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Manuscript Name Papers of Peter Hastings
Manuscript Number MSS 374
Last Updated September 2021
Extent 27 boxes + 1 oversize + 5 AV boxes
Location Special Collections, UNSW Canberra
Abstract Correspondence, newspaper articles, notes, collected reference material

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Scope and Content

This collection relates to the journalist Peter Hastings and includes his collected papers donated by his wife Jolika Hastings.

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Biographical Note

Peter Dunstan Hastings (1920-1990) was born on 1 October 1920 at Wahroonga in Sydney. In May 1941 he enlisted in the Citizen Military Forces and in 1942 transferred to the Australian Imperial Force. As a sergeant in intelligence, he served with the Central Bureau, a code-breaking signals unit and with the Far Eastern Liaison Office.

Having joined Consolidated Press Ltd after the war he was posted to New York from where he sent dispatches to the Daily Telegraph especially about the United Nations where his contact was Gordon Jockel, a member of the Australian delegation.

Hastings held several positions related to the press: editor of the Bulletin (1962-64), foreign affairs writer for the Australian (1966-70), and the Sydney Morning Herald (1970-74, 1976-90).

He was banned from Indonesia for reporting on its military preparation for the 1975 invasion of East Timor and in 1984 for reporting on the death of anthropologist Arnold Ap in Irian Jaya.

Hastings was the executive officer for the Council on New Guinea Affairs which he and Sir John Kerr had helped to found. From 1974 to 1976 he was senior research fellow at the strategic and defence centre, Australian National University.

Australian Dictionary of Biography Online Edition: Hastings, Peter Dunstan (1920-1990) 


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The collection was acquired in 2017 from the wife of Peter Hastings.

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Journalism, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Irian Jaya, foreign affairs, defence.

Personal Names

Peter Dunstan Hastings (1920-1990)




Container List


Series 1: Papers relating to Papua New Guinea and the Council on New Guinea Affairs

Box 1

Folder 1
Council on New Guinea Affairs
: Dr J. T. Gunther:  Correspondence 1964

Folder 2
Council on New Guinea Affairs
: Dr J. T. Gunther:  Correspondence 1965

Folder 3
Council on New Guinea Affairs
: Dr J. T. Gunther:  Correspondence 1966

Folder 4
Council on New Guinea Affairs
: Peter Hastings Executive Secretary Correspondence 1965-1967

Folder 5
Council on New Guinea Affairs
:  From Correspondence file Professor Henry Mayer, CONGA, Council on NG Affairs Correspondence etc: Henry Mayer correspondence October 1963- May 1966

Folder 6
Council on New Guinea Affairs
:  Correspondence and other papers
Correspondence: 1963 – 1977:
Letters re PNG Judiciary (including Submission of the Judges of the Supreme Court to the Commission on Higher Education in Papua and New Guinea) 1963
N. L. Cowper 1963
C. E. Barnes Minister for External Territories 1966
R. G. Crocombe 1967
P. S Philips 1967
Prime Minister John Gorton 1968
Norman Cowper 1968
C. E. Barnes Minister for External Territories 1969
Sir Arthur Tange 1971
K. S. Inglis 1972
Andrew Peacock MP Minister for External Territories 1972
J. T. Gunther 1972
Pacific Publications Pty Ltd 1977

Minutes of board and other meetings of the Council
Analysis of income and expenditure for New Guinea and Australia, the Pacific and South-East Asia Journal 

Folder 7
Council on New Guinea Affairs
: Text of address to Queensland Branch of the Australian Institute of International Affairs, Some New Guinea Constitutional Problems; copy of several press clippings relating to Hastings including joining staff of the Herald.

Folder 8
Council on New Guinea Affairs: Miscellaneous  papers

Peter Hastings application to Australian National University for appointment as Senior Research Fellow, with proposal for project on conflict avoidance in the new state of Papua-New Guinea
Council on New Guinea Affairs Procedure for Winding up
budget for journal New Guinea and Australia , the Pacific and South-East Asia
Letter concerning assets of the Council (1979)
Attendance lists for 2 seminars on New Guinea
Letter (24 May 1966) to Peter Hastings on speakers for a proposed seminar
Letter (1 March 1966) from J G Crawford (Research School of Pacific Studies, ANU) to Allen, Allen and Hemsley on proposed seminar;
New Guinea Council : paper setting out proposal for establishment of a New Guinea Council in Australia, 10 May 1963 [2 copies];
Quarterly Journal to be produced for Council on New Guinea Affairs, record of discussion by Peter Hastings, RW Robson, Stuart Inder and Judy Tudor, 18 December 1964
Pamphlet: The Council on New Guinea Affairs: What is the Council ? What does it hope to do ? Who Belongs to it ? How is it to be financed ? How do you become a member ? [3 copies]
Draft letter 27 February 1967 to N. L. Cowper CBE on the activities of the Council, from C.E. Barnes, with four pages attached of handwritten notes.

Folder 9
Copies of Cabinet submissions: Legislative Council for the Territory of Papua and New Guinea 4 March 1957
Australian School of Pacific Administration Transfer to Canberra 4 March 1957
War Service and Land Settlement – Papua and New Guinea 17 October 1957

Folder 10
Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence
in camera hearing, 23 Sept 1976, submission by Mr Peter Hastings, Senior Research Fellow Australian National University, [contains submission on boundary of Papua New Guinea and record of questions put to Peter Hastings by the Joint Committee and his answers]

Folder 11
Inquiry into certain questions in relation to Articles sent from Papua to Australia and into other Matters, to Hon. F. W. Forde, Minister for the Army, by J. S. Hutcheon [1942 -1943] [redacted copy]

Folder 12
Press cuttings PNG 1
: articles by Peter Hastings on Papua New Guinea 1966-1971  

Box 2

Folder 13
Press cuttings PNG 2:
articles by Peter Hastings on Papua New Guinea 1966-1971  

Folder 14
Miscellaneous papers relating to PNG:

Correspondence and press clippings, 1980, relating to Mrs Naha U Rooney, Justice Minister of PNG: correspondence with Mr Kevin Egan, former Public Prosecutor of Papua New Guinea; copies of press articles by Peter Hastings on the ‘Rooney Affair’.

Feature article by Peter Hastings on Michael Somare, 1980.
Letter from Peter Hastings to Michael Somare 22 July 1985
New Guinea – East and West, by Peter Hastings, Reprinted from Australian Outlook Volume 14. Number 2.
Press article Irian Jaya: Can PNG deep Jakarta happy ? May, 1985.
Letter from Department of Foreign Affairs, PNG to Australian High Commissioner, 28 March 1989.
Press articles 1985: Papua New Guinea Celebrating 10 years of independent nationhood 13 Sept 1985; Peter Hastings column 1985
Paper: Population projections in Papua New Guinea: implications for health, education, training, employment and social welfare schemes [1985]
Press article on Bougainville 1989
Handwritten notes on PNG
Press statement by PNG Minister for Defence (Benais Sabumei),1990
Collection of articles on PNG from Quadrant 1990

Folder 15
PNG Defamation case
: papers relating to legal action brought against the Sydney Morning Herald by Justice Raine, Deputy Chief Justice, PNG,  [Raine v. John Fairfax and Sons Ltd] in relation to statements in an article by Peter Hastings [ about jailing and release of Minister for Justice Mrs Rooney, see Folder 14 for articles on the ‘Rooney Affair’] includes:

Letter from attorneys to Sydney Morning Herald, 1981
Ministerial Statement on the jailing of the former Minister for Justice and her subsequent release on licence
Statement from Prime Minister of New Guinea; transcript of broadcast by Prime Minister Michael Somare 18 September 1979
Transcript of “Newsman” Programme 27 September 1979
Chief Justice’s Statement 19 September 1979
Statement of Minister for Justice 12 September 1979
 Letters from Prime Minister Somare to  Justice Raine, Justice Prentice, Justice Wilson and Justice Saldanha 18 September 1979
Copy of PNG  Post-Courier Tuesday July 24 1979 [ with articles on relations between the government and judiciary.
Correspondence J H Wootten.

Folder 16

Barnes: Press articles on C. E. Barnes, Minister for Territories, Minister for External Territories (1963 -1972)

Folder 17

PNG Financial: Reports and press clippings relating to financial/economic matters in PNG including Australian aid to PNG and Bougainville Copper: other topics: law and order, administration in PNG, transfer of responsibility to PNG government.

Folder 18 
Miscellaneous material including press articles, news releases, correspondence, conference papers.

Folder 19 
Papers relating to PNG legal system

Folder 20 
Bougainville crisis: press clippings, papers.

Box 3

Folder 21 

Papua New Guinea – Indonesia relations: papers (by Peter Hastings, Jusuf Wanadi) includes references to border issues and OPM.

Folder 22 
Sepik Diary: annotated typed draft of account of Sepik region PNG, 1965, author not cited.

Folder 23 
Papua New Guinea: papers on PNG from 1960s:

Typed manuscript of paper for Summer School of Professional Journalism, February 1966, on press reporting on New Guinea, author not cited;
Typed manuscript ‘New Guinea’s Defence’, no date/author, extensively quoting from article by Justice Kerr.
Typed manuscript on future of New Guinea 1965
Typed manuscript ‘New Guinea Political Future’

Folder 24 

Papua New Guinea press clippings (including articles by Peter Hastings).

Folder 25  
Papua New Guinea reports: Intelligence Brief 12/85 Terrorism and Papua New Guinea; National –Provincial Government in Relations in Papua New Guinea  by R J May, Research School of Pacific Studies Australian National University; Road Belong Development : Cargo Cults, community groups and self-help movements in Papua New Guinea by Rolf Gerritsen et al, Research School of Pacific Studies Australian National University.

Folder 26

Papua New Guinea miscellaneous: Australia’s Aid to Papua New Guinea Issues and Prospects by Peter McCawley and Scott Phillips; Dinner address by Deputy Prime Minister  Mr Iambakey Okuk, 1 Aug 1981, Papua Hotel; Pacific Defence Reporter Year Book 1978, copied pages; Kiap by James Sinclair, proof copy.

Folder 27 
Patrol Report Aitape no. 12 of 44/45, patrol report by Capt. D. M. Fienberg, November 1944; Patrol Report, Dreikikir 14 May 1945 (activities of and surrender of Japanese forces).

Folder 28
The Rabaul Record 1 November 1917


Series 2 Regional affairs

Folder 1
Garsilio, Hatta, Helmi, Legowo, Puthucheary, Lim Chin Siong

[NOTE: Interview with Garsilio not found in file]
Lim Chin Siong,  Tuesday 19 September 1961
James Puthucheary at University of Malaya, Wednesday 20 September 1961
Dr Helmi, Head, American Section, Department of Foreign Affairs, 13 December 1965: Current Situation, Economic Aid; Confrontation
Dr Hatta: 15 December, 1965 (present Mr M.H. Clapham, Mr Peter Hastings.)
Dr. Subandrio 15 December 1965
Drs Legowo 15 December 1965
Copy of article by Peter Hastings: Giant Beat Death in the afternoon, October 1969
Cheshire Publishing Pty Ltd Australian Institute of International Affairs Royalty Statement for period ending 30 April 1974

Folder 2
Articles from the 1960s
: annotated typed drafts on various subjects: Indonesian politics, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Australian politics; various press cuttings and transcripts from Radio Peking news
Various newspaper cuttings from 1963-1967 (includes articles by Peter Hastings)
Extract from House of Representatives Hansard 30 Sept 1965, Export Payments Insurance Bill, address by Frank Crean: with annotation ‘Dear Peter, Kind regards Frank Crean 4/11/65’
Transcripts of Radio Peking news in English: 18 Oct 1965 20 Oct 1965; 21 Oct 1965; 23 Oct 1965; 26 Oct 1965

Typed drafts:

Untitled [subject: entry of Asian and African technicians to New Guinea] 4 Jan 1967
Untitled [subject: President Sukarno] 13 March 1967
Untitled [subject: opening of new Australian Embassy in Djakarta] [?1967?]
Untitled [subject: Malaysia] 20 Jan 1967
Sukarno 6 Jan 1967: includes News Bulletin published by The National Newsagency Institute “Antara”: 17 August 1945-1966: Never Leave History ! Address by the President of the Republic of Indonesia on the Twenty-first Anniversary of Independence, 17 August 1966 [in English]
Singapore – The Problem of Survival 3 Jan 1967
Untitled [subject: New Guinea] 29 Dec 1966
Untitled [subject: Sukarno, Suharto, GESTAPU] 28 Dec 1966
Untitled [subject: Indonesian Army (TNI)] 22 Dec 1966
Untitled [subject: Holt government, ALP, DLP, ANZUS, foreign policy] 25 Nov 1966
Vietnam [subject: Australian foreign policy]
Untitled [subject: seminar on The Wealth of Indonesia held by Australia-Indonesia Association]
Untitled [subject: role of students in Indonesian politics, KAMI (Indonesian Students Action Front)]
Untitled [subject: Select Committee on Constitutional Development appointed May 1965; form of government and status of Papua and New Guinea]
Untitled [subject: new Suharto regime in Indonesia, Australia’s response]
Untitled [subject: wages and Australian Arbitration Commission]
Untitled [subject: Northern Territory aborigine stockmen’s case]
Untitled [subject: Australia’s arbitration system]
Holt article [annotated draft and final version] 27 Jan 1966
Untitled [subject: Political situation in Indonesia; death of Aidit]

McMahon 8 Dec 1965
Untitled [subject: role of Indonesian Army in politics; PKI] 28 Oct 1965

Folder 3
New Caledonia 1:
Reference material on New Caledonia including press clippings, draft article with annotations.

Box 4

Folder 4
New Caledonia 2: 
Reference material on New Caledonia including press clippings, draft article with annotations.

Folder 5
Pacific Nations: Material on Pacific nations including press articles by Peter Hastings on Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Noumea, New Hebrides (British Solomons), Fiji; Telecommunications in the South Pacific

Folder 6
Torres Strait Boundary 1
: Newspaper clippings, reports, presentations on the Torres Strait Boundary:
Peter Hastings articles on Torres Strait, 1976, 1978
Report on Status of the Islands of Kawa, Mata Kawa and Kusa
Application from P D Hurst for position of Senior Private Secretary 20 Sept 1978
Defence Significance of Torres Strait Islands Proposed for Transfer to PNT [Report: no date/author] Maps of Torres Strait area
Foreign Fishermen in the Territorial Waters of the Northern Territory 1937, by W. R. Edeson, Federal Law Review Volume 7, 1976
Map of Papua New Guinea
Map of Great Barrier Reef with handwritten notes;
The Border Issue – A personal view by John R. Kaputin;
Papua New Guinea Politics and the Torres Strait Border Issue, David Hegarty, Department of Political Studies, UPNG,  Townsville CAE – AIIA Conference on the Torres Strait Border, 30 October 1976

Folder 7
Torres Strait Boundary 2
: The Torres Strait Boundary Report by The Sub Committee on Territorial Boundaries of the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence 1976

Folder 8
Torres Strait Boundary 3
: Copies of archival records relating to the Boundary 1898 -1924

Folder 9 – 10
Cocos (Keeling) Islands
: Material on Cocos Islands including articles by Peter Hastings, papers, excerpts from Hansard, copies of government records, United Nations reports.

Folder 11
Cocos (Keeling) Islands: Correspondence and other records relating to Cocos (Keeling Islands) (1951-1958): consists of original material not copies.
List of emigrants from Cocos Islands 13 December 1951;
List of names, payment slips
Correspondence to and from John Clunies-Ross;
Correspondence from Paul Hasluck (Minister for Territories).

Box 5

Folder 12
Christmas Island
: reference material on Christmas Island including legislation, excerpts from Hansard.

Folder 13
Thailand 1
Newspaper articles (including articles by Peter Hastings) and other material relating to Thailand
Correspondence: Bill Hayden, Australian Foreign Minister (1983); Air Chief Marshal Siddhi Savetsila, Foreign Minister of Thailand (1981-1982)

Folder 14
Thailand 2
: Newspaper articles

Folder 15
Indochina, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam: papers and press articles (including articles by Peter Hastings) 1966-1984; transcript of interview with Lee Kuan Yew

Folder 16
New Caledonia, Vanuatu: reference material and correspondence.

Folder 17 
Kampuchea: papers by Ben Kiernen, W. C. Barker

Folder 18 
Publications about development and development aid in the region



Series 3: Notebooks and published writings

Folder 1
Notebooks: Large notebook, Australian Military Forces Record Book, reprinted 1964: contains notes of appointments.
Contact names, numbers and addresses;
Small notebook: various notes, contact names, numbers, addresses;
Exercise book: notes on The Australian Press and Papua New Guinea – Points [20 pages]
Notes on Tun Razak, Tan Siew Sin, Ghazali.

Box 6

Folder 2
The Road to Lembang
manuscript: word processor printout with annotations

Folder 3
Stories: 1949

Folder 4
Press columns 1
: various subjects by Peter Hastings 1986-1989

Folder 5
Press columns 2
:  various subjects by Peter Hastings 1986-89

Folder 6
Press columns 3
: various subjects by Peter Hastings 1986-89

Folder 7
Press columns 4
: various subjects by Peter Hastings 1986-89

Folder 8
Freer M. M. (Cusack, G. (Gwendoline):
research materials and drafts of feature article on Mabel Freer (appeared in Good Weekend 1990)

Box 7

Folder 9
Press clippings
: articles by Peter Hastings on various topics including Archbishop Mannix, Raymond Longford, Bishop Tutu, Stanley Bruce.

Folder 10
Press cuttings July/ August 1990
, conflict with John Hewson, Hastings’ last column.

Folder 11
Press articles,
notes on various topics; several Bulletin articles by Peter Hastings 1962.

Folder 12  Oversized item
Scrapbook of press cuttings
of Peter Hastings’ articles 1966-1967 and folder with loose cuttings from the scrap book.

Folder 13-15
Collection of press articles
by various authors including many articles by Peter Hastings, 1960’s – 1970’s.

Box 8

Folder 16
Collection of press articles by various authors including many articles by Peter Hastings, 1960’s – 1970’s.

Folder 17-18
Collection of press articles by various authors including many articles by Peter Hastings, 1960’s – 1970’s.

Folder 19 
Press articles by Peter Hastings 1968-1971.

Folder 20  
Book reviews and other articles by Peter Hastings;

Folder 21 
Lists of press articles authored by Peter Hastings

Folder 22 
Press articles by Peter Hastings 1965-1970

Folder 23 
Reviews of Peter Hastings’ book New Guinea: Problems and Prospects.

Folder 24  
Copies of the Daily Telegraph 1946-1947 containing articles by Peter Hastings



Series 4 Correspondence

Folder 1
Packer Correspondence:

Correspondence relating to Frank Packer, 1946:
Letter from John Hetherington Editor in Chief, News Limited to Frank Packer June 1946 thanking him for sending Peter Hastings to Adelaide to discuss possibility of News Limited buying into Consolidated Press overseas services;
Memo from Peter Hastings to Frank Packer 15 August 1946 with request to discuss his salary.

Box 9

Folder 2
Packer Correspondence [ Frank Packer ] Correspondence 1957 to 1964 relating to Consolidated Press and the Bulletin. The correspondence relates to aspects of the Bulletin and Hastings’ employment.

Folder 3
Mr G. A. Jockel Canberra (Department of External Affairs): correspondence with Gordon Albert Jockel
Other correspondents: Bill Hayden M.P; Adam Malik, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Indonesia, Goya Henry.

Folder 4
Kerr Correspondence
: Correspondence and other material related to Sir John Kerr:
Correspondence with Sir John Kerr 1969-1987
Copies of press clippings;
United Nations Seminar on Human Rights in Developing Countries, Afghanistan,  12 May to 25 May 1964, Report to Department of External Affairs by J. R. Kerr Q. C.
Address by His Excellency the Right Honourable Sir John Kerr, at the 19th Australian Legal Convention at the Sydney Opera House, 4 July 1977
Correspondence relating to the Council on New Guinea

Folder 5
Correspondence, press
SMH [Sydney Morning Herald] Harriott: Farrell, Bowman;
Australian : Adrian Deamer, Rupert Murdoch 
Correspondence with D. N Bowman (Executive Editor John Fairfax & Sons Ltd), G. E. W. Harriott, R. P. Falkingham, Commodore K. W. Shands, Robert P. Martin, G. H. Wilkinson (Editorial Manager, John Fairfax & Sons Ltd), Frank Espie (Managing Director, Boigainville Copper P/L), S. Owen (The Harbour Press), T. H. Farrell (Editorial Manager, John Fairfax & Sons), Rupert Murdoch (Chairman, News of the World Organisation Ltd)

Folder 6
 D. N. Bowman,
John Alexander (Editor, Sydney Morning Herald)
Robin Osborne [on attitudes to the New Order Government in Indonesia],
M. V. [Max] Suich
Affadavit, 1965 [concerning issue of the Bulletin 7 Sept 1964 in which appeared incorrect reference to Mr Jackson M. L.A.]
V.J. Carroll
Air Marshal J. C. Newham [exchange of correspondence in 1987 about defence policy and regional threats to Australia]

Folder 7 – Folder 8
Correspondence 1980s:
Nancy Viviani, C. E. McDonald, John Dorrance [State Department, Washington], Tos Barnett, Hank Nelson, Dolly [Iowa], Robert O’Neill, Eric Beecher, ,J. A. C. Mackie, Ms Alofa Seruvatu, [Prime Minister , John Alexander, John Holloway; 
Letter to Bill [Standish?] Dec 1982 with comments on figures in Indonesia (Major Florant, Benny Moerdani, Ali Moertopo, Harry Tjan, Brian Kie (Jusuf Wanandi), Suhdharmono; correspondence on view of Indonesian government figures on Australian press representation in Indonesia;
Letter from Independent Commission considering evidence on developments in East Timor and the problems of refugees to report to the Australian Council for Overseas Aid, 6 October 1981;
Letter to Indonesian magazine Tempo [1986 ?];
Sir Paulias Matane; John R. Home; Garth Nettheim; Jean-Bernard Merimee, Ambassadeur de France, January 1982; Merian [German publication];
Letters from several individuals in response to Peter Hastings’ comments on Israel published in article in Sydney Morning Herald 29 February 1988 [Israel, Zionism];
Letter to Sir Paul Hasluck 8 June 1984; Cris Sidoti, 1982; Professor J D B Miller; Rawdon Dalrymple; Hugh Smith; R. J. O’Neill

Other material: Christmas cards, letters whose authors are not identifiable; Draft article on Bougainville Feb 1990, Bill Standish, with covering letter; Letter of June 1988 reporting on interview with Benny Murdani; Letter from Charles McCausland 5 July 1990.


Folder 9
Correspondence 1980’s (continued)

Folder 10
Correspondence: Sir John Crawford (1965-1966); A. P Fleming ; R. A Woolcott 1977,[to Peter Hastings with comments on recent press articles on Indonesia]; 1965 letter on Hastings’ article on Medan; Helen Fenbury, 1990; Letter,1988, enclosing paper on foreign policy under Evatt.

Folder 11
Marshall Green: Correspondence, press clippings


Box 10

Folder 12
Australia-Vietnam Society
: Correspondence with Australia-Vietnam society (Dr Allan Healy) in relation to an invitation to Peter Hastings to address the conference ‘Vietnam –Ten years on’, July 1985; includes drafts of conference address; press article by Peter Hastings July 1985 on the cancellation of the conference.

Folder 13
G. L. Hicks, Hong Kong
: Correspondence from G. L. Hicks 1985 in relation to future of Hong Kong: includes press articles by Peter Hastings, draft article on Hong Kong by G L Hicks submitted to Peter Hastings for publication, letter from Hicks.

Folder 14
Correspondence  (1987-1989) in relation to obtaining special access to official records for research for proposed book on Netherlands New Guinea/West Irian dispute in late 1950’s and early 1960’s: Minister For Foriegn Affairs and Trade, Bill Hayden; Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Gareth Evans; Minister for Defence , Kim Beazley.

Folder 15
Correspondence with Indonesian figures 1980’s
: Dr Mochtar Kusumaatmadja; Brig-Gen Soebyakto, Jusuf Wanandi; Soepardjo Roestam [Minister for Home Affairs, Indonesia]; Maj-Gen August Marpaung; Goenawan Mohamad; Mr Roesman, Ambassador to Australia; Sabam Siagian.

Folder 16 
Bill Hayden: correspondence and press articles by Peter Hastings about Hayden

Folder 17 
Correspondence 1980s

Folder 18 
Correspondence 1980s

Folder 19 
J T Gunther: correspondence with John T. Gunther 1968-1981

Folder 20 
Paul Hasluck: correspondence with Paul Hasluck, 1962-1969; correspondence between Paul Hasluck and Harry Jackman 1976; proposal for creation of a New Guinea Council May 1963 (also discussed in correspondence).

Folder 21

Arthur Tange and Hedley Bull: correspondence Arthur Tange 1990; correspondence from Hedley Bull 1984.

Folder 22 462875

Richard Woolcott 1976-1981 (includes letter of 19 December 1980 discussing Australian policy towards East Timor in 1975)

Folder 23 462876
Rabbie Namaliu 1983-1990

Folder 24 462877

Correspondence 1980s, including with John Fairfax Lt in relation to employment.

Folder 25 462855
Shann: Correspondence with K. C. O. Shann 1963-1964.


Series 5 The Dismissal of the Whitlam government (1975)

Folder 1 
‘Dismissal’ : Press articles on dismissal of Whitlam government

Folder 2
Articles by Peter Hastings on the dismissal of the Whitlam government


Series 6 Foreign Relations and Defence


Folder 1
Foreign relations and defence 1980’s, articles and publications: Australians Against Further Immigration Manifesto; Sinai Dossier 1981; Transcript of interview with Senator Gareth Evans, Minister for Foreign Affairs: alleged use of helicopter gunships in PNG, 13 August 1989; Minister for Defence Kim Beazley, Hermann Black Forum Lecture, 13 September 1989 [Australian defence policy]; Strategy and the Southwest Pacific An Australian Perspective, Owen Harries, Pacific Security Research Instititute, 1989

Folder 2
Seminar on Aspects of the Australian-Indonesian Relationship, Canberra October 1979

Box 12

Folder 3
Writings on foreign affairs by Peter Hastings
Paper on conferral by Wollongong University of honorary doctorates on John Gorton, Gough Whitlam and Michael Somare
Press clipping with Hastings articles 1968-1985;
The Timor Problem – II, Some Australian Attitudes 1903-1941, Australian Outlook Volume 29 No 2 August 1975
The Timor Problem III Some Australian Attitudes 1941-1950, Australian Outlook Volume 29 No. 3, December 1975
Australia and Regional Defence Co-operation in the 1980’s, Conference on Australian Defence Policy for the 1980s, The Australian National University Research School of Pacific Studies Strategic and Defence Studies Centre
Australian Regional Defence Co-operation in the 1980s (book chapter)
Australian Defence: who is it aimed at ? Sydney Morning Herald, 14 December 1985
Articles on defence and northern Australia, 1975
Annotated draft Retreat from Asia on history of Australia-Asia relationship
The Implications of an Australian Continental Defence Policy for her Relations with Neighbours, Peter Hastings, paper prepared for conference at the Australian National University 28-29 October 1976.

Folder 4
Parliamentary Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence, Sub-Committee on Defence Matters (sub-committee C): Reference: To Monitor the implementation of the Australian Government’s announced Defence programs. Transcript of evidence taken in Canberra, Wednesday 18 March 1981.

Folder 5-8
Reference material
: relating to defence issues 1980’s – 1990’s including maps, papers, journal articles, press clippings, addresses on defence issues by various people  including  Minister For Defence, Kim Beazley.

Box 13

Folder 9
: miscellaneous material on Israel including briefings, handwritten notes, telexes from Herald Foreign News Service, press clippings, excerpts from Hansard.

Folder 10
Geneva Conventions

Folder 11
Collection of press clippings on foreign relations and defence

Folder 12
Collection of press clippings on foreign relations and defence

Folder 13 
Papers by various authors on foreign affairs and defence

Series 7 Irian Jaya

Folder 1
Netherlands New Guinea
: Report on Netherlands New Guinea for the Year 1959, Presented by the Secretary General of the United Nations, with typed and hand written notes; The Dynamics of the Western New Guinea (Irian Barat) Problem, Robert C Bone Jr, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Tulane University, Modern Indonesia Project, Cornell University, New York, 1958; Copies of Australian Government Cabinet submissions on Netherlands New Guinea and Indonesia, 1958; list of archival records from National Archives of Australia on Netherlands New Guinea.

Box 14

Folder 2
West Irian (Irian Jaya) (West New Guinea
)/ Arnold Ap 
West Irian Press clippings (including articles by Peter Hastings 1968-1984)
Arnold Ap: Hastings press article, photographs, letter from Senator Alan Missen, letter to Peter Hastings from correspondent  in Jayapura, 6 July 1984, [signature not legible]  discussing circumstances of the death of Arnold Ap
Letter to editor on death of Arnold Ap from Helen Jarvis, Carolyn van Langenberg, Michael van Langenberg, Thea van Lennep, University of Sydney
Letter to editor on death of Arnold Ap from J. A. Mackie, Peter McCawely, James J. Fox, Anthony Reid, Antony Forge, Australian National University
Folder ‘West New Guinea’: Copies of government archives (cabinets submissions, cablegrams), articles from journals; Peter Hastings articles on Menzies and Irian Jaya

Folder 3
 Irian Jaya[West Irian, West New Guinea]: Documents,  press cuttings 1982-1984:
Third Indonesian Seminar July 1984
Account of visit to Irian Jaya, May 1983, with annotations [author not indicated]
Draft article
Folder Rencana Kunjungan Wartawan Australia Di IRJA, Mr Pieter Hesting  [ Itinerary for visit of Australian Journalist to Irian Jaya, August 1983];
Buletin Statistik Bulanan [monthly statistical bulletin] Pebruari 1983
Irian Jaya on the Move of Development, Governor Head Authority Province of Irian Jaya, 29 November 1983
Ministry of Foreign Affairs PNG Press release April 1984
Card to Peter Hastings from the Irian Jaya Development Information Service Centre Jayapura
Translations from Kompas March 1982
Notes and typed page in Indonesian, 1983

Folder 4
Irian Jaya [West Irian, West New Guinea]:
Peter Hastings article on PNG / Indonesia border,2  May 1983 1982; copy of National Times, March/April 1984, Australia’s New Defence Strategy; Article by Joan Hardjono on Transmigration; assorted press clippings.

Folder 5
Irian Jaya
: Various writings on Irian Jaya by named and unnamed authors:
Peter Hastings press articles;
National Integration in Indonesia: The case of Irian Jaya, Peter Hastings
Draft articles 
Notepad of written notes and pages of notes
The Papua New Guinea –Irian Jaya Border Problem, Peter Hastings, Outlook Vol 31 No.1 Unattributed reports: Indonesia : Irian Jaya, October 1982 
Indonesia: Transmigration 17 November 1982
Irian Jaya: Development Budget 1983-84
Transmigration to Irian Jaya [undated]
The Origins of the Border Problem Between Papua New Guinea and Indonesian Irian Jaya [no date/author]

Folder 6
Irian Jaya
The Indonesian-Papua New Guinea Connection, R. J. May November 1983
Thoughts, Questions and Puzzles after the Sydney University  Irian Jaya Seminar 21 August 1984
News Report on Indonesia- PNG relations, Sean Dorney,6 June 1983
Irian Jaya ACFOA Briefing, June 1984
Indonesian Foreign Policy Update 1983, William J. O’Malley
Letter to Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, from Nicolaus Jouwe, President of the    National Liberation Council of West Papua New Guinea, 8 February 1985
Letter from W.H. DeC Dutton M.P. Member for North Fly [letter concerns border crossers in PNG, first page missing, no date], with extract from record of PNG Parliament 8 August 1984 with Statement by Mr Warren Dutton (Member for North Fly) quoting from his letter on border crossers of 27 October to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade
Statement by PNG Prime Minister Mr Somare, 4 April 1984, on OPM operating in PNG territory
Far Eastern Economic Review January 1985
Extract from book by Sutan Sjahir, Out of Exile;
The Border Patience and limited options by Peter Hastings [undated]

Series 8 Indonesia

Folder 1
: Miscellaneous papers including annotated typed pages, copies of cables, press clippings, list of names and telephone numbers.
Topics: secret killings, Arnold Ap, Irian Jaya, East Timor, Fretilin, Bill Hayden, Australia-Indonesia relations.

Folder 2
Indonesia current:
Miscellaneous papers 1981-1983, mostly 1982:
The Indonesia- Papua New Guinea Connexion, by R. J. May November 1983
Some Interviews, Gen. A. H. Nasution
Translated Indonesian press reports from US Embassy Translation Unit, 1982
Typed report of questions and answers signed by General A. H. Nasution, Jakarta March 13, 1982 The PPP Facing the 1982 General Election, presented by H. A. Chalid Mawardi, February 1982 Indonesian Newsletter, Information Service, Embassy of Indonesia, Canberra, 1982
Handwritten notes about May 1982 election in Indonesia

Folder 3
: Press cuttings: Peter Hastings articles on Indonesia 1960’s.


Box 15

Folder 4
Indonesia: Press cuttings: Peter Hastings articles on Indonesia 1960’s.

Folder 5
Press cuttings: Peter Hastings articles on Indonesia 1960’s;
Indonesian Newsletter (Information Service Indonesia, Embassy of Indonesia, Canberra): issues from February 1967: 67/6, 67/7, 67/8, [topics: removal of President of Indonesia Sukarno, Institution of Presidency, foreign investment].

Folder 6
: Press cuttings Peter Hastings articles on Indonesia 1970’s

Folder 7
: Press cuttings and Peter Hastings articles on Indonesia, 1980 – 1990

Folder 8
Indonesia 1986
: Papers and press articles on Australia-Indonesia relations and reaction to David Jenkins article on Suharto family wealth. Includes:

David Jenkins press articles 1986
Peter Hastings press articles 1986
Collection of articles by Michael Byrnes on Indonesia from Financial Review 2-4 December 1986
Type written annotated draft article [by Peter Hastings ?] December 1986 reflecting on letter of protest written to Herald and Age in May 1986 by former Ambassador to Indonesia Sir Keith Shann, recent articles on Suharto family in the Asian Wall Street Journal and recent series of articles in the Financial Review by Michael Byrnes
Indonesian articles [translated into English]: articles from Indonesian Armed Forces Newspaper (Angkatan Bersenjata), 29 April 1986, 29 May 1986
Papers on Australian-Indonesian relations sent to Peter Hastings in 1986: Indonesian-Australian Relations: Issues and Management Addressed by His Excellency Ambassador August Marpaung The University of Sydney, 7 August 1986, 
Australia-Indonesia: Towards a Business-Like Approach to the Relationship [1986 ? author not stated] with covering letter, 13 August 1986
Notes on factors affecting current relationship by Jamie Mackie 15 October 1986
Australia-Indonesia Relations, H. C. McMichael, Department of Foreign Affairs.
Indonesian Studies: Bulletin of the Indonesian Cultural and Educational Institute volume 3, November 2, 1986 [contains editorial and articles on Australian-Indonesian relations]
Letter from David Jenkins to Benedict Anderson, Cornell University, 30 May 1986
Extract from Eric Beecher lecture

Folder 9
Indonesia 1986
: press articles by various authors, 1986

Box 16

Folder 10
: Issues of reporting on Indonesia - general :
Draft article by Peter Hastings on his meetings with Ali Moertopo, Indonesian Information Minister, Vice-President Adam Malik and others to discuss return of Australian correspondents to Indonesia, after departure of Peter Rodgers and Warwick Beutler
Address by Peter Hastings on reporting on Indonesia following his recent visit to Indonesia [undated possibly 1981]

Address by Peter Hastings 'Asia, the Pacific and the Wayward Press'
Letter from Peter Hastings to General Benny Moerdani, November 1982,about difficulties in reporting on Indonesia 

Peter Hastings memo Nov 26 to Max Suich (M. V. Suich Chief Editorial Executive) on possible reaction of Benny Moerdani to the letter from Hastings
Peter Hastings confidential report to M. V. Suich  Return to Jakarta of Resident Correspondents, 29 December 1982
Press articles on Indonesian treatment of Australian (Peter Rodgers, Warwick Beutler) and other foreign journalists 1980s
Collection of copies of historical press articles on Indonesia by various authors (including Hastings) 1959-1981, includes articles on Indonesian government, Indonesia- Australia relations and bans on Australian press
The Self-Righteous Attitude of Some of Austalia’s Press and Politicians, Dr Kirdi Dipojudo (Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Jakarta), undated
Extended article by David Jenkins  on history of Indonesia and international media, undated
Memo Hastings to C J Anderson 20 May 1988, on Australian press in Indonesia

Folder 11
Indonesia: draft articles and notes:

Indonesia-Australia relations and East Timor not dated ( Names and topics: Dr Mochtar Kusumaatmadja, Bill Hayden,  Ramos Horta, Hank Joku, OPM, Fretilin)
Page of notes “Marbyarto”
Hand written notes “Records of Conversation Benny Murdani”
[Circular letter in Indonesian with two pages of signatories] Lembaran Putih: Peristiwa September 84 Di Tanjungpriok !, Jakarta 17 December 1984
Draft article on Indomilk, PT Marison, Australian Dairy Corporation.

Folder 12 – 14
Indonesia papers
: academic papers on various aspects of Indonesia arranged by author: Bell, Feith, and Hatley, Richard Chauvel, Peter Gardiner, Graeme Hugo, Terence H. Hull, William Liddle, J. A. C. (Jamie) Mackie, Peter McCawley, Nancy Lee Peluso, Bruce Rich, Nonie Sharp, S. Supomo, Carlyle Thayer, Jusuf Wanandi, unattributed papers.

Topics: Irian Jaya, Ambonese society, population, urbanization, Soeharto [Suharto], middle class, Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation, Soedjatmoko, economic growth, economic relations, ASEAN, wayang, Orde Baru, Javanese society, regional issues, Indonesia and PNG.

Folder 15
Above All Groups, The Debate within the Indonesian Armed Forces (1975-1982) Over the Army’s Role in Society, David Jenkins

Folder 16
Chapter 7 Playing Both Sides Against the Middle, David Jenkins

Folder 17
Chapter 12 The Views of General Nasution, David Jenkins

Box 17

Folder 18  
Miscellaneous material on Indonesia, 1980-1981 including: articles, journals, information on Indonesian political parties, press clippings; Address of State by President Soeharto 15 August 1981; transcript of the Australian Insight broadcast 20 August 1981,

Folder 19  
Transcript of interview with Indonesian Foreign Minister Dr Mochtar Kusumaatmadja and copy of published article ‘Dr Mochtar’s cure for PNG troubles’

Folder 20
Papers on Indonesia economy and population.



Series 9 East Timor

Folder 1
Timor War File:
Copies of archival records relating to Timor, 1942-1945 (one document1928)

Folder 2 – Folder 7
East Timor 1974 – 1989
:  reports, press articles, journals, articles by Peter Hastings.

Box 18

Folder 8

East Timor 1974 – 1989:  reports, press articles, journals, articles by Peter Hastings.

Folder 9
East Timor
: Visit of Gough Whitlam to Indonesia, 1982;
Jose Ramos Horta: copies of correspondence and statements

Folder 10
East Timor: material on East Timor 1973-1982 including press clippings, including articles by Peter Hastings, record of conversation between Prime Minister Gough Whitlam and Adam Malik 8 November 1973; cables and press reports relating to visit of Gough Whitlam to East Timor in 1982; letter from Gough Whitlam to Senator Arthur Gietzelt on East Timor 22 April 1975; copy of letter from Indonesian Foreign Minister Adam Malik to Jose Ramos Horta supporting independence for East Timor, 17 June, 1974, letter from Peter Hastings to V J Carroll on return of a permanent correspondence to Jakarta 4 September 1981; The Timor Problem, Peter Hastings, Australian Outlook Vol  29 No.1 April 1975.

Folder 11
East Timor
: Whitlam visit: material on visit of Gough Whitlam to East Timor in 1982 including: submission from Peter Hastings to Senator Scott, Chairman Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence September 1982; letter from Jose Ramos Horta to The President ICRC, April 1982; Transcript of press conference Delapraz (ICRC/CISIS)  Jakarta 4 March 1982; letter from Jose Ramos Horta to Editor-in-Chief Sydney Morning Herald 21 June 1982; International Committee of the Red Cross reports on East Timor; transcript of interview between Monsignor da Costa Lopes and Gough Whitlam and Peter Hastings 1 March 1982; submission by Gough Whitlam to Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence, 15 April 1982.

Folder 12
East Timor
: copies of press articles on East Timor 1974-1978, mostly by Peter Hastings.

Folder 13
East Timor: material on East Timor 1976- 1983 including press cables; copy of letter by Martinha da Costa Lopes about meeting with Indonesian President Suharto on situation in East Timor, November 1981; letter from Gough Whitlam to Peter Hastings on number of deaths in East Timor 27 May 1983; letter by Peter Hastings in response to Canberra Times editorial on his visit to East Timor.

Folder 14
East Timor
: press cuttings 1981-1984

Folder 15
The Timor Problem I, II, III by Peter Hastings, Australian Outlook 1975; Timor and West Irian: The Reasons Why, Peter Hastings.

Box 19

Folder 16
East Timor: papers and articles: United Nations Fourth Committee Question of East Timor Address by Hon. Gough Whitlam Q.C. 9 November 1982; transcript of chance meeting between Fretilin and Morrison; Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence Reference East Timor, Official Hansard Report, 10 June 1982; Fretilin Conquers the Right to Dialogue, Frente Revolucionaria de Timor Leste, published in Lisbon, by the Fretilin External Delegation 1983; Timor Paraphrase 2; Indonesia’s Efforts in seeking a Peaceful Solution to the Problem of East Timor.


Folder 17 
East Timor integration:

Peter Hastings on East Timor: Press clipping Jan 1975; press articles 1984; press article 1985; Indonesian magazine Tempo interview with Peter Hastings 1987 ( with English translation), Timor Timur dari Sisi Hastings; Peter Hastings review of Timor the Stillborn Nation by Bill Nicol.

Part of official briefing on East Timor, annotated ’18 Oct 75, Enclosure to A Renouf from Dick Woolcott’


Series 10 Intelligence

Folder 1
Intelligence activities
: Press articles (including articles by Peter Hastings), papers, journals.
Topics: Australian Cryptographic Organisation, Special Wireless Unit, World War 2 intelligence activities, Defence Signals Division, ASIS, SIGINT.

Folder 2
Intelligence activities
: Press articles (including articles by Peter Hastings), papers, journals: subjects: Australian Cryptographic Organisation, Special Wireless Unit, World War 2 intelligence activities, Defence Signals Division, ASIS, SIGINT.

Folder 3
DSD book
: Material relating to intelligence activities and proposal for history of Australian signal intelligence during World War II including: correspondence with DSD, book outline, reference material.

Folder 4
Intelligence activities: Central Bureau intercept, Des Ball.

Series 11 Legal cases

Folder 1 – Folder 2
Commonwealth vs Fairfax 1980
: papers relating to legal case on publication of excerpts from Documents on Australian Defence and Foreign Policy 1968-1975 and A Suitable Piece of Real Estate by Desmond Ball. Commonwealth of Australia (plaintiff), John Fairfax & Sons Limited (First Defendant), David Syme & Co. Limited (Second Defendant), William Graham Bland (Third Defendant).  Includes: affidavit in the High Court of Australia, correspondence, copies of exhibits.

Subject: Copyright, East Timor, Portugese Timor, Ambassador Woolcott cables, ANZUS Treaty.

Box 20

Folder 3-4
John Fairfax & Sons & Anor ats Cojuangco: concerning article by Peter Hastings published in The Sydney Morning Herald 13 February 1985 and court orders to have sources of the article revealed.

Folder 5
John Fairfax & Sons & Anor ats Cojuangco: concerning article by Peter Hastings published in The Sydney Morning Herald 13 February 1985 and court orders to have sources of the article revealed.

Folder 6 
Reference material on legal matters: police verbals, admissibility of confessions, self-incrimination,

Folder 7
Commonwealth of Australia and John Fairfax and Sons Ltd, David Syme & Company Ltd and William Graham Bland, and Richard Walsh and George Munster: transcript of proceedings High Court of Australia 11 November 1980; The Commonwealth of Australia and Richard Walsh and George Munster: transcript of proceedings High Court of Australia 12 November 1980; Affadavit sworn by Peter Hastings as Associate Editor, in the High Court of Australia Commonwealth of Australia and John Fairfax and Sons Ltd and others, November 1980; draft articles on the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone; copies of press articles on Mr Justice Mason’s judgement 1980; press article by Peter Hastings on the US – Australia alliance 1980.

 Folder 8 [Closed] [Box 27]
Legal material on privilege against self-incrimination: court and evidence transcripts.


Series 12 Historical research/writing

Folder 1
Copied archival material: Copies of Australian government records (including cabinet papers) relating to Australian foreign policy.


Box 21

Folder 2
Copied archival material:
Copies of Australian government records (including cabinet papers) relating to Australian foreign policy.

Folder 3-5
World War 2 series
: feature articles by Peter Hastings following release of official records relating to World War 2.
Topics: Lt-Gen Gordon Bennett, capture of Singapore, General Thomas Blamey, war in New Guinea, the Brisbane Line, Norfolk Island, midget submarine attack on Sydney Harbour, scorched earth.

Folder 6
Menzies: UK-US; 1941
: copies of archival records relating to Sir Robert Menzies.

Folder 7
reference material on Suez crisis 1956.

Folder 8
: 1948 monarchy; Menzies US 1948; Eden Frankfurter.
Contains draft article, copies of archival material, letter to Editor-in-Chief from Peter Hastings 19 December 1986 discussing research conducted at the National Library and the Australian Archives, papers found, and proposals for articles.

Folder 9
World War II Japan
: copied archival material:  S. S. Behar Massacre, Operation Rimau Sigint Sources, Morotai and Ambon Trials with covering letter from David Sissons, 19 September 1989.

Box 22

Folder 10 
Archival cabinet documents on Australian defence strategy 1957-1969

Folder 11
Independence for Indonesia, Round Table Conference’s Achievements

Archival documents on Singapore 1946

Folder 12 
Major-General Gordon Bennet: archival material and draft articles by Peter Hastings

Folder 13 
Sydney Morning Herald 1972 with feature articles by Peter Hastings on Gordon Bennet.

Folder 14 
Looting at Port Moresby 1942

Folder 15 
Report by J V Barry 1944-1945 Commission of Inquiry into the circumstances relating to the suspension of the civil administration of the Territory of Papua in February 1942

Folder 16 
Akikaze Massacre; Cabinet submissions on execution of PNG inhabitants

Folder 17
World War 2 and PNG: published sources


Series 13: Papers on miscellaneous issues

Box 23

Folder 1
: material on nuclear weapons including press clippings, news service reports, and excerpts from published material.

Folder 2
Press issues:
Bulletin: Circulation: papers documenting aspects relating to publication of the Bulletin 1962-1964: statement of expenditures and revenues; estimated sales; annual budget estimates; net sales 1962; revenue 1964; annual budget report 1964; report on sales 1963-1964; production costs 1964; distribution and returns by newsstands.
Pamphlet The Australian Press and Foreign News, Second Summer School of Professional Journalism, Canberra February 1966
Asia, The Pacific and the Wayward Press, Peter Hastings, [undated]
Editorial Ethics, Speech by Chris Anderson, Managing Director and Group Editorial Director, John Fairfax Group Pty Ltd, 1990 ASNA National Conference
Press clippings on Quadrant, 1989.

Folder 3
Israel, Poland 1980’s
: reference material.

Folder 4-6
Constitutional matters
: reference material including constitutions of New Zealand, New Hebrides, Canada.

Folder 7
Foreign aid
: reference material

Folder 8
Population and immigration:
reference material


Box 24

Folder 9
: Certificates of vaccination (Peter Hastings); Memorandum of Lease; annotated copy of Francis Fukuyama, The End of History?; pen portrait of Peter Hastings; handwritten notes.

Folder 10 
Personal  papers: lease transfer, birth and death certificates,

Folder 11 
Typescript draft article on Jim Cairns 29 October 1965.

Folder 12 
Folder of press clippings and papers on various issues including Bougainville, Indonesia, Indonesia-Australia relations, migration

Folder 13 
J. T.  Gunther: press articles, obituary.

Folder 14 
Folder of material on various topics

Folder 15 
Folder of material on various topics

Folder 16 
Immigration: draft articles, news clippings, papers.

Folder 17  
ANZAC, myths; Suez, Menzies: press articles, pamphlets

Folder 18 
Miscellaneous material including journals and publications.



Series 14 Philippines

Box 25

Folder 1
Philippines 1: Material relating to Philippines 1981,1982:
Newspaper articles, reports, draft articles, hand written notes.
Correspondence: Rosaleen McGovern (Australian Development Assistance Bureau), Audrey Donnithorne (ANU), Richard Woolcott (Australian Ambassador, Philippines), Michael Whiteley (Australian Catholic Relief), Juan Ponce Enrile (Minister National Defence, Philippines), Angel T. Hobayan (Bishop of Catarman), Rev Monsignor Victorio Galit (Vicar General, Diocese of Carman), Chris Sidoti.

Folder 2
Philippines 2: 1982 Draft articles, newspaper articles, papers.
Subjects: Charges against Frs. Niall O’Brien and Brian Gore; Northern Samar development project; rural development; overseas aid; Catholic Church.

Philippines 3: (mostly 1982), Newspaper articles, articles by Peter Hastings, reports.
Subjects: Brian Gore; Catholic Church; rural development; Samar; overseas aid.

Folder 4
Philippines 4: Newspaper articles 1981-1985; Philippines elections 1984 (notes, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs brief); Letter from Maryknoll Missioners, Davao City, 16 January 1988.

Folder 5 
Articles by David Jenkins

Folder 6 
Miscellaneous materials 1980’s including press clippings, articles, reports, news briefings; transcript of Hastings interview with President Ferdinand Marcos 11 May 1981; Department of Foreign Affairs report on record of conversation with Benigno Aquino 3 January 1980; Agreement on the Method of Selecting the Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates of the Opposition in the Event of a Special Election 2 January 1985 ( copy, signed by Corazon C. Aquino and others).

Folder 7 
Samar: contains material  (1982-1987) relating to the Catholic Church in the Philippines, the Samar development project, and criticism of Peter Hastings’ reporting including:  correspondence with Maryknoll Missioners (Fr Walsh), Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace ( Chris Sidoti), Philippine Consulate General, Juan Ponce Enrile (Minister for Defence), Rev Victoria Galit (Vicar General Diocese of Cataram), Australian Catholic Relief;material related to Fr Brian Gore.

Box 26

Folder 8 
Philippines: miscellaneous material 1979 - 1987: articles, correspondence from Fr Walsh at Maryknoll Missioners, correspondence with Ponce Enrile (Minister for Defence); Report from Richard Woolcott, Australian Embassy Manila, to Minister for Foreign Affairs, Andrew Peacock, ‘The Marcos Administration – its Problems and Prospects’, 6 November 1979.

Folder 9 
Reports on the Philippines: ‘The Foreign Policy Implications of the Post-Marcos Philippines’ by Robyn Lim, conference paper 1983; Philippines ‘The Bilateral Relationship’; ‘The Situation in the Philippines’: report for the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, October 1984

Folder 10 
Press reports 1981 relating to abduction and shooting of Australian engineer Gordon Murdoch.

Folder 11 
Peter Hastings feature articles on the Philippines 1985; ‘The Philippines Crisis’ by Robert Manning, 1984; David Jenkins article 1983; ‘The Current Philippines Crisis’ by Francisco Nemenzo.

Folder 12 
Philippines: newspaper reports March 1987.

Folder 13 
Miscellaneous undated material


Box 27 [closed material]

Folder 1 
Legal material 


AV Box 1

Audio Cassettes

AC 1 Vinha/Camb Border

AC 2 Gough on Kerr

AC 3 Tudrn Tech

AC 4 Amaral Side

AC 5 Margaret

AC 6 ABC Radio 2 Doubletake 6-4-82 East Timor; Hastings/ Zan Grey

AC 7 Mochtar

AC 8 Hayden

AC 9 Bisho/vi

AC 10 For shaw

AC 11 Co Thach 1/Nguyen Co Thach 2

AC 12 Mario do Amanal side 1 /Mario side 1

AC 13 Nasution 1/ Nasution 2

AC 14 Peter Hastings 8 July

AC 15 Co Thach /Whitlam

AC 16 Nationwide

AC 17 Kalangil

AC 18 Somare

AC 19 Mochtar/ [illegible]

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AC 21 UN Hayden

AC 22 Boesak/ to all the girls I’ve loved

AC 23 Guise 1/Guise 2

AC 24 Max Kalangil

AC 25 Taim Bilong Masta The Australian Involvement with Papua New Guinea, produced by Tim Bowden, ABC: Nos 5,6,7,8.

AC 26 1986 Wingti , Moreti 29/4/86, New Ireland 31/7/86, 1/8/86 / Wingti /Hayden 17/8/86

AC 27 Adam Malik Side 1, Peter Hastings Peter Rogero Merdeka Selatan Aug 11 1979/ Adam Malik Side 2

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AC 43  Sticky Fingers, Grand Funk Railroad, This Sick Prather
Computer discs

Computer discs 1: Hastings files: several discs

Photographs AV

Album 1

Photographic prints: Visit to East Timor with Gough Whitlam in 1982

Album 2

Photographic prints: Philippines, East Timor,Irian Jaya

Album 3

Photographic prints: various photographs including photographs of Peter Hastings taken by unknown photographers including:

Album 4