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Manuscript Name Papers of Ross Fitzgerald
Manuscript Number MSS 105
Last Updated July 2021
Extent 76 boxes + 4 oversize + 2 AV boxes
Location Special Collections, UNSW Canberra
Abstract Manuscript drafts, correspondence, book reviews, newspaper clippings, and audiovisual material relating to Ross Fitzgerald's published works and research interests

Collection Subject Type


Scope and Content

Manuscript and typescript drafts of Ross Fitzgerald's published works including Busy in the fog : further adventures of Grafton Everest (1990), All about anthrax (1987), The greatest game, by Ross Fitzgerald and Ken Spillman (1988), and Bligh, Macarthur and the Rum Rebellion (1988). The collection contains notes, background material, correspondence, book reviews, newspaper clippings, photographs, cassettes and miscellaneous papers. Other contents include material relating to the Australian Labor Party (ALP), Queensland Branch, papers relating to Fitzgerald's academic career and politics in Queensland, and research for a biography Red Ted : the life of E.G. Theodore (1994)

Date Range of Content


Biographical Note

Wikipedia article:

Australian academic, historian, author, and political commentator Ross Fitzgerald was born in Melbourne in 1944 and was awarded his doctorate in political theory from the University of New South Wales. His academic career has included various positions at Griffith University including Professor in History and Politics. During his time as an Australian Research Council Senior Research Fellow (1992-1996) he wrote political biographies and co-produced ABC television documentaries.

As well as writing regular columns and book reviews for publications such as The Australian and The Age, Fitzgerald has appeared on ABC Radio, SkyNews and the Alan Jones Show. In 2014, he was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for significant service to education in the field of politics and history as an academic, and to community and public health organisations.

Fitzgerald has published books on a variety of topics including the history of Queensland, Labor Party politics, philosophy, alcohol, and Australian Rules Football. His works of fiction include political satires about his corpulent anti-hero Professor Dr Grafton Everest

Austlit : Ross Fitzgerald retrieved 27 July 2020


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Separated Material

This collection originally included numerous publications, listed at the foot of this finding aid


Subject Keywords



Ross Fitzgerald, 1944- — Archives

Authors, Australian — 20th century

Queensland — History — 20th century

Universities and colleges — Curricula – Queensland

Personal Names

Ross Fitzgerald, 1944-

Edward Granville Theodore, 1884-1950

Corporate Names

Australian Labor Party, Queensland Branch

Griffith University





Container List


Box 1

Folder 1

Miscellaneous papers and reviews. Topics include East Timor, little magazines, Queensland police

Folder 2

Miscellaneous papers and reviews. Topics include Aussie Rules, the Queensland School and a story ‘The date’

Folder 3

Newspaper clippings

Folder 4

Miscellaneous administrative papers including curriculum vitae, research grant application, Queensland and the Fitzgerald Commission

Folder 5

Correspondence 1988 including Ian Hicks, Carl Harrison-Ford, Craig Munro, Geoffrey Dutton, Russel Ward

Folder 6

Miscellaneous university papers. Topics include immigration, bureaucracy, and defamation charges

Folder 7

Personal papers, including correspondence and children’s pieces plus drafts of ‘Writing contemporary history in Australia’

Folder 8

Miscellaneous papers including photographs of the author, drafts of poems, X-rays of knees


Box 2

Folder 9

Correspondence 1961-1983 with Ross Cooper (and others)

Folder 10

Correspondence 1968-1985 mainly with Ross Cooper

Folder 11

Correspondence with parents

Folder 12

Correspondence 1988

Folder 13

Correspondence and Christmas Cards 1988, plus some press clippings

Draft novel Busy in the Fog

Folders 14-15

Draft novel Busy in the Fog


Box 3

Folder 16

Draft novel

Folder 17

Miscellaneous papers including 1988 pocket diary, cancelled passport, Warana pamphlet

20 tapes

Small box of colour slides


Box 4

Folder 18

Correspondence, clippings, jottings, mainly regarding Edna and Emily. Photographs with statue of Bligh, and fishing

Folder 19

Miscellaneous. Correspondence to Lyndal [Moor, wife]

Photographs of graduation

Papers regarding Howard Guille

Folder 20

Howard Guille’s draft thesis

Folder 21

Papers regarding creative writing course and other Griffith University matters 1984-1987

Folder 22

Printed material regarding Griffith University

Folder 23

Correspondence and other papers regarding Griffith University 1981-1987


Box 5

Folder 24

Correspondence regarding senior lectureship, 1989

Folder 25

Griffith University memos 1985-1987

Folder 26

Correspondence regarding Australian research grants 1986

Folder 27

Griffith University material 1984-1987

Folder 28

Correspondence regarding research grants

Folder 29

Notes regarding stories and articles, and promotion prospects 1984


Box 6

Folder 30

Papers regarding NSW history project and Mark Hearn 1985-1986

Folder 31

Papers regarding RMIT [Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology] application

Folder 32

Job applications

Folder 33

Grant and job applications

Folder 34

Curriculum vitae

Folder 35

Book reviews, press releases, scripts for radio, talks

Folder 36

Book reviews, press releases


Box 7

Folders 37-44

Card files, 1989 with reference to articles


Box 8

Folder 45

Book reviews and press releases

Folder 46

Photographs and reprints of articles, mainly by Ross Fitzgerald

Folder 47

Papers regarding ALP Reform Group 1978

Folder 48

Papers regarding questionnaire to ALP branches, and news clippings regarding Harry Havenschild

Folder 49

Files regarding Casey leadership challenge, poker machine funds and Old Guard – Toowong challenge

Folder 50

Papers regarding Australian Young Labor 1982


Box 9

Folder 51

Papers, including news clippings regarding radio 4KQ

Folder 52

Busy in the Fog typescript

Folder 53

Labor in Queensland - typescript

Folder 54

Busy in the Fog typescript

Folder 55

Review of The Greatest Game

Material regarding launch of Labor in Queensland

National Book Council review competition 1988

Launch of Bligh, Macarthur and the Rum Rebellion


Box 10

Folder 56

Reviews of Labour in Queensland

Folder 57

Newspaper clipping, circulars, correspondence on the Queensland ALP

Folder 58

Papers regarding Australian Pensioners’ League funds, radio 4KQ

Folder 59

Papers regarding 4KQ

Folder 60

Papers regarding ALP


Box 11

Folders 61-66

Material regarding Queensland, Australian Labor Party, Ed Casey; State Council 197-?, Queensland ALP inquiry


Box 12

Folders 67-73

Material regarding the State Convention of the ALP 1979, abortions in Queensland, Queensland Old and New Guard, the QCE, Federal intervention, cartoons for Pushed From the Wings, newspaper clippings regarding Queensland ALP Leader, Casey, Pushed From the Wings final page proofs


Box 13

Folder 74        

Busy in the Fog manuscript

Folder 75

Pushed From the Wings manuscript

Folder 76

All About Anthrax manuscript

Folders 77, 77A

Assorted magazines and stories

Folder 78       

Busy in the Fog


Box 14

Folder 78A

Busy in the Fog manuscript

Folder 79

The Greatest Game manuscript

Folders 80-81

Material regarding Denis Murphy and Queensland ALP

Folders 82-84

Manuscript of the early stages of Reform Group of the ALP (Queensland Branch), Federal intervention


Box 15

Folders 85-90

Manuscript bibliography, material regarding the Queensland ALP, Newspaper clippings


Box 16

Folders 91-98

Newspaper clippings regarding the Australian Labor Party, photographs of Ross Fitzgerald and others, greeting cards, bank and other records, diaries 1983 and 1984, film from Ross Cooper, photocopies of articles and speeches by Stuart Macintyre, J F Staples


Box 17

Folders 99-105

Copies of articles by Raymond Evans, Rodney Smith. Student essay, an article by Gavin McCormack, material regarding Justice Staples reviews by Patrick O’Farrell, Reba Gostand, Tony Sorensen, David Lea, articles by Kate Jennings, Christian Boy, Peter Jones, correspondence, curriculum vitae, article on the Fitzgerald Inquiry, articles on Socrates, censorship in Queensland and the psyche, lecture notes; drafts of articles on the ALP in Queensland, politics of Queensland history, conservation issues in Queensland, women in Queensland, censorship in Queensland and civil liberties in Queensland


Box 18

Folders 106-112

Galley proofs of A History of Queensland; material regarding the ASA, and the Queensland School, notes, messages, invitations, theatre programmes, copies of articles on David Holbrook, back to basics and human dignity, alcoholism, manuscript of ‘Human Needs and Politics’


Box 19

Folders 113-118

ALP material regarding the Reform Group; Federal intervention, Senator Georges, Griffith University material


Box 20

Folders 119-123

ALP material regarding Federal intervention, The Old Guard, The Reform Group


Box 21

Folders 124-129

ALP material regarding Federal intervention, The Reform Group, Gerry Jones, QCE - 1979


Box 22

Folders 130-137

Queensland ALP material (regarding reform), family photographs; ‘Social Alternatives’ material, Supreme Court case regarding the ALP, material regarding the State election 1980, Radio Station 4KQ


Box 23

Folders 138-144

Material regarding the Queensland ALP, correspondence, School of Humanities essays


Box 24

Folders 145-149

Black and white photographs of early Sydney, manuscript of ‘The Rum Rebellion’, details regarding a court settlement, photocopies, articles, photographs regarding The Greatest Game


Box 25

Folders 150-155

Manuscripts, including one on contemporary history in Australia, talks, correspondence, reviews, newspaper clippings, printed material


Box 26

Folders 156-162

Collection of magazines and other printed material, manuscripts including an article on science, technology and human values, manuscripts, including ‘The Rum Rebellion’, correspondence, manuscripts, photograph of Fitzgerald


Box 27

Folders 163-170

Correspondence (includes Rita Castle correspondence), manuscripts of ‘The Rum Rebellion’ and Fitzgerald’s father, reviews of All About Anthrax, copies of reviews, article regarding Brisbane, manuscripts and stores regarding Grafton, material regarding courses at Griffith University


Box 28

Folders 171-178

Material regarding Griffith University and the School of Humanities, curriculum vitae, correspondence, material regarding court case involving Joh Bjelke-Petersen, information regarding Carl Jung and the Queensland School, material regarding Alcoholics Anonymous


Box 29

Folders 179-185

Information regarding Alcoholics Anonymous, correspondence; article regarding Timor, reviews regarding Geoffrey Blainey’s Surrender Australia?, film script for the Australian Film Commission and related correspondence (includes correspondence to publishers, editors, friends)


Box 30

Folders 186–192

Incoming correspondence, including the Norton letters


Box 31

Folder 193-200

Course outline, articles, notes (including transparencies regarding the French Revolution, Montesquieu, Condorcet, Turgot, Rousseau, the child as an individual), newspaper clippings, correspondence (includes Evan Whitton, Margaret Jones, Anne Baukl, Gareth Evans, Ralph Summy, Craig Munro, Craig McGregor and Judy Mackinolty), press releases, addresses by Ross Fitzgerald, newspaper clippings, poetry, outline of course on Australia


Box 33

Folders 201–214

Miscellaneous photocopies including copies of article, reviews


Box 34

Folders 215-218

Manuscript of ‘The Rum Rebellion’, an outline of it; review of Ernie Chaples, Helen Nelson and Ken Turner (editors) ‘The Wran Model : Electoral Politics in NSW 1981-1984’, manuscripts of an address on Science Technology and Human Values, notes for this manuscript, the galley of Surrender Australia?, correspondence from Julie Macken plus clippings


Box 35

Folders 219-221

Notes and correspondence

Folder 222

School of Humanities foundation programme


Box 36

Folders 223-224

Notes and correspondence

Folder 225

Previous courses


Box 37

Folder 226

Research material - porn

Folders 227-228

Notes and correspondence

Folder 229

Galley - Pushed From the Wings


Box 38

Folder 230-232

Notes and correspondence


Box 39

Folders 233-239

Notes and correspondence


Box 40

Folders 240-246

Notes and correspondence


Box 41

Folder 247

Notes and correspondence

Folder 248

Manuscript - Busy in the Fog

Folders 249-251

Notes and correspondence

Folder 252

Manuscript - Busy in the Fog

Folder 253

Notes and correspondence


Box 42

Folder 254

Notes and correspondence

Folder 255

‘Theodore Bout’ manuscript

Folder 256

Notes and correspondence

Folder 257

Manuscript - Busy in the Fog

Folder 258-260

Notes and correspondence, reviews


Box 43

Folders 261-263

Reviews, notes and correspondence

Folder 264

Bachelor of Arts Degree, School of Humanities

Folders 265-266

Notes and correspondence


Box 44

Folders 267-270

Notes and correspondence

Folders 271-272

Manuscript - Busy in the Fog


Box 45

Folders 273-274

Notes and correspondence

Folder 275

Manuscript - Busy in the Fog

Folder 276

Notes and correspondence

Folder 277

Manuscript regarding ‘Australian Films’

Folder 278

Notes and correspondence


Box 46

Folder 279

Notes and correspondence

Folder 280

Manuscript - ‘The Trouble Love in the Afternoon’

Folders 281-286

Notes and correspondence


Box 47

Folder 287

Newspaper clippings

Folder 288

Miscellaneous papers from Small Press Items


Box 48

Folder 289

Copy of magazine ‘Different DRUM’ no. 1, September 1990

Miscellaneous manuscript material


Folder 290


Correspondence regarding Department of English, Griffith University, Monash

Folder 291

University course readings: defining Queensland

Folder 292

Miscellaneous correspondence - Griffith University events publicity

Folder 293

Griffith University departmental miscellanea

Copies of published works: The Bulletin 4 December 1990; The Bulletin 10 November 1990

Folder 294

Miscellaneous papers.

Published works: ‘Australian Book Review’ December/January 1990, no. 127; CRWU : the Magazine of Case Western Reserve University, November 1990, vol. 3, no. 1

Folder 295

Miscellaneous papers

Folder 296

Miscellaneous papers


Box 49

Folders 297-302

Newspaper clippings

Correspondence 1990-1991

Notes, fliers, programmes, reviews and articles, some by Ross Fitzgerald

Folder 303

Newspaper clippings

Correspondence 1990-1991

Notes, fliers, programmes, reviews and articles, some by Ross Fitzgerald

Ross Fitzgerald’s curriculum vitae


Box 50

Folder 304

Correspondence 1990

Notes, fliers, articles and tourist brochures

Folder 305

Newspaper clippings

Folder 306

Correspondence 1990

Notes, fliers, articles and reviews

Photographs of Ross Fitzgerald

Folder 307

Correspondence 1990

Notes, fliers, reviews and articles

Copy of ‘Discussion Paper on Reform of Defamation Laws’ by the Attorneys-General of Queensland, NSW and Victoria

Folder 308

Correspondence, reviews, notes, media releases, programme for Warana Festival

Folder 309

Correspondence 1990

Notes, fliers, articles and reviews regarding corruption in Queensland, Fitzgerald Inquiry

Folder 310

Correspondence 1990

Notes, fliers, reviews and articles


Box 51

Folder 311

Correspondence, notes, fliers, reviews, articles

Folder 312

Correspondence 1991

Notes, applications for film development assistance

Folder 313

Correspondence 1990

Notes and articles

Folder 314

Correspondence 1990

Notes, fliers, reviews and articles

Untitled manuscript material

Folder 315

Correspondence 1990

Notes, fliers, articles and reviews - The Australian Society of Authors, Warana Writers Week

Folder 316

Correspondence 1990

Notes and fliers

Ross Fitzgerald resume

Folder 317

Correspondence 1990

Notes, fliers, articles and reviews


Box 52

Folder 318

Newspaper clippings

Folder 319

Diary and appointment book

Folders 320-322

Assistant-Professor applications

Correspondence regarding job applications

Referees for Ross Fitzgerald

Folders 323-324

Notes and biographical material regarding George Essex Evans

Folder 325

Photographs of Ross Fitzgerald standing by George Essex Evans memorial in Toowoomba

Notes, articles, regarding ‘Class Conflict and Ideology’


Box 53

Folder 326

University course outlines: ‘Politics of Liberalism’, ‘Settlement and Society’, lecture notes, handouts

E G Theodore biography material, grant applications and correspondence regarding E G Theodore

Folder 327

University course outlines, lecture notes, handouts. Grant applications

Correspondence and biographical material regarding E G Theodore

Folder 328

Workshop programmes, notes, articles and photocopies of miscellaneous papers

Folder 329

Notes, programmes, articles by Ross Fitzgerald, Griffith University promotional material

Folder 330

Correspondence 1990

Notes, mining companies’ promotional material, stock exchange information, articles and miscellaneous papers

Folder 331

Correspondence 1991

Notes, social justice issues publications, miscellaneous articles

Folder 332

Types copy of ‘Looking for trouble’ with correspondence from ‘B’

Folder 333

Copy of ‘Judicial Review of Administrative Decisions and Actions: Report of the Parliamentary Committee for Electoral and Administrative Review, 24 June 1991’


Box 54

Folder 334

Copy of ‘Queensland Parliamentary Debates (Hansard) Legislative Assembly, First Session of the 46th Parliament’ from 28-31 May 1991

Folder 335

Correspondence 1991

Notes articles and reviews, some regarding Queensland Labor party, Peter Beattie and football

Folder 336

Queensland Legislative Assembly: Report of the Parliamentary Criminal Justice Committee, May 1991

Folder 337

Correspondence, 1990

Notes and research

Folder 338

Correspondence 1990

Notes and research material: Parliamentary Criminal Justice Committee, Aboriginal Deaths in Custody

Folder 339

Correspondence 1990

Miscellaneous notes, fliers, articles

Folder 340

Correspondence, 1990

Miscellaneous notes, fliers, articles, reviews, clippings and E G Theodore material


Box 55

Folder 341

Copy of paper: ‘H V Evatt, the Anti-Communist referendum and liberty in Australia’

Folder 342

Correspondence 1990

Miscellaneous notes, fliers and articles

Folder 343

Newspaper clippings

Folder 344

Correspondence, 1990. Copy of ‘Looking for trouble : a masquerade’ by Ross Fitzgerald, annotated draft

Folder 345

Annotated draft of ‘Looking for trouble : a masquerade’ by Ross Fitzgerald

Folder 346

Typewritten drafts of ‘How to be a successful schizophrenic’

Other short pieces of fiction by Ross Fitzgerald

Folder 347

Typewritten drafts of short pieces of fiction by Ross Fitzgerald

Folder 348

Correspondence 1991

Miscellaneous notes, Griffith University correspondence, fliers, notices of committee meetings


Box 56

Folder 349

Correspondence 1991

Miscellaneous articles, reviews, notes and fliers

Folder 350

Lecture notes, marked essays, articles

Folder 351

Marked essays

Folder 352

Marked university student essays, newspaper clippings and miscellaneous articles regarding Queensland politics and corruption

Folder 353

Correspondence 1991

Newspaper clippings, articles, ‘Interview with Gordon Chater’ by Ross Fitzgerald

Folder 354

Correspondence 1991

Griffith University correspondence, internal memos, articles and reviews

Folder 355

Correspondence 1991

Articles on history, memos, forms, fliers

Folder 356

Correspondence 1991

Memos, fliers, notes, articles, reviews


Box 57

Folder 357

Newspaper clippings

Folder 358

Correspondence 1990

Miscellaneous media releases, reviews, articles. Subject matter includes conviction of Tim Anderson; job applications; Griffith University memos

Folder 359

Correspondence 1990

Miscellaneous notes, fliers, articles

Folder 360

Correspondence 1990

Copy of ‘Report of the Select Committee of Privileges’

Folders 361-362

Correspondence, 1990

Notes and fliers

Folder 363

Correspondence, 1990

Notes, articles, ‘Writing contemporary history in Australia’ by Ross Fitzgerald, copy of ‘Report of the Select Committee of Privileges’


Box 58

Folder 364

Correspondence 1990

Folder 365

Correspondence 1990

Griffith University memos, articles by Ross Fitzgerald and by Matt Foley MLA

Folder 366

Correspondence 1990

Notes, fliers, ‘Parliamentary Committee for Electoral and Administrative Review - some background information’, ‘Criminal Justice Commission Queensland annual report 1989-1990’

Folder 367

Correspondence 1990

Notes, memos and fliers

Folder 368

Correspondence 1990

Folder 369

Correspondence 1990

University course outlines

Folder 370

Correspondence 1991


Box 59

Folder 371

Correspondence 1991

Notes and articles regarding Tim Anderson and Ross Fitzgerald

Folder 372

The Australian Society of Authors newsletter, no. 5, July-August 1991

The University of Queensland Department of History handbook 1991

‘Kangaroo’ no. 12

Queensland Writers Centre Newsletter no. 4, June 1991

Folder 373

‘Report of the Parliamentary Committee for Electoral and Administrative Review’, 25 June 1991

‘Public Assembly Law : a report of the Parliamentary Committee for Electoral and Administrative Review’, 21 June 1991

ANU Reporter, vol. 22, no. 8, 12 June 1991

Folder 374

Copy of Red Ted Theodore - the Life and Times of E G Theodore, draft documentary script by Brian Burkett and Pat Laughren in association with Ross Fitzgerald

Folder 375

Copy of Red Ted Theodore - the Life and Times of E G Theodore, draft documentary script by Brian Burkett and Pat Laughren in association with Ross Fitzgerald

Folder 376

Copy of ‘Summary : Mackie’s in town’. Notes and Fiji tourist brochure

Folder 377

Newspaper clippings, articles and reviews

Folder 378

Notes, fliers, book reviews by Ross Fitzgerald. Subjects include Oral History Association of Australia and Queensland Watchdog Committee


Box 60

Folder 379

Correspondence 1991

The Australian Society of Authors material, History of Labor in Queensland material

Folder 380

Correspondence 1991

Newspaper clippings. Ross Fitzgerald curriculum vitae

Folder 381

Correspondence 1991

Fliers, notes, subjects include stock exchange, mining, equity in education

Folder 382

Manuscript of ‘Looking for trouble : a masquerade’ by Ross Fitzgerald

Folder 383

Correspondence 1991

Fliers, brochures, articles and reviews

Folder 384

Copy of Griffith Gazette, vol. 6, no. 4, May 1991



Folder 385

Correspondence 1991

Articles and reviews, subjects include East Timor, political satire

Folder 386

Newspaper clippings

Folder 387

Two audio cassettes: Ross Fitzgerald with John Raedler - March 25 1991;

News commentary, 8 May 1991


Box 61

Folder 388

Manuscript ‘Sun Festival’ (poetry) by David Wood

Folder 389

Copy of ‘Australian identity - the Whitlam paradigm’ by Clarence John White BA, Th.L. thesis

Folder 390

Correspondence 1991


Folder 391

Correspondence 1991

Copy of ‘The Australian way’, July 1991

Folder 392

Correspondence 1991

Folder 393

Manuscript ‘Looking for trouble : a novel’ by Ross Fitzgerald

Folder 394

Manuscript ‘Looking for trouble : a novel’ by Ross Fitzgerald

Correspondence 1991 - from publishers



Box 62

Folder 395

Correspondence 1991

Fliers, notes and articles by Ross Fitzgerald regarding guarding Queensland electoral redistribution

Folder 396

Correspondence 1991



Folder 397

Manuscript ‘Looking for trouble’

Folder 398

Newspaper clippings

Folder 399

Correspondence 1990

Reviews of Busy in the Fog by Ross Fitzgerald. Other articles by and about Ross Fitzgerald


Folder 400

Correspondence, 1989-1990. Film treatments of Busy in the Fog by Ross Fitzgerald

Folder 401

Busy in the Fog promotional material. Copy of ‘Ross Fitzgerald : kindness in another’s trouble, courage in your own’ by Michael Sharkey

Copy of Airways, March/April 1991

Press releases, photographs, and fliers

Folder 402

Newspaper clippings. Interview with Gordon Chater by Ross Fitzgerald

Queensland University of Technology material


Miscellaneous papers

Folder 403

Reviews, articles, newspaper clippings and notes


Box 63

Folder 404

Correspondence 1991

Newspaper clippings regarding Ross Fitzgerald, Queensland politics and corruption

Copy of interview with Noel Newnham by Ross Fitzgerald

Folder 405

Correspondence 1991

Articles regarding Queensland politics, police, corruption, interview with Noel Newnham by Ross Fitzgerald

Folder 406

Notes and correspondence 1991

Folder 407

Correspondence 1991

Miscellaneous notes, articles and fliers

Folder 408

Application and associated material by Ross Fitzgerald for the position of Foundation Head of the School of Humanities at the Queensland University of Technology, April 1991

Correspondence and articles

Folder 409



Newspaper clippings

Folder 410

Newspaper clippings


Box 64

Folder 411

Newspaper clippings

Folder 412

Correspondence 1991

Ross Fitzgerald’s curriculum vitae

Folder 413

Griffith University School of Humanities Foundation Programme H1102 Semester 2, 1990

Correspondence 1991

FAUSA [Federation of Australian University Staff Association] bulletin, 28 March 1991, no. 5

Copy of ‘Queensland whistleblowing : sterilizing the lone crusader’ by William de Maria, Department of Social Work, University of Queensland

Folder 414

‘Newsbriefs’ January 1990, no. 1

Correspondence 1991

Fliers, promotional material

Folder 415

Manuscript ‘Looking for trouble : a masquerade’ by Ross Fitzgerald

Folder 416

Correspondence 1991

Applications for guest teaching costs


Box 65

Folder 417

Correspondence 1991

Notes, articles and reviews

Folder 418

‘Freedom of information for Queensland’ a report of the Parliamentary Committee for Electoral and Administrative Review, 18 April 1991

Folder 419

Correspondence 1991

Fliers, promotional material, notes

Folder 420

Manuscript ‘Looking for trouble : a masquerade’ by Ross Fitzgerald

Folder 421

Fliers and promotional material

Draft of ‘Interview with Gordon Chater’ by Ross Fitzgerald

Folders 422-423

Correspondence 1991

Folder 424

Newspaper clippings

Folder 425


Notes, Queensland Writers’ Centre newsletter


Box 66

Folder 426

Ross Fitzgerald’s curriculum vitae

Correspondence 1991

University course outlines - Political Liberalism

Folder 427


Folder 428

Fiji tourism promotional material

Correspondence 1991

Miscellaneous manuscript material

Griffith University Division of Humanities information

Folder 429

Correspondence 1991

Notes, fliers, articles and reviews - subjects include Fitzgerald Commission, political reform, Green Alliance

Folder 430

Correspondence 1991

Notes on E G Theodore


Folder 431

Copy of ‘Notice of motion by Mr Goss’ 13 March 1991

Correspondence 1991

Newspaper clippings

Folder 432

Manuscript ‘Looking for trouble - a masquerade’ by Ross Fitzgerald

Folder 433

Manuscript ‘Looking for trouble - a masquerade’ by Ross Fitzgerald


Box 67

Folder 434

Paper ‘In defence of political utopianism’ by G Duncan


Fliers, promotional material - subjects include political philosophy, Tim Anderson ‘Framed’

Folder 435

Correspondence 1990 - including the Australian Society of Authors


Folder 436

Correspondence 1991

Copy of the ‘Revolution in the humanities : a Eurocentric or an Asian oriented curriculum?’, lecture by Professor David A Myers

University course outlines and exercises

Folder 437

Correspondence 1991

Manuscript ‘Looking for trouble : a masquerade’ by Ross Fitzgerald

Folder 438

Correspondence 1989-1991

Miscellaneous manuscripts

Folder 439

‘Report of the Parliamentary Committee for Electoral and Administrative Review’, 26 February 1991

Folder 440

Newspaper clippings

Alcoholics Anonymous pamphlets and literature

Folder 441

Newspaper clippings


Box 68

Folder 442

Griffith University School of Humanities HP21b Regionalism, part-time BA degree course guide

Course readings

Folder 443

Police file on John William Huey in relation to the ‘Ready affair’ and the Fitzgerald Inquiry

Folder 444

University course guide and readings

Folder 445

Correspondence 1991

Fliers and promotional material, transcript of interview with Mike Ahern held on 10 July 1991

Draft of ‘An evening with the Major General’ by Ross Fitzgerald - for The Sunday Mail

Folder 446

Application for grant for E G Theodore project. Ross Fitzgerald’s curriculum vitae. Articles regarding the invasion of East Timor

Photographs of Ross Fitzgerald with Sitiveni Rabuka [military leader, Prime Minister of Fiji]

Folder 447

Griffith University Annual Report 1989

Notes, articles and reviews, and football material


Box 69

Folder 448

Correspondence 1991

Report of the Parliamentary Committee for Electoral and Administrative Review, 18 July 1991

Folder 449

Correspondence 1991

Programmes and fliers

Folder 450

Copy of ‘The Australian way’ July 1991

Fiji tourist information

University course outlines

Folder 451

Fiji tourist information

Folder 452

‘Ross’s address book’

Folder 453

Newspaper clippings - mainly Fiji coup

Folder 454

Manuscript ‘Looking for trouble’ part four


Box 70

Folder 455

Manuscript ‘Looking for trouble’ part four

Folder 456

Transcript ‘Interview with Gordon Chater’ by Ross Fitzgerald.

Fliers, invitations, football material

Folder 457

Correspondence 1991

Press releases, fliers, book reviews, article draft of ‘Electoral reform - Goss’

Dilemma’ by Ross Fitzgerald and Chris Griffith

Folder 458

Correspondence 1990-1991

Australian Research Council Fellowships advice and instructions

Miscellaneous manuscripts

Folder 459

Correspondence 1991

Notes, fliers, articles and reviews - subjects include politics, Labor in Queensland, E G Theodore

Folder 460

Correspondence 1991

Miscellaneous notes, articles and reviews regarding Queensland, politics, Labor

Folder 461

Correspondence 1991

Fliers. Ross Fitzgerald’s curriculum vitae


Box 71

Folder 462

Correspondence 1990

Publishers, fliers, and promotional material, manuscript of ‘Looking for trouble : a masquerade’ by Ross Fitzgerald

Australian Research Council material

Folder 463

Correspondence 1991

Biographical material regarding Robbie Swan

Folder 464

Copy of ‘Electoral and Administrative Review Commission issues paper no. 10 : protection of whistleblowers, December 1990’

Folder 465

Correspondence 1990

Fliers. Copy of ‘The novels of David Holbrook’ by Geoffrey Strickland

Copy of ‘Sash’, a short story by G P Shera

Folder 466

Notes, fliers, articles on philosophy, football

Christmas and birthday cards

Folder 467

Correspondence 1990

Notes, articles and reviews

Information from publishers

Folder 468


Fliers, promotional material, five copies of ‘Muse’

Folder 469

Newspaper clippings

Folder 470

2 audio cassettes:

‘Capsizes & writings : David Bentley : Piano & voice’



Box 72

Folder 471

Copy of ‘Designing the Bachelor of Arts course : a discussion paper’

Correspondence 1991

Warana Writers Week 1991

Fliers and programmes

Folder 472

University course outlines

Manuscript of ‘Ignorance’

Correspondence 1991

Folder 473

Correspondence 1991

Fliers and programmes including Warana Writers Week 1991

Parliamentary Criminal Justice Committee Address ‘The CIC and what it means for Queensland’s future’ by the Chairman and Member for Brisbane Central Mr Peter Beattie

Folder 474

Correspondence 1991

Fliers and programmes including Warana Writers’ Week 1991

Articles and reviews

Folder 475

Photocopied articles:

‘The market for marriage in colonial Queensland’

‘Naming Queensland women’s history : a bibliographic essay’

Extract of ‘The road to Fitzgerald the beyond’ by Phil Dickie

Copy of ‘Redefining region from a feminist perspective : women and the Queensland difference’ by Gail Reekie

Folder 476

Manuscript of Red Ted : The Life of E G Theodore

Folder 477

Correspondence 1990

University course assessment information, fliers and programmes

Folder 478

University course assessment information. Copy of ‘Framed’. Information regarding constitutional review

Photocopy of article ‘What “Sense of regionalism?”’ by Peter Ward, Westerly, 4, 1978


Box 73

Folder 479

Miscellaneous manuscripts

Folder 480

Miscellaneous manuscripts

Correspondence 1991

Folder 481

Griffith University internal memos and information

Fliers, programmes, notes


Folder 482

Correspondence 1991

Manuscript of ‘The gorilla who wouldn’t grow up’

Photocopy of ‘Report of a commission of inquiry pursuant to orders in Council’

Folder 483

Photocopy of article ‘Judicial culture and the investigation of corruption : a comparison of the Gibbs National Hotel Inquiry 1963-64’ and ‘The Fitzgerald Inquiry 1987-1989’, by Ross Fitzgerald. Copy of ‘Compulsory assessment item for Defining Queensland course’ by Shirley Graham 1985

Folder 484

Marked university assignments

Correspondence 1989-1991

Manuscript ‘Prologue : the voice of conformity’

Folder 485

Copy of ‘The work of the Criminal Justice Commission and corporate and organised Crime’. An address by Peter Beattie MLA

Correspondence 1991

Article and notes

Folder 486

Ross Fitzgerald reviews

Correspondence 1991

Fliers, programmes and notes


Box 74

Folder 487

Correspondence 1991

Articles, reviews, fliers and programmes

Folder 488

Correspondence 1989

Selection criteria and duty statements, assessment of university assignments, notes and internal memos

Folder 489

Marked university assignments

Correspondence 1989

Newspaper clippings

Folder 490

Correspondence, 1991

Press releases, internal memos, Queensland University of Technology literature

Folder 491

Correspondence 1991

Fliers, programmes, internal memos, articles

Folder 492

Untitled manuscript

Folder 493

Correspondence 1991

Articles, reviews and newspaper clippings

Folder 494

Newspaper clippings


Box 75

Folder 495

Manuscript of ‘On the whipping side’ (a story of the 1891 Queensland shearers’ strike), a play by Errol O’Neill, draft dated 20 May 1991

Folder 496

1992 application for senior research fellowship by Ross Fitzgerald for the ‘Visual/written history project : E G Theodore & F W Paterson

Griffith University School of Humanities course guides, course readings and other literature


Box 76

Griffith University School of Humanities course guides, course reading and other literature


Oversize material

Folio 1

Conference papers, posters, 1987-1990

Folio 2

Literary calendar and signed pennant

Folio 3

Readers Guide, uncorrected proof

Folio 4

Tasmanian Wilderness Calender 1990, by Peter Dobrovskis


Audiovisual material

Box 1


Audio cassette - Interview with Ross Fitzgerald


Audio cassette - Charlton/Muller


Audio cassette - Coleman Ross November 1988


Audio cassette - Ross Fitzgerald on Garret Essex Evans


Audio cassette - Ross Fitzgerald on ‘Latitudes’


Audio cassette - Hum


Audio cassette - Ross Fitzgerald talking


Audio cassette - Ross Fitzgerald talking


Audio cassette - Ross Fitzgerald talking


Audio cassette - Unidentified


Mini cassette - Unidentified


Audio cassette - Unidentified

AV13 - 15

Audio cassettes - Unidentified - banded together


Mini cassette - for Ross Fitzgerald

AV17 – 20

Mini cassettes - unidentified


Audio cassette - to Ross, from Jim J, March 1987(?)


Video cassette Videocrit : the bush myth’ [not in box]


Video cassette ‘The Country and The City’ [not in box]


Video cassette - ‘Every which way’ (X rated) [not in box]


Video cassette - ‘Pictures from the past’ [not in box]


‘Squeeze play’ (X rated) [not in box]


AV Box 2


Video cassette – Fitzgerald, Ross (Pressure point)


Video cassette – Fitzgerald, Ross (60mins)


Video cassette – Fitzgerald, Ross (Sunday Conference: Book Show; Newsworld: 5 Queensland)


Video cassette – Ross on TV; Book Show


Defining Qld; Women and Peace; Female Circumcision; Sunshine State


Lunchtime League 5 May 1989


Sunday Conference; Sport/Ant


The Last Dream, Progs 1,2,3


Ross on TV 1988-1989; 1 Election 1989 29 November; 2 1988-1989 Football; Greatest Game


Book Show; Jung; The Bill


VFL Winners 2 May 1989


Published material transferred to the Academy Library


  • Allen & Unwin, January-July 1990
  • Alumni Papers : the University of New South Wales, Spring 1990 - June/July/August 1991
  • The Anarchist Age, July 1989; No. 2, December 1990
  • Arena, 86 1989
  • Astrolabe Books, May 1990
  • The Australian Author, Vol. 21, No. 4, Summer 1989-90; Vol. 21, No. 2, Winter 1989; Vol. 21, No. 3, Spring 1989; Vol. 22, No. 1, Autumn 1990; Vol. 22, No. 2, Winter 1990; Vol. 22, No. 3, Spring 1990; Vol. 22, No. 4, Summer 1990; Vol. 23, No. 1, Autumn 1991; Vol. 23, No. 3, Spring 1991
  • Australian Book Review, December/January 1989-90; February/March 1990; April 1990, No. 119; May 1990, No. 120; June 1990; July 1990; February/March 1991, No. 128; April 1991, no. 129; May 1991, No. 130; June 1991, No. 131; July 1991, No. 132; August 1991, No. 133
  • Australian Feminist Book Fortnight, September 1989
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  • Criminology Australia, Vol. 1, No. 1, June/July 1989; Vol. 1, No. 3, January/February 1990
  • CRWU : the Magazine of Case Western Reserve University, Vol. 3, No. 2, February 1991; Vol. 3, No. 4, August 1991
  • Different Drum, No. 2, October 1990
  • Ecstasy : The Australian Journal of Erotic Arts, Vol. 1, No. 3; one copy volume not noted
  • Editions, 3, Oct 1989
  • The Eye, Aug 1987 (two copies); July 1988; September 1988; October 1988 (two copies); Feb/Mar 1989 (two copies); April/May 1989 (two copies); June/July 1989; October/November 1989 (two copies); June quarter 1990
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  • Fremantle Arts Review, July 1989 (two copies)
  • Good Weekend : The Sydney Morning Herald Magazine, 14 September 1991
  • Hecate : An Interdisciplinary Journal of Women’s Liberation, Vol. 12, Nos 1/2, 1986; Vol. 15, No. 2, 1989; Vol. 16, Nos 1/2, 1990; Vol. 11, No. 1, 1985; Vol. 13, No. 2, 1987/8; Vol. 15, No. 2, 1989; Vol. 17, No. 1, 1985
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  • Imago : Literary Magazine, Vol. 1, No. 1, March 1989; Vol. 1, No. 2, Sept 1989 (2 copies); Vol. 3, No. 1
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  • Warana, 1989
  • Westerly, Dec 1988, No. 4; June 1990, No. 2
  • Union Issues, No. 4, August 1989
  • University of Queensland Press, complete range to 1990
  • University of Queensland Press Paperbacks, illustrated catalogue



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  • Fire Stick Farming : Selected Poems 1971-1990, Mark O’Connor, Hale & Iremonger, Sydney, 1990
  • On the Whipping Side, Errol O’Neill, RQTC
  • Belle the Bushie, Pat Richardson, Gumleaf Press, 1990
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  • Kettle of Little Fish : 22 Short Stories, Sylvia Seiler, Killara Press, Proston Queensland, 1991
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  • Luck’s a Fortune, David McNicoll
  • Human Needs and Politics, ed. by Ross Fitzgerald
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  • Handbook 90 Supplement - Griffith University
  • University of Queensland, Department of History, Handbook 1990
  • The Strange Birth of Colonial Democracy, J B Hirst
  • Utah and Queensland Coal, Brian Galligan
  • The Press in Colonial Queensland, Denis Cryle
  • A Bag of Roosters, Michael Leunig


Queensland government and parliamentary reports and papers


  • Criminal Justice Commission Annual Report 1990/91
  • Police Powers in Queensland, an issues paper prepared jointly by the Office of the Minister for Police and Emergency Services and the Criminal Justice Commission, September 1991
  • Criminal Justice Commission : Regulating Morality? An Inquiry into Prostitution in Queensland, September 1991
  • Report of the Parliamentary Criminal Justice Committee, Report No. 9, 16 July 1991, two volumes
  • Electoral and Administrative Review Commission Issues Paper No. 12 : Public Registration of Political Donations, Public Funding of Election Campaigns and Related Issues, April 1991
  • Electoral and Administrative Review Commission Issues Paper No. 13 : Review of the Elections Act 1983-1991 and Related Matters, April 1991
  • Electoral and Administrative Review Commission : Public Registration of Political Donations, Public Fundings of Election Campaigns and Related Issues - Public Submissions, June 1991
  • Electoral and Administrative Review Commission : Review of the Elections Act 1983-1991 and Related Matters : Public Submissions, June 1991
  • Parliamentary Debates (Qld), Nos 1-8, 1990
  • Queensland Parliamentary Debates (Hansard), Nos 9-18, 1990. Nos 19-24, 1991; Nos 1-6, 1991


Unprocessed Boxes

This collection contains an additional 87 boxes that have not yet been catalogued or processed.