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Manuscript Name Papers of John Derum
Manuscript Number MSS 165
Last Updated August 2021
Extent 14 boxes + 4 AV boxes
Location Special Collections, UNSW Canberra
Abstract Manuscripts, drafts of poems, stories, songs, sheet music and correspondence of John Derum, along with audiovisual material

Collection Subject Type


Scope and Content

This collection relates to John Derum and consists of correspondence, together with sheet music, poems, stories and published items. Audiovisual material includes records, audio cassettes, video cassettes and photographs

Date Range of Content


Biographical Note

Wikipedia article:

John Derum was born on 9 January 1946 in Melbourne. He was cast in his first theatre production at age 17, and directed and acted in many productions in Sydney, Canberra, and Adelaide through his career. He first appeared on television in the first episode of ‘Homicide’ in 1964, and has acted in a number of dramas and comedies including ‘The Aunty Jack Show’, ‘Doctor Down Under’, ‘Ratbags’ and ‘Mother and Son’.

Derum hosted more than two hundred editions of quiz ‘The Oz Game’ and 50 episodes of the music and folklore program ‘That’s Australia’. He is widely known for his interpretation of the work of Australian writers, particularly ‘More than a Sentimental Bloke’, a tribute to writer CJ Dennis. For this, he received a Literary Fellowship with the Australian Defence Force Academy in 1990 enabling the publication of an expanded script


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Papers of John Derum, Special Collections, UNSW Canberra, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra, MSS 165, Box [Number], Folder [Number]


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Separated Material 

This collection originally included a large number of publications. Those listed at the foot of this finding aid were added to the main Academy Library collection, whilst those listed here were not.

Boomerang Songster, No.’s 41, 66

The Cornstalk Gazette : the NSW Folk Federation Newsletter, numbers 172-175, 178-181, 183-185

Country Capital Capers, by Guy Newby (signed copy)

Dark Endeavor, by Jim Hilferty

Maury of South Arm, Ken Clift

Mulga Wire, numbers 71, 72

Queensland Folk, numbers 101, 102, 104

Queensland Allover, Parania Wilson

R.M. Williams 1988 catalogue

String Games (annotated)


Subject Keywords



John Derum, 1946-  - Archives

Actors - Australia

Australian poetry – 20th century

Folklore – Australia

Personal Names

John Derum, 1946-





Container List


Box 1

Folders 1-7



Box 2

Folder 8

National Sheep and Wool Expo

‘Collection of Poetry’, Hazel Whittle

Folder 9

Sheet music: ‘Calling me Home’, ‘Coo-ee’, c1938


Folders 10-15

Miscellaneous correspondence

Folder 16

Sheet music


Box 3

Folder 17

Music book Australia We Love You

Folder 18

Miscellaneous correspondence

Folders 19-22

General correspondence with requests and poems

Folders 23-24

Correspondence regarding competition


Box 4

Folders 25-27

Correspondence regarding competition

Folder 28

Invitations replied to 22 September 1988

Folders 29-31

Miscellaneous correspondence


Box 5

Folders 32-36

Miscellaneous correspondence

Folder 37

Miscellaneous story/joke

Miscellaneous poetry, 3-7 October


Box 6

Folder 38

Miscellaneous stories and poetry



Folder 39

Miscellaneous poetry, 24-28 October

Miscellaneous stories, 10 October

Folder 40

Miscellaneous poetry and stories

Folder 41

Miscellaneous poetry, 22-26 August (passibles)

Folders 42-44

Miscellaneous poetry (contained in the maybe pile - perhaps for book) with a list of names included


Box 7

Folder 45

Miscellaneous correspondence


Possible photographs list

Folder 46

Viewers suggestions

Folder 47

Miscellaneous stories and poetry

Folder 48

Fan mail

Folder 49

John’s information, week ending, 15 July 1988, week ending 22 July1988, week ending 5 August 1988

Folder 50

Miscellaneous poetry (photocopies)

Miscellaneous stories, 12-19 September, week ending 14 July

Folder 51

Read 3 October - not winners

Folder 52

Miscellaneous correspondence


Box 8

Folder 53


Miscellaneous correspondence

Requests for returns and complaints

Folder 54

Miscellaneous stories, 19-23 September

Folder 55

Miscellaneous correspondence, requests for shows.

Folder 56

Miscellaneous correspondence, 24-27 June

Folder 57

Miscellaneous correspondence, August 1988 - no further action

Folder 58

Replies to viewers

Folders 59-60

Miscellaneous correspondence


Box 9

Folders 61-62

Miscellaneous correspondence - further action, 17 June

Folders 63-65

Possible poetry - list included

Folder 66

Miscellaneous poetry

Folders 67-68

Correspondence -answered


Box 10

Folders 69-70

Future reference file

Folder 71

Possible stories/yarns

Folder 72

Miscellaneous yarns

Folder 73

General correspondence, 19-23 September

Folder 74

Miscellaneous poetry, 26-30 September

Folder 75

No! file

Folder 76

Miscellaneous, 24-27 June 1988


Box 11

Folder 77

General, 17-21 October, 10-14 October, week 15-19 August

Folder 78

Miscellaneous stories, 3-7 October

General, 3-7 October

Folder 79

General, 24-28 October

Folder 80

General, 26-30 September, 2 August

Folder 81

Song/story recommendations, 15 July 1988

Folder 82

Read, 14 July

Folder 83

Piano roll - correct letters

Folder 84

Wrong answers to Mastertouch


Box 12

Folders 85-86


Folders 87-91

Miscellaneous correspondence


Box 13

Folders 92-96

Miscellaneous correspondence.

Folders 97-98



Box 14

Folder 99

Correspondence from Small Press items

Folder 100

Correspondence from videos

Folder 101

Collector’s Choice, music book, Volume 3

Folder 102

Australia in Verse, Bill Andrews

Humour in Verse, Alan Davies

Folder 103

Correspondence, Pauline Toohill.

Copy of published items:

Property Investor’s Review, numbers 16, 18, 21

Flyer: memories and Reflections of a Pioneer Australia, 1875-1939

Pioneer News, Volume 4, number 8

Blue’s Country Magazine, October 1988

Port Lincoln

Valley of Mackay, 1988

Folder 104

Copy of published items:


Historic Port Fairy, Victoria

North West Star, Volume 2, number 9, September 1988

Capital News, Volume 14, number 4, April 1989

Silo in the City : Expo, 1988

That’s Australia, Wiff. Wood

Hoofs and Horns, September 1988

West Moreton Country Music Association, April 1989

Folder 105

Copy of published work - The Peppin, Hertage Antie (merino legend)

Lists made for audiovisual items, AV 1-4, numbers 1-91


Audiovisual material

Box 15

AV 1

Audio cassette: ‘Song for Croyar’, Marigold

AV 2

Audio cassette: ‘Songs from Cairns’, Dorothy Bridge

AV 3

Audio cassette: ‘Jenean’s Song’, Neville Smart and Jackaroos

AV 4

Audio cassette: ‘Chullora Junction’, Mel Sommers

AV 5

Audio cassette: ‘Proudly Australian’, Ken Gardiner

AV 6

Audio cassette: ‘Heartwarming Sounds of Country Music’, Laurie Muggleton

AV 7

Audio cassette: ‘Bill and Judy Coleman in Barcos Country’

AV 8

Audio cassette: ‘Classical Bandura’, Victor Mishalau

AV 9

Audio cassette: ‘Country Heritage’, Big Mal

AV 10

Audio cassette: ‘Flooded Gums’, Gerard van Putten

AV 11

Audio cassette: ‘You’re Gonna Hear From Me’, Donna

AV 12

Audio cassette: ‘Where the Beer Runs Faster than Horses’, Mary Cummins, volume 3 (volumes 1 and 2 on LP)

AV 13

Audio cassette: Ryebuck Shearer’, Don Nash

AV 14

Audio cassette: ‘Barcoo Country’, Bill Coleman

AV 15

Audio cassette: ‘Southern Summer Nights’, Ken Hill (signed copy)

AV 16

Audio cassette: ‘O’Brien & Rix Sing’

AV 17

Audio cassette: ‘Songs from the Bush’, Brian O’Keefe

AV 18

Audio cassette: ‘Sounds like Australia to me’, Brian O’Keefe

AV 19

Audio cassette: ‘DW Yer Gettin it Mate?’, Gertrude Skinner

AV 20

Audio cassette: ‘Australia, Yes We Love You’, Reuben Fox

AV 21

Audio cassette: ‘The Rights of Man’, Eureka Rebels

AV 22

Audio cassette: ‘Sea Eagle’, Bill Chambers

AV 23

Audio cassette: ‘Australian Maid’, Clair Hayes

AV 24

Audio cassette: ‘Australia Maid in the Bush’, Clair Hayes (demo cassette)

AV 25

Audio cassette: ‘Smithy McGill’, Gary Williams

AV 26

Audio cassette: ‘Dance Music’, John Major

AV 27

Audio cassette: ‘Centenary Year, 1859-1959’, Moreton Bay Bushwackers and Bandicoots

AV 28

Audio cassette: ‘Fremantle Songs’

AV 29

Audio cassette: ‘Frank Rose : a Tall Story’

AV 30

Audio cassette: ‘Celebrity Trivia - Sample episode’

AV 31

Audio cassette: ‘Tex Marlon Monologues’


Box 16

AV 32

Audio cassette: ‘Pioneer’, Mary Davie (master)

AV 33

Audio cassette: ‘Bird Baths of Umbigumbi’, Graham Alcorn

AV 34

Audio cassette: ‘Happening Thing’

AV 35

Audio cassette: ‘Mary Called him Mister’, Roy Abbott, 1986

AV 36

Audio cassette: ‘Australia etc’, Angus Begg

AV 37

Audio cassette: ‘Poems by John O’Brien’, Greg Costello

AV 38

Audio cassette: ‘Aussie Poetry’, Reg Silvester

AV 39

Audio cassette: ‘Cargo Bicentenary Band’

AV 40

Audio cassette: ‘Aussie Outback Dunny’, R.L. Muddyman

AV 41

Audio cassette: ‘One Man Band’, Frank Callahan (signed copy)

AV 42

Audio cassette: Steve Mannix, 1988 (signed copy)

AV 43

Audio cassette: ‘Songs for the Land’, Peter J. Ross

AV 44

Audio cassette: Slim Dusty - sent by Betty Burrle (Bunce)

AV 45

Audio tape: Edits Australia 3.25?

AV 46

Magnetic tape: Tamworth Country Music Festival, 1989 (master copy)

AV 47

Audio cassette: ‘Sydney’s Country Hall of Fame’, received from Mrs. K. Rogers, Granville, NSW, 2142

AV 48

Audio cassette: ‘Way Back in the Forties’, Ron Wells

AV 49

Audio cassette: ‘Now Playing at a Kitchen Near You’, Manic Mothers

AV 50

Audio cassette: ‘The Cooee Brothers’

AV 51

Audio cassette: Bev Muller - letter and lyrics, Hermit Park, Townsville, QLD, 4812

AV 52

Audio cassette: ‘Reflections in Black and White’, Ken Hughes

AV 53

Audio cassette: ‘Dreams in the Night’, Lois Hall

Note: Two empty Audio cassette boxes – description cards : ‘The Oldtimers : 36 Dance Tunes’; ‘Gregory Davidson, Gorokan, 2263’


Box 17

AV 54

Video cassette: ‘Australian Caravan Safari, 1988’, A. Stanton, Paynesville, Vic., 3880

AV 55

Video cassette: ‘Maclean High School Bicentennial Costume Cavalcade Aboard the Bounty Harwood Slipway Wharf, 26 June 1988’, Maclean High School, Maclean, NSW 2463

AV 56

Video cassette: ‘Thanks Girls and Goodbye’, New Ground Productions, 4 August 1988, Sue Maslin, Hawthorn, Vic., 3422

AV 57

Video cassette: ‘Blindman’s Holiday’

AV 58

Video cassette: Interview: ‘Chullora Junction Run Wagga’, excerpts from Around the State in 88, featuring State Rail Musicians. (Railways through Adrian)

AV 59

Video cassette: ‘Australia, Yes We Love You’, Reuben K. Fox, patriotic musical for chair and soloist

AV 60

Record Album 45rpm: ‘Chullora Junction’, 380 Zigzag Railway, Ron Russell, Roy King

AV 61

Record Album 45rpm: ‘Red Ridges’, Donna Reynolds

AV 62

Record Album 45rpm: ‘Cowboys of the Sea’, John Lecner x 2

AV 63

Record Album 45rpm: ‘Hell of a Job’, Keith Glass and Honky Tankers

AV 64

Record Album 45 rpm: ‘Tribute to Southern Cross’, Jonnie Russell

AV 65

Record Album 45rpm: ‘Fires of Ash Wednesday’, Rod Williams

AV 66

Record Album 45rpm: ‘Might Maroons’

AV 67

Record Album 45rpm: ‘Punters Lament’

AV 68

Record Album 45rpm: ‘Pride of Australia’, John E. Brown

AV 69

Record Album 45rpm: ‘Happy Birthday Australia’, Welcome Stranger

AV 70

Record Album 45rpm: ‘Cry of the Outback’, Suzanne Haselden

AV 71

Record Album 45rpm: ‘Outback Drifter’, John Merritt

AV 72

Record Album 45rpm: ‘Women of the Outback’, John McSweeney

AV 73

Record Album 45rpm: ‘16th Avenue Country Blues’, Lois Hall


Box 18

AV 74

Record Album LP: ‘The Drover’s Dog’, Paul Hemphill

AV 75

Record Album LP: ‘Riverland Country’, Mary Cummins x 2

AV 76

Record Album LP: ‘Riverland Country’, Mary Cummins, volume 2 x 2

AV 77

Record Album LP: ‘Never Underestimate the Power of a Song’, various artists

AV 78

Record Album LP: ‘Doug Ashdown Love Lives!’

AV 79

Record Album LP: ‘Australian Accent’, Homer Rule

AV 80

Record Album LP: ‘In the Days When the Anzacs Were New’, John Broomhall

AV 81

Record Album LP: We’ll Either Bend or Break’er’, Danny Spooner

AV 82

Record Album LP: ‘Broken Hill Miner’, John Broomhall

AV 83

Record Album LP: ‘Free as the Breeze’, John Broomhall

AV 84

Record Album LP: ‘In Times Like These’, Debbie Lee-Roe and Bill Payne

AV 85

Record Album LP: ‘My Style of Country’, Rod Williams

AV 86

Record Album LP: ‘Mixed Emotions’, Rod Williams

AV 87

Record Album LP: ‘New Country’, various artists

AV 88

Record Album LP: Malcolm McNeil



These works have been catalogued separately and added to the Academy Library collection

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All This - and More : a Collection of Thoughts, Comments, Insights and Treasures Gleaned from a Life Filled with Challenge and Blessing, by William George Hennessy, Richmond, Vic. : Spectrum Publications, 1984

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