 May

-Petition on conserving paper usage

-List of Australian novels, poetry, plays and films dealing with the Vietnam War, since 1965

-The Vietnam War in Australian novels, poetry, plays, films and painting since 1965

-Copy of: Peace Vision, special issue

-News clipping: ‘Waverley Alderman Quits Libs in Disgust’, published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 13 May 1987

-‘I Forgive You Dad’, by Denis Kevans, from Education, 25 May 1987

-‘Job and Finish’, by Denis Kevans, from Seamen’s Journal, April/May 1987

Folder 9

-Collection of photographs

-Correspondence from Denis McIntyre, Australian Performing Rights Association Limited, 21 March 1986, regarding membership

-Newspaper clipping advertising May Day Rally, 1 May 1982

-Correspondence 8 May 1985, from Restless Recordings, requesting permission to record ‘Woodchip Man’, on the Wilderness album, includes pamphlet outlining the album

-Correspondence 19 April 1984, from Workers Cultural Committee

-Selected poetry: ‘Anzac Day’; ‘The Swatsticklers’; ‘Bombs’; ‘Capsule of Radium’; ‘Leaves’; ‘Pacifist’; ‘Teen Problems’; ‘The Second Flood’

-‘Fifty Years Anzac’: seven of Denis Kevan’s best poems for the Anzac Day Celebrations: The ‘Unknown Soldiers’; ‘The Enemy’; ‘Bombs’; ‘Gallipoli, Gallipoli’; ‘Lonely Sentinel’; ‘The Swasticklers’

-The Great Prawn War and Other Poems: title pages

Folder 10

-Handwritten notes containing poems and thoughts

-List of songs and singers

-Poetry 1 November 1962, handwritten

-Notes and poetry on Peace, Freedom and Socialism, handwritten

Folder 11

-Paperwork while employed as Assistant Editor of Education, with the NSW Teachers’ Federation

-Memorandum of Agreement between NSW Teachers’ Federation and Denis Kevans

-Correspondence regarding employment as Assistant Editor

-Business correspondence covering monetary details

-Correspondence and discussions regarding discontinuation of Assistant Editor position

-Photocopies of photographs of strike action groups

-Correspondence from J.W. Heiortt, St. Ives

-Correspondence 15 July 1976, from Jennifer Aldred, Australian Institute of Political Science

Folder 12

-The Cornstalk Gazette, August 1989, no. 190

- The Cornstalk Gazette, September 1989, no. 191 (heavily annotated)

-Contact, Peace Week, 21-23 June 1988

-‘The Beauty of the World’, by Denis Kevans, from Migrant Mosaic, Sunday, 18 September 1988

-‘Malcolm What Sport do you Play?’, words and music by Denis Kevans, from Stringybark & Greenhide, Vol. 2, no. 4, August 1980

-‘On the Rocks’, compiled by Alanna Clohesy, copied from Stringybark & Greenhide, Vol. 5, no. 2, May 1984

-‘The Bastard Who Squashed the Grapes Inside me Bag, poem by Denis Kevans, from Queensland Folk, no. 104, January 1989

Folder 13

-The Writers Retreat at the University of New England, Armidale, 5 January - 3 February 1967: correspondence; papers included; timetable for seminars; ‘The Motives of the Writer’, by Thomas Keneally; ‘Trends in Australian Literature’, by Ray Williams; ‘As the Writer Sees’, by Donald Crick; Poetry reading 16 January (order by numbers); Extract from Poetry Australia; Addresses of members.

-Correspondence to Trudie 26 December 1965, asking her to return some poetry she acquired from Frank Hardy

-Correspondence from Jude Rushbrooks, Waverley, 23 January 1967, regarding poetry readings

-Diary containing Minutes of Meeting of the Property Advisory Maintenance and Development Committee of the Church of England; Youth Dept. Diocese of Sydney, held 7 March 1966; A copy of Christian Brothers Final Tests for English, 1952; Magazine clipping containing the last words of Chris Pirir and a photograph; Article: ‘Fragrant Plants : an Ode to Garden Scents’; Notes from 1977 to 1988

Folder 14

-Poems for book

-Honi-soit, Vol. xxxix, no. 21, September 1966

-The Great Prawn War and Other Poems: news clipping from the Tribune, 15 December 1982


Box 3

Folder 15

-Correspondence to Fisher Library from Frank Mainwaring asking if they would be interested in his papers

-Correspondence from Robert Fitzgerald, 19 September 1970

-Correspondence to the Editor, The Sydney Morning Herald, from Denis Kevans

-A Geography of My Poetry

-Poetry, typewritten

-‘Of Cue’, by Denis Kevans

-Correspondence from People for Nuclear Disarmament Conference, 8-9 November 1986

-Correspondence regarding Denis Kevans readings

-Correspondence to the Editor regarding literacy

-General correspondence

-Pamphlets advertising coming meetings

-‘Tapes of Children Talking on the Phone’, from Education, 7 November 1963, p. 20

-Migrant Mosaic, containing the song ‘The Valley of the Waters’, by Denis Kevans

-‘The Assistant Commissioner for Crime’, a song by Denis Kevans

Folder 16

-‘Ballad of the BWIU’, by J.S. Manifold and related correspondence

-Correspondence, 1980-1990

-Correspondence, 1969-1975

-Correspondence, 1985-1986

Folder 17

-Miscellaneous notes

-‘Denis Kevins : the Vernacular Poet’

-Correspondence: Letter to the Editor - ‘Caesar’s Will’

-Ah, White Man, Have You Any Sacred Sites?, by Denis Kevans: book review by John Emerson

-‘Australian Flag’, by Carol Eliot

-Selected poetry, by Denis Kevans

-Part of the ‘Ballad of David McCampbell’

-‘Bennies Document : Australia ... Who Are We?’

-‘Christmas Time’, song by Sonia Bennett

-Correspondence from Ralph Kelly, 17 January

-‘Natural Fertiliser’, by John Tilpin

-Correspondence from David Wanless, 16 October 1989, regarding fund raiser called ‘Folk for the Forests’

Folder 18

Pamphlets and annotated newsletters

-Newcastle Folk Festival, booklet, 9-12 June

-Communist Tendency May Day Statement, 1989

-Minutes of Meeting, Poets Union, Sydney Branch, 7 April 1986

-Leura Literature Adult Discussion Group Programme and Reading List, Spring semester, 1990

-Miscellaneous newspaper clippings (some of the originals sent to AUSTLIT)

-Altered copies of short poetry

Folder 19

‘The Bastard Who Squashed the Grapes in Me Bag’: manuscript, complete proofs and corrections

Folder 20

Biographical material:

-Newspaper clippings regarding Rooty Hill resident’s problems with roads in the area

-Thank you card from Blue Mountains Aboriginal Support Group

-Denis Kevan’s readings organised by the Workers’ Cultural Action Group

-Correspondence from Alla Petrikouskaya, Moscow, 12 December 1988

-Leaflet for Asia-Pacific Action Week, 4-14 July 1989, complimentary ticket for the Cultural Night and thank you note for Denis Kevans participation

-Correspondence from Binalong Banjo Patterson Poetry Prize

-Correspondence from Kevin Parker, Mt. Pleasant

-Newspaper clippings: one from The Builders’ Labourer, November-December 1966

-‘Lift Him up on Your Shoulder’, song print no. 2 by Denis Kevans

-The Great Prawn War and Other Poems, news clipping from Tribune, 15 December 1982

-Remittance advice from ABC, 3 March 1989

-Miscellaneous newspaper articles

-Correspondence from Richard Walden, Florida, asking for copies of poems

Folder 21

Biographical material continued:

-‘Merv Flanagan’, by Denis Kevans, published in The Hummer, special issue, No. 21, Labour Day, 1988

-Correspondence from Midnight Oil, 7 February 1985, regarding royalties

-Correspondence from Department of Corrective Services, 3 May 1984, regarding Poetry Reading Workshop at Maitland

-Leaflet advertising Public Meeting, 18 April 1960?, at which Denis Kevans would be reciting

-Invitation to Writers’ Afternoon in Heritage Week, 1987

-Notes, correspondence and newspaper clippings on the environment in the Blue Mountains and the effect the Boddington Hill Zoo would have on the area

-Newspaper clipping on readings by Denis Kevans at Meeting of VIEW Club

-Correspondence and programme for the Viable Futures Environment Fair, 1-3 December 1989

-Correspondence of thanks from David Wainless for performing at ‘Folk for the Forests’, 9 December 1989

-Newsletter, Wilderness Society by David Wanless

-Resume of David Kevans performance for 6 months of 1989

-Newsletters, Newcastle Green Movement, December and August 1989

-Newsletter on Rally for Right to Work Workers Rights

-Newspaper clippings on Denis Kevans

-Correspondence from Waldon Publishing enclosing cheque, payment for poem, 13 February 1990

-Note regarding Concert Night at the Warehouse where Denis Kevans entertained

-Correspondence of thanks from Blue Mountains City Library, 20 March 1990

-Correspondence of engagement to perform from ABC, 22 and 29 January 1981

-‘The Assistant Commissioner for Crime’, by Denis Kevans, published in Deakin University Paper

-Newspaper clipping on Comeng Strike published in The Metal Worker

-Booklet on Comeng Dispute, photos by Denis Kevans

-‘Capsule of Radium’

-Note of encouragement

-1962 Mary Gilmore Award for a short story

-Newspaper clipping ‘Forest Support Grows’

-‘Malcolm, What Sport do you Play?’, published in the NSW FF Newsletter

-Newsletter and letter of thanks from AWD Australia, 5 April 1990

-Reference, 14 August 1974, from Henry McCarthy, Amalgamated Metal Workers’ Union

-Extract of Certificate of Birth of Denis Kevans

-Ideas for the creative teaching of literature, poetry and written expression

-Untitled poetry

-Leaflet Republic Day, 11 November 1979, by Citizens for Democracy

-Poetry by Denis Kevans published in miscellaneous newspapers

Folder 22

Biographical material continued:


-Untitled poetry

-‘Two Lives’

-‘Generals’, by Denis Kevans, published in Dimensions

-‘Alcoholism is Dependence’ and more

-Programme for National Folk Festival, Maleny, Qld, Easter, 1989

-Newspaper clippings regarding pollution by BHP

-Newspaper clippings regarding Kerry Kime’s criticism of ‘Greenies in the Blue Mountains’

-‘Broken Hearted People’, part of Advance Australia Fair

-Photograph of Denis Kevans

-Reference, 2 November 1973, from Sculpture Diploma Students at East Sydney Technical College

-‘School Breakup 1977’, by Denis Kevans

-‘Malcolm What Sport do you Play?’, song by Denis Kevans

-Part of an untitled poem

-Pamphlet advertising ‘Songs for Peace’, 2 December 1989


Box 4

Folder 23

-‘When I’m With You’, by Denis Kevans

-Miscellaneous published poetry, songs, correspondence and reviews by Denis Kevans of ‘Ah, White Man, Have You Any Sacred Sites?’

Folder 24

-Miscellaneous leaflets and booklets

-Miscellaneous newspaper clippings

-Certificate from Marist Brothers’ Schools and the University of Sydney

Folder 25

1989 diary and correspondence, notes and newspaper clipping contained within

Folder 26

1989 diary and enclosures

Folder 27

1988 notebook and diary


Box 5

Folder 28

Notebook, 1984-1986, containing drafts, ‘Green Ban Fusiliers’ and ‘Sacred Sites’, notes and organisation for sale of book

Folder 29

1985-1988 diary/notebook

Folder 30

Notebook, 1985, containing Leura Golf Club pamphlet

Folder 31

-Notebook, 1985-1986, containing draft songs

-Eureka Flag presented to Denis Kevans, Republican of the Year, by the Citizens for Democracy, 1985

Folder 32

1986 notebook

Folder 33

1984 notebook/diary containing: ‘No Letters for you Today’, ‘Marxia’ and ‘Catshit’

Folder 34

1983 diary/ideas/drafts: ‘The New Bestiary’, ‘Great Funnel-web Plague’

Folder 35

1981 notebook


Box 6

Folder 36

Notebook/diary including a number of news cuttings

Folder 37

-Miscellaneous poetry and songs

-Correspondence and Programme for NSW Children’s Week about Talented Young Writer’s Workshop

-Pamphlet by Latin American Cultural Centre

-Resume of Denis Kevans, by John Emerson

-Miscellaneous songs

Folder 38

-Newspaper clippings

-Pamphlets and booklets

-Poetry and songs

Folder 39

-Job application by Denis Kevans at Tribune

-Correspondence from Sonia Bennett to Denis Kevans, 1988-1990?

-Paperwork regarding Sonia Bennett and Denis Kevans concert broadcast on Radio Manly-Warringah, 13 May 1990

-Plan by Denis Freney for historical novel on Henry James O’Farrell and Henry Parkes

-Miscellaneous correspondence

Folder 40

-Correspondence 1986

-Programme for Huon Folk Festival 1986

-Miscellaneous poetry

-Correspondence 1988

Folder 41

Draft thesis: ‘The Poetry of Henry Weston Pryce’ + photocopy and CD-ROM copied on 7 September 2009

Folder 42

-Day Workshop for Sydney Secondary School Students


-Newspaper clippings

-Correspondence 1983, 1984, 1985

-Record of cassettes report, 14 April 1984

-Miscellaneous poetry and songs

Folder 43


-Newspaper clippings

-Minutes of AGM of Kangaroo Valley Co-operative, 20 November 198?

-Exercise book of notes

-Miscellaneous book reviews

-Copy of a speech by the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs titled: Aboriginal Past : Australia’s Future, 8 December 1983

-Miscellaneous poetry and songs


Box 7

Folder 44

-Correspondence 1987


Folder 45

-Miscellaneous poetry and songs


-Correspondence from and to John Manifold, National Council Realist Writers Groups of Australia

-Examples of literary activity and contacts

Folder 46

Examples of literary activity and contacts continued

Folder 47

-Miscellaneous poetry and songs

-Notes and draft correspondence

-Miscellaneous newspaper clippings

Folder 48

-Miscellaneous newspaper clippings

-Miscellaneous poetry, notes and songs (in a manilla folder titled ‘Your Destiny is in Your Hands’)



Box 8

Folder 49

‘Under Concrete and Glass’: original handwritten draft

Folder 50


-Discharge papers of Alfred Knight

-Photographs and travel document to Queensland

Folder 51

-Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, correspondence, and newsletters

Folder 52

Miscellaneous poetry

-Agenda for Olympic Concert

-‘Monuments’, published in The Builders’ Labourer, 1970

-Correspondence, 1987

-Correspondence from Ralph Kelly including ‘The Road to Moulameir’

-Correspondence to Rowan (confidential memories about the issue of Editorship of Tribune)

-Explanatory notes for ‘Ah, White Man, Have You Any Sacred Sites?’, in correspondence to Dean Alla

-‘The Poetry of Norman Newlin’, by Denis Kevans

-Miscellaneous leaflets

-Miscellaneous newspaper clippings

Folder 53

-Workbook including newspaper clippings and periodical articles

-Workbook including periodical clipping; ‘Contempt for the Ordinary People’; list of poetry, by Denis Kevans

-Scrapbook kept by E.F. Kevans (grandmother)

Folder 54

-Notebook, 1958-1959


-Notebook - geography; notes for ‘Young Words, H.R. Mary Gilmore Award, 1958

Folder 55

-Notebook, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1962, living at Nobbs Street, Surrey Hills, containing many ideas for later poems, studied at the University of Sydney, 1959, 1960, 1961; languages; city images.

-Notebook containing first poems, 1955, 1956, 1957


Box 9

Folder 56

-Notebook, 1957-1959, 17 Nobbs Street, Surrey Hills

-Booklet on St. Joseph’s College, 1881-1956

-Cerise and Blue, Official Publication of St. Joseph’s College Old Boys Union, May 1976

Overland, special issue titled ‘Vietnam Voices’, signed by Joel Elenberg (cover designer)

Folder 57

A long essay to complete the Degree of Master of Arts (Pass) with the Department of Australian literature, University Sydney, titled: ‘The Poetry of Henry Weston Pryce as an Expression of Historical Experience and the Literary Influences on His Work’

Folder 58



-Support Irish Political Benefit Dance

-Eamonn Ned O’Connor, Irish Hunger Striker

Folder 59

Diary and school notes, February-July 1979, Malvinas High School, Ryde

Folder 60

Diary, 1973

Folder 61

Diary, 1977

Folder 62

Diary, 1972

Folder 63

-Songs by John Dengate

-Song by Eric Catterall

-Song by C.K. Kevans

-The Cardinal’s Dinner, 30 July 1964, speech by His Lordship, Bishop Muldoon

-National Australian Association application form

-Miscellaneous notes

-Programme for Historical Exhibit to be presented W&M pix, cartoon, and smaller displays

-Teaching notes - Canberra, Seat of Federal Parliament

-Pamphlet advertising public exhibition for Citizens for Democracy

- The Cardinal’s Dinner, 30 July 1964, speech by the Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Menzies

-Untitled school play

-‘Temper and Bias of the Literary Fund’, Sydney Morning Herald newsclipping and correspondence to Jim from Douglas Stewart

-Miscellaneous notes, handwritten

-Miscellaneous poetry

-Pamphlet, Australian Music Centre

-Department of Education, Higher School Certificate, 1973, English


Box 10

Folder 64

-Correspondence, 1970s

-References and certificates of qualifications

-Miscellaneous poetry

Folder 65

Correspondence, 1960s and Realist Writer discussion

Folder 66

-Notebook with some poetry

-Poetry workbook, 1975: draft of poems about Chile; ‘The Girder Town’, published in Education

-Miscellaneous poetry and notes

-Notes from 1960

-Diary, 1978

-Notebook started 14 May 1962

Folder 67

-Three black and white photographs of Denis Kevans

-Certificate for Binalong Banjo Paterson Poetry Prize, 1988

-Notebook of academic study (at the back - short notes of: plans of writing, organisation of peace concerts, 1961-1962, Realist Writers activity)

Folder 68

-Drafts in notebook

-Notebook containing poetry

-Notebook on Lawson, May 1962

-Notebook of poetry: first draft (102)

-Notebook on Lawson, April 1962

Folder 69


-Notebook: ‘Poems for Peace’

-Notebook, May 1962 (15 May 1962)

-Notebook: Cuba

-Notebook/diary, 1963 and notes from Peace Seminar, 1963

-Notebook: notes in Albury, working for Retail Census, James Connolly

-Notes on writing and the vulgar vernacular ‘Would the Workers Like It?

Folder 70

-Arts Vietnam 1969

-Correspondence to Ralph Sundary, September

-Secretaries report to Annual Conference Realist Writers and other notes

-Report on the Role of Poetry in the Class Struggle

-Report of Literary Trends

-Discussion on Literature and the Arts

-Correspondence regarding Denis Kevans’ Russian lessons

-Song words by Denis Kevans ‘The Mill at Rooty Hill’

-‘The Woodchip Man’, with notes; ‘The Ballad of the Thistle’; ‘What is an Idea?’; ‘The Unknown Soldiers’

-Notebook containing ‘The Fool’

Folder 71

-Notebook of drafts, 16 May 1962: ‘Call to Final Supporter’; ‘Obesity’

-Note - challenge Ed printed Denis’s poetry

-Notebook: poetry

-Notebook, 1962: drafts; poetry original notes for ‘The Unknown Soldier’ and miscellaneous unpublished poetry

-Notebook, February 1963

-Notebook: practising verse forms from Oxford Book of Nursery Rhymes: Lewis Carroll, Folk Songs

-Miscellaneous book lists

-‘Le Phantom de Status’


Box 11

Folder 72

-Poetry: ‘The Elegy for my Uncle’; ‘Untrust’; ‘Kristina’

-Notebook of study notes, ideas, drafts, 1962: ‘E.J. Brady’; ‘Leaves’; ‘Rodin’; ‘Van Gogh’; ‘Frazer’; ‘The Angel and the Neon’

-Posters: ‘Septembre Cinco Direct From Cuba’ and ‘The Guardian Festival Concert’

Folder 73

-Peace Action in Australia, contains poetry of Denis Kevans

-’Pacific Wonderland’, published in Eureka Youth, 1963

-‘King Tide’, 1965-1965, original on printed copy paper, unpublished (recited at May Day Concert)

-‘For Those Who do Not Know’

-‘The Race’, published in Hanoi Soit, University of Sydney

-‘The Keys to God’, by Denis Kevans

-Poetry: ‘The Tree’; ‘The Driver’; ‘City of Green’; ‘Protest Song’; ‘French Tests’; ‘For I.B.’ (a librarian in Canberra, 1958); ‘Epitaph for a Wren’; ‘Red Hill’(Canberra, 1957); ‘A Boy Comes from Canberra to Sydney’; ‘Unknown Dogman’; ‘War Memorials on the Children Should be Made Aware’ (original draft of ‘Gallipoli, Gallipoli’); ‘The Way Out’ (January 1957); ‘Ned Bluegum’: draft; ‘To an Unknown Soldier’; ‘Ernest Thaelmanm - Transport Arbeiter’ (leader KPD, German Communist Party, 1933)

-Miscellaneous poetry, 1956-1958

Folder 74

-Poetry: ‘Excuse Us Please’ (1961-1962); ‘Welcome Spiro Agnew’; ‘Southern Melody’; ‘Why?’ (1962-1963, published in Sacred Sites); ‘The Battle for Cuba’ (1960); ‘The Dream They Would Not Let Die’; ‘Death of Lambrakis in Athens’; ‘Lecher’s Manhood’; ‘Convicts Had to Die’ (1962); ‘Childhood’; ‘Salvation’; ‘The Race’ (1963-1970); ‘The Sad Case of the Blushing Boy’; ‘For Rebecca’; ‘The Enemy’; ‘Idealism’; ‘The Ballad of the Thistle’; ‘King Tide’; ‘Army Tattoo’; ‘The Maori’; ‘Timothy Ryan’; ‘Old Lady’; ‘To the Bgie’; ‘A Quiet Place’; ‘Stockboy’s Song’; ‘The Diplomat’; ‘A Letter to Les’; Untitled poetry; ‘The slouch of Vietnam’; ‘The Gleaners’; ‘City’; ‘Time to Speak’; ‘Storm’; ‘Canberra’; ‘Prisoners of the Ghetto’; ‘Generals’; ‘Statue for a Man’ (Cooma); ‘PANDAR’; ‘Lighthorsemen’; ‘Poets Wish’; ‘Another Meeting’; ‘Past Present and Future’; ‘Skylife’; ‘Who Wants Peace?’; ‘Woolly in Winter’; ‘Little Nungarra’; ‘The City’; ‘Carte Postale’; ‘Lost Love’

-Notes taken while working at Sydney Hospital

-Reference from Sydney Hospital, 7 July 1961

-Annotated poster ‘Stop the Tests Ban the Bomb’

-Correspondence from Robert Harris, 30 January 1975

-Poetry published in Realist Writer, No. 8, 1962

Folder 75

Poetry notebook: Blake, Coleridge, Singer, Anon

Folder 76

-Poetry: ‘Spring’; ‘The Dictation’; ‘Gifts’; ‘Lonely Sentinel’; ‘Idealism’; ‘Tiu Plays Guitar’; ‘Black Plum’; ‘After Goya’; ‘House of Horrors’; ‘Young Words’ (Mary Golmore recommended 1959); ‘The Log of the Fire’ (draft of: ‘The Ant on the Fire-sacred Sites’); ‘Bobby Sands Vigil’; ‘Day One’; ‘Jane & Jim or United at Last’; ‘Spot-welded Children’; ‘Unknown Beauties’; ‘Twofiles of Leaves’; ‘Aquaries (1st prize NUAVS Competition, 1970); ‘At the Zoo’; ‘Untitled poetry; ‘Africa’; ‘Lost Love’

-‘The Patch of Green’: notes for novel


-Notebook, May 6

-Traditional Shearer’s Song

-‘Folk Club Gathering’, published in The Blue Mountains Gazette, Wednesday, 5 August 1987 (original to AUSTLIT)

-‘Contemporary Songs in Australia’ and ‘The Woodchip Man’, published in Stringybark & Greenhide, Vol. 3, no. 3, Spring, 1981

-Posters and advertising material

-Principal’s Report, Gunning Public School, 1975

-Denis Kevans’ invitation for Vietnamese New Year

-Christmas card from Peter Cornwell

-Correspondence from Nancy Moyser, ACF to Jim Anderson

-Correspondence from Jim Anderson to Denis Kevans

-Notification of 1st place in Poetry Section of Union Competitions from the University of Sydney Union and copy of relevant poem

-Notices of publication of poetry

-Request to sign Copyright Declaration form

Folder 77

-Correspondence to and from ABC FM Stereo, 29 September 1986, regarding Denis Kevans performance of ‘Sunday Folk’

-Programme and correspondence regarding 1986 Bush Music Festival

-Correspondence received 1983, 1985, 1986

-Correspondence sent 1985 and 1986

-Resume/report, Denis Kevans

-Correspondence to the Editor

-Correspondence from publishers

-‘Joh is a KGB Agent’

-Pamphlet 1986

-Newspaper clipping ‘Katoombah Folkies’ meet next Wednesday

-Correspondence regarding Committee of Inquiry into Folklife in Australia, 19??

-’I Saw a Naked Woman Walk’, c1985

-Reference to books (titles not listed, sent to Acquisitions)

Folder 78

-Correspondence, 1987

-Correspondence to the Editor, 1987

-Miscellaneous songs, poetry and notes: drafts

-Denis Kevans history

-Miscellaneous pamphlets

-Miscellaneous newspaper clippings

Folder 79

-Miscellaneous poetry: notes and drafts

-Graduation by ‘Militas’

-Correspondence 1984, 1985, 1986

-Miscellaneous minutes and pamphlets

-Songprint no. 1 ‘Waterloo’

-Songprint no. 2 ‘Lift Him up on Your Shoulder’


Box 12

Folder 80

-Correspondence 1986

-Miscellaneous invitations and notices of meetings

-Miscellaneous newspaper clippings

-Newsletter - The Chronicle

-Peggy Hill Peace Awards

-Diary, 16 January 1977 – 23 January 1977

-Songs and poetry: drafts

-Correspondence, 6 February 1989

-Miscellaneous pamphlets, invitations and advertising

-Miscellaneous poetry: drafts

Folder 81

-New Zealand itinerary

-Correspondence from New Zealand Folk Foundation


-Poetry and notes while on New Zealand trip: drafts

-Pamphlets, booklets and programmes whilst in New Zealand

-’A Forest of Crutches’ - the poetry of H.W. Pryce and contract with the ABC

Folder 82


-Notebook containing the glossary for ‘The Bastard Who Squashed the Grapes in Me Bag’

Folder 83

-Correspondence, 1980’s, including to the Editor

-Book review, notes and newspaper clippings of The Songs of Henry Lawson, reviewed by D. Kevans

-Correspondence and articles relating to the Crocadarium in the Blue Mountains

-Miscellaneous newspaper clippings

-Miscellaneous leaflets

-Miscellaneous poetry and songs: drafts

-Ald Quirk, spoke on points of principle

Folder 84

-Notebook, 1963: Priestly, Logue, Just, Dutt


-Miscellaneous poetry: drafts

-Personal correspondence, 9 November 1982

-Newspaper clipping

-Programme, 1980, Children’s Week: draft


Folder 85

Correspondence to Denis Kevans from Sonia Bennett

Folder 86

Drawings by Sonia Bennett, 1987-1990 (she retains copyright)


Box 13

Folder 87

-Music: ‘SWY’, words by Denis Kevans

-Miscellaneous poetry and songs: drafts

-Correspondence, 1988

Folder 88

-Miscellaneous poetry and songs: drafts

-’Autumn’, published in Education, 28 July 1986

-Questions and answers on ‘Century of the Child’, by Frida at Gulgong High School

-Miscellaneous poetry

-Correspondence, 1985

Folder 89

-Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, newsletters and pamphlets

-Photograph of Ho Chi Minh

Folder 90

Miscellaneous clippings from periodicals, newspapers and journals

Folder 91

Miscellaneous clippings from periodicals, newspapers and journals

Folder 92

-Address book


Folder 93

-Posters (2)

-Receipt Melbourne Unitarian Peace Memorial Church

-Postcard, 12 September 1988


-Notebook: Song Workshop National Folk Festival, 1988

Folder 94

Notebook: Tempe Junior Boys High School, 1970


Box 14

Folder 95


-Correspondence from 1959-1963, from Realist Writers: Dorothy Hewett, Merv Lilly, Frank Hardy, John Manifold

-Politics and Writing Imagination on Dogma

Correspondence from Mary Gilmore, Ralph Kelly, Jim Hawkins and others

Folder 96


-Correspondence from 1959-1963, from Realist Writers: Dorothy, Merv Lilly, Frank Hardy, John Manifold

-Politics and Writing Imagination on Dogma

Correspondence from Mary Gilmore, Ralph Kelly, Jim Hawkins and others

Folder 97

Notebook, 1980: notes, reading ‘Punishment Book’, poetry

Folder 98

Teacher’s notebook, English-History, Picnic Point High School, 1974

Folder 99

-Correspondence, 1981, 1982 and 1990

-Notebook, 1963: drafts, ideas, and notes for poetry; later notes from Italian studies

Folder 100

‘Under Concrete and Glass : a Play with Songs’, 1981

Folder 101

Microfiche of newspaper articles by Denis Kevans [not in box]


Box 15

Folder 102

Correspondence, leaflets, 1991

Folder 103

Correspondence, leaflets, 1991

Folder 104

Correspondence, publications, 1991

Folder 105

-Correspondence, magazines, 1991

-‘The Bastard Who Squashed the Grapes in Me Bag’: draft corrections

Folder 106

‘The Bastard Who Squashed the Grapes in Me Bag’: proof with corrections

Folder 107

‘The Bastard Who Squashed the Grapes in Me Bag’: proof

Folder 108

‘The Bastard Who Squashed the Grapes in Me Bag’: proof

Folder 109

‘The Bastard Who Squashed the Grapes in Me Bag’: draft with corrections


Box 16

Folder 110

‘The Bastard Who Squashed the Grapes in Me Bag’: draft with corrections

Folder 111

-‘The Bastard Who Squashed the Grapes in Me Bag’: draft with corrections

-Correspondence, reviews, leaflets, 1991-1992

-Newspaper clippings with photocopies

Folder 112

Correspondence, leaflets, 1990-1991

Folder 113

Newspaper clippings with photocopies

Folder 114

St. Joseph’s College Annual (December 1953) [cover missing]

Folder 115

The Poetry of Henry Weston Pryce. M.A. Thesis 1976, draft version, 90 pages with annotations

Folder 116

Notebook, 270 pages, undated

Folder 117

Notebook with titles on cover: ‘Sacred Sites’, ‘Book on Hats’, ‘Missing in Action’, ‘Shelbourne Bay’, ‘The Gifted Stone’, undated

Folder 118

Audio-cassette tape: ‘Hey Banjo’, ‘Rehearsal’, ‘Patterson’

Folder 119

2 Video tapes




Record: Harry Cotter of Binalong, NSW


-Photographs: 2nd XV G.P.S. and combined G.P.S. XI 1955

-War Service Certificate of Sergt. C. Hollingsworth, 56th Battalion in the Great War, 1914-1918

-1988 Peoples Calendar Special Bicentennial Edition


Scrapbook of H.D. Kevans


Folder: ‘AA notebook. Notes on Denis Kevans poetry’

Folder: ‘Banjo’, including correspondence for the mid-1990s and materials on Banjo Patterson festival