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Manuscript Name Papers of Graham Rowlands
Manuscript Number MSS 017
Last Updated August 2021
Extent 2.90 m (22 boxes)
Location Special Collections, UNSW Canberra
Abstract The papers of Graham Rowlands include correspondence, manuscript drafts, diaries and photographs.

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Scope and Content

The papers contain a substantial amount of personal and professional correspondence and drafts of poems by Graham Rowlands. Prose and editorial material is also included, along with material relating to the Friendly Street Poets.

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Biographical Note

Wikipedia article:

Graham John Rowlands was born in Brisbane in 1947, and educated at Brisbane Grammar School, the University of Queensland and Flinders University, Adelaide. While in Queensland, he was editor of the student magazine Makar : magazine of new writing (1966-67) and published Stares and statues (1972), his first book of poetry and the first volume of the Gargoyle poets series.

Rowlands moved to Adelaide in 1971, and was associated with the Friendly Street group of poets, editing with Pauline Wardleworth Friendly Street poetry reader no. 9 (1985). He was for many years both a poetry editor and poetry reviewer for Overland.

In 1978 Rowland completed a PhD in American Studies at Flinders University. He has since worked as a literary journalist, educational editor and lecturer in literature, Australian politics and crime prevention, poetry editor and poetry reviewer. Since 2003 he has taught Creative Writing at Flinders University.

In 2002 Rowlands was the winner of the Festival Awards for Literature (SA), Barbara Hanrahan Fellowship, and the winner of the Satura Prize for his poem 'Down on the ground'.

AustLit : the resource for Australian literature, September 2006.
Directory of Australian poets 1980, Poets Union of Australia, Melbourne, 1980, p 116-117
Selected poems, by Graham Rowlands, 1992.


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Papers of Graham Rowlands, Special Collections, UNSW Canberra, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra, Box [Number], Folder [Number].


The collection was acquired from Graham and Diane Rowlands in sixty-five instalments from 1986-2000.


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Related Material

Further manuscript material relating to Graham Rowlands may be found in Special Collections, UNSW Canberra, Australian Defence Force Academy in the papers of:
Jerri Kroll MS 59
Friendly Street Poets MS 61

Separated Material

Further papers of Graham Rowlands are held by the National Library, in the Papers of Graham Rowlands at MS 7023.

This collection originally included a number of publications, listed below. These works have been catalogued separately, and added to the Library's main collection.

Up the right channels. St. Lucia, Qld: University of Queensland, 1970.

Makar : magazine of new writing, vol. 2, nos 1-4, 1966.

Semper floreat, vol. 35, nos 1-12 and vol. 37, no. 3, 1965 and 1967.


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Australian poetry, poets

Personal Names

Graham Rowlands 1947-


Poets, editors, academics


Container List


Series 1 Correspondence, 1958-2000

The collection includes a substantial amount of personal and professional correspondence. Correspondents include friends, family, publishers, fellow writers, editors and literary, cultural and educational organizations. The correspondence includes explanatory comments and cross references made by Rowlands at the time of donating the papers.

Folder 1 
Correspondence from Dorothy Alison Rowlands (mother), 1968-1976

Folder 2-6 
Correspondence from A. Rowlands (father), 1968-1999

Folder 7 
Correspondence A, 1964-1998

Robert Adamson, Stuart Sayers and Ron Simpson of the AgeThe Advertiser, JH Allsopp, Frank Armstrong, Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Australian Society of Authors'

Folder 8-9 
Correspondence, minutes and financial papers relating to the Arts Development Advisory Committee (ADAC), Department of the Arts and Cultural Development, together with manuscript evaluations and references for writers, 1990-1999

Folder 10 
Correspondence B, 1965-1996

Connie Barber, Stefanie Bennett, Dane Thwaites of Black Lightning Press, Ken Bolton, Paul Bourke, Anne Brewster, Kevin Brophy, Patrick Buckridge, Peter Burton and Larry Buttrose

Folder 11 
Correspondence C, 1971-1998

Heather Cam, Leon Cantrell, Anne Chittleborough, Andrew Clark, Jim Cleary and Valerie Coombe

Folder 12 
Correspondence C, 1962-1988

Chris Cooney, Russell Cowie (together with school essays), Louise Crisp and Margaret Cullen

Folder 13 
Correspondence D, 1972-1998

Michael Denholm, Patricia Dobrez and Michael Dugan

Folder 14 
Correspondence from Anne Elder, 1973-1976

Photocopies of Elder's published poems
Research and draft of 'Anne Elder : poet' by Rowlands, together with correspondence from Barrie Reid, Overland 
Correspondence from John and Catherine Elder
Correspondence from Philip Martin

Folder 15 
Correspondence E-F, 1981-1993

Bob Ellis, Michelina Ferraro, Michele Field, John Foulcher, Ian Fraser and Marcelle Freiman

Folder 16 
Correspondence G, 1970-1992

Barbara Giles, Peter Goldsworthy, Geoff Goodfellow, Ken Goodwin, Michael Goodison, Warwick Gould, Dorothy Green, Annie Greet and Jeff Guess

Folder 17 
Correspondence H, 1958-2000

Robert Habost, Rodney Hall, Syd Harrex, Robert Harris, Clinton Harriman, Les Harrop, Kareena Harwood, Dennis Haskell, Keith Harrison, Richard Hillman, John-Peter Horsam, Robin Howells and Robert Hughes

Folder 18 
Correspondence I and J, 1972-1999

Andrew Sant of Island magazine, John Jenkins, Kate Jennings, Martin Johnson, Rob Johnson and Billy Jones

Folder 19 
Correspondence with Rae Desmond Jones, together with a draft of a rejected article on Jones, 1972-1998

Folder 20 
Correspondence K, 1963-1995

Erika Keenan, Stephen Kelen, John Kinsella, Viv Kitson, Andrew Knott and Rob Knottenbelt

Folder 21 
Correspondence L, 1968-1999

Labour and National Service regarding military service, Katherine Lea, Barrie Leon, Elvis Levin, Bill Roberts of LinQ, Kate Llewellyn, Longman Cheshire, Yve Louis and Myron Lysenko

Folder 22 
Correspondence and grant applications, Literature Board, Australian Council for the Arts, 1973-1998

Folder 23 
Correspondence M, 1973-1998

Chris Mansell, Philip Martin, Brian Matthews, Barbara McFadyen, Susan McGowan, Meanjin, Stan Mellick, Rod Moran, Mattoid, Peter Murphy, Sue Murphy, Les Murray, Muse and Anne-Marie Mykyta

Folder 24 
Correspondence from Albert, Ellen and Marye Milligan, together with notes, 1962-1976

Folder 25 
Correspondence with Humphrey McQueen, together with an annotated typescript draft of an untitled twenty-four scene drama, 1967-1999

Folder 26 
Correspondence N, 1972-1995

Nation review, National Library of Australia, Geoff Naylor, Philip Neilsen and Carol Novak

Folder 27 
Correspondence O, 1972-1990

Mark O'Connor, Barry O'Donohue, Off the page, Gary Oliver, Dan and Michael O'Neill, Warren Osmond, Peter Oustabasidis and Outrider

Folder 28 
Correspondence P, 1968-1999

Joyce Parkes, Elizabeth Perkins, WH Perkins, Peter Pierce, Grace Perry and John Millett of Poetry Australia and South Head Press, Christopher Pollnitz, Nicholas Pounder, Ron Pretty, Quadrant

Folder 29 
Correspondence from John Paul, undated

Folder 30 
Correspondence R, 1971-1993

Barrett Reid, Kevin Roberts, Mark Roberts, Nigel Roberts, Judith Rodriguez, Chris Rootes and Routledge

Folder 31 
Correspondence S, 1974-1998

Philip Salom, Patricia Laird of The Saturday Centre, Rae Sexton, Michael Sharkey, Greg Shortis and Margaret Smith

Folder 32 
Correspondence T-V and X-Y, 1972-1995

Richard Tipping, John Tranter, Kanchana Ugbabe, Val Vallis, Howard Firkin of Verso, Martin Field of Xtra, Gloria Yates and Fay Zwicky

Folder 33 
Correspondence W, 1964-1999

Alan Wearne, Tom and Wendy Whitton, Valery Wilde, Murray Williams, Jean Wright and Judith Wright

Folder 34 
Correspondence regarding relationships with women at university, 1965-1972

Folder 35 
Correspondence and articles relating to newspaper columns, 1964-1981

Folder 36 
Correspondence relating to Stares and statues and Poems political (mss held by the National Library of Australia), 1968-1975


Series 2 Diaries, 1959-1964

Diaries kept by Rowlands, together with his typescript explanatory comments written at the time of donation.

Folder 1 
Travel diaries (2), 1959-1987

Folder 2 
Diary and random jottings relating to family, 1962-1965


Series 3 Education, 1961-1973

Comprises material relating to Brisbane Grammar School and University of Queensland, together with Rowlands' typescript explanatory comments written at the time of donation.

Folder 1-4 
Material relating to Brisbane Grammar School, 1961-1964

Vocabulary and quotation notebooks (4)
Notes on masters and boys at Brisbane Grammar School
Manuscript drafts of 'La Perouse', 'Flop House' and 'Of maths and men'
Brisbane Grammar School magazines (4)
Speeches in relation to anti-Christianity

Folder 5-7 
Material relating to the University of Queensland, 1966-1973

Newspaper clippings
Notes on Department of English
'Not by sound alone : the Russian film pioneer - Eisenstein'
Notes on Free University
Semper floreat film reviews
Research writing
Makar correspondence


Series 4 Literary Manuscripts, 1962-1999

This series comprises drafts of discarded, accepted and published poems by Rowlands, also included are short stories, one play, reviews and articles, together with explanatory comments written at the time of donation.

Folder 1 
Short stories, one play and one novel, 1962-1981

Folder 2-70 
Annotated poetry drafts and related correspondence, 1966-1999

Folder 71-74 
Newspapers and magazine articles used as source material for poems, 1974-1999

Folder 75-82 
Overland, 1978-1996

Drafts of poetry reviews
Drafts of articles

Folder 83 
Drafts of articles by Rowlands, 1974-1990


Series 5 Editorial Work, 1980-1997

This series comprises editorial work by Rowlands, together with explanatory comments written at the time of donation.

Folder 1 
Dots over lines : recent poetry in South Australia, edited and introduced by Graham Rowlands; published by Adelaide University Press, Adelaide, 1980

Correspondence with poets
Publishing notes

Folder 2-4 
Wakefield Press editing, 1989-1994

Readers' reports
Copies of manuscript drafts with editorial comments by Rowlands

Folder 5-7 
Private editing, 1989-1997

Copies of manuscript drafts with editorial comments by Rowlands


Series 6 Miscellaneous Papers, 1972-1999

Among the papers in this series is material relating to poetry editing workshops, poetry judging and literary launches, and notes on various friends, together with explanatory comments written at the time of donation.

Folder 1 
Notes on friends

Folder 2 
The Writers' Centre, 1994-1997

Aardvark project correspondence and copies of manuscript drafts with editorial comments by Rowlands for Aardvark : written off : a collection of writing by young SA authors, put together by the team from Generation Hex ; editors: Justin Prime ... [et al.] (1995)
Correspondence relating to a seminar on 'Writing poetry'
Correspondence and article entitled 'I have this wonderful idea; how do I get started?' for the column 'Trade secrets' published in The Writers' Centre newsletter 
Poetry editing workshop material

Folder 3 
Material relating to Adelaide College of TAFE, 1983-1989

Folder 4 
Material relating to Flinders University, 1993-1999

Folder 5-6 
Material relating to Writers' Week Committee, 1972-1982

Folder 7-14 
Friendly Street papers owned by Rowlands, 1978-1992

Register, 1978-1987
Business material
Contributor's manuscript drafts
Readers' reports
Friendly Street consulting for 1992 Festival

Folder 15 
Poetry judging by Rowlands, 1980-1997

Folder 16 
School poetry workshops conducted by Rowlands, 1974-1981

Folder 17 
Poetry readings by Rowlands, 1997-1999

Folder 18 
Talks and book launches by Rowlands, 1993-1999

Folder 19 
Material relating to: Adelaide University Union Press and Michael Duddy, 1980-1984

Folder 20 
Photocopies of ABC Radio dramas with writer's release forms, 1990

'Timothy Gedge', adapted by Ken Methold from the novel The children of Dynmouth by William Trevor
Stardance, by Spider and Jeanne Robinson; adapted by Ken Methold


Series 7 Photographs, 1963-1986

This series comprises miscellaneous personal photographs of Rowlands.

Box-folder 22 
Photographs of Rowlands:
BGS debating, 1963
Public speaking, 1964
Adelaide College of TAFE, 1986
Rowlands, 1975 x 2
Moratorium March, Adelaide, 31 July 1971
Writers' retreat, Department of Adult Education, University of Adelaide, 1970
Wedding day, 1972
Rowlands at 2 years 4 months
Rowlands 3 years 6 months
Rowlands, 1971
Rowlands and mother, 1976 (colour)
Jeremy Rowlands x 3 (colour)
Rowlands at Fashoda Street, 1976-1983 x 4 (colour)
Ned Kelly helmet worn by Rowlands to the launching of Friendly Street poetry reader, no. 4 x 2 (colour)
Rowlands, Northern Flinders Ranges, 1979 (colour)
Don Dunstan launches Dots over lines : recent poetry in South Australia, Adelaide Festival, 1980
Rowlands speech at Dots over lines : recent poetry in South Australia, Adelaide Festival, 1980
Rowlands, 1981 x 2
Rowlands and Jeremy x 3 (colour)
Rowlands reading at the Langmeil Winery poetry x 3 (colour)