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Manuscript Name Papers of Thelma Forshaw
Manuscript Number MSS 305
Last Updated June 2021
Extent 4 boxes
Location Special Collections, UNSW Canberra
Abstract Manuscripts, notebooks, newspaper and magazine articles, and correspondence related to Thelma Forshaw

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Scope and Content

The papers of author Thelma Forshaw include correspondence between Forshaw and Hal Porter, Ruth Park, Bob Ellis and Douglas Stewart along with manuscripts, notebooks, and newspaper and magazine articles

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Biographical Note

Wikipedia article:

Australian short story writer, critic and journalist Thelma Forshaw (or Thelma Korting) was born in Sydney in 1923. After studying at Sydney Teachers’ College, she served with the Women’s Auxiliary Australian Air Force in the Second World War. In 1951, she began working as a freelancer and book reviewer, writing for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian, The Bulletin and other publications. Her short stories were published in numerous journals and anthologies, and in 1967 a collection of them were published as An Affair of Clowns

AustLit : Thelma Forshaw retrieved 26 May 2020


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Papers of Thelma Forshaw, Special Collections, UNSW Canberra, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra, MSS 305, Box [Number], Folder [Number]


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Thelma Forshaw, 1923-1995 — Archives

Journalists  Australia  Archives

Australian short stories  20th century

Personal Names

Thelma Forshaw, 1923-1995





Literary critics


Container List


Box 1

Folder 1

Correspondence from Hal Porter, Bob Ellis, Ruth Park, Douglas Stewart (1962-1984)

Folder 2

Opening episodes of The Hell of Being Holy, a comedy of failed saints, third draft

Folder 3

Draft of The Hell of Being Holy

Folder 4

Final draft, July 1979, of The Hell of Being Holy

Folder 5

Draft of The Hell of Being Holy, plus fifth draft of Hairy Goat, 27 October 1978

Folder 6

Manuscript of Hairy Goat (version begun 21 December 1978) together with fourth draft and other manuscript material

Folder 7

Manuscript of Songman, a radio play, various drafts, 1987, 1988

Folder 8

Working copy of Songman, 1988. Correspondence with Bill Beatty regarding Rogue Female, 1963-1964

Other correspondence regarding Rogue Female together with its synopsis and part of the manuscript

Folder 9

Manuscript - Rogue Female


Box 2

Folder 10

Manuscript - Rogue Female

Folder 11

Manuscript - Rogue Female

Drafts of ‘The First in the Field’, 1991-1992

Folder 12

Manuscript - The Mateship Syndrome, plus letter to Dr. Ballet (?), 1975

Manuscript - Hairy Goat plus notes

Folder 13

Manuscript - Love-Life of a Boozer

Folder 14

Notes and ideas for stories 1975-1981

Third draft of Memoir of a Foreign Body (completed 7 May 1990)

Folder 15

Third draft of Memoir of a Foreign Body, May 1990

Correspondence from Stephen Murray-Smith, Manning Clark and Eugene Kamenka (1945)

Folder 16

Diary – 13 February 1980 to 11 June 1981

Folder 17

Diary – 1978 to 1983


Box 3

Folder 18

Work-out of ‘The Book of Hells’

Folder 19

First draft of ‘Tales of a Foreign Body’, a memoir, begun 2 November 1988 (Memoir of a Foreign Body)

Folder 20

Second draft of ‘Commune Chiack’, 6 August 1974

Draft of The Marriage of Heathcliff

Drafts of reviews, 1976-1978, 1982

Folder 21

Notes and draft for a Mills and Boon romance

Folder 22

Manuscript of Memoir of a Foreign Body

Folder 23

Manuscript of Memoir of a Foreign Body and ‘Tales of a Foreign Body’

Folder 24

Manuscript of Memoir Of A Foreign Body

Essays written on French and American literature

Manuscripts of ‘I am not Tanderleys’(?) and ‘Laugh, Clown, Laugh’


Box 4


Folder 25

Manuscript of ‘Confession of a Human Microscope’

Folder 26

Manuscript of ‘Four Walls and a Passion’ - first and second drafts, 1991

Manuscript of ‘With Schizophrenia You’re Never Alone’, a radio play

Drafts of ‘Stormy Petrel’, ‘The Master and the Mistress’ and ‘The Seance’

Folder 27

Drafts of various stories and articles - 1980, 1988-1989

Correspondence to Robin Dalton, 1975 (copy)

Folder 28

Drafts of stories 1978, 1986-1988

Photocopies of articles for Women, The Argus, Nation, Currency, The New Idea 1947-1962

Folder 29

Correspondence of Thelma Forshaw to Mrs Helen Peters, 1973, 1976-1978

Folder 30

Correspondence of Thelma Forshaw to Mrs Helen Peters (?), 1949-1977

Folder 31

Drafts notes, clippings

Folder 32

‘In the Melting Pot’ by Jill Bellamy [pseudonym], 121 pages

Folder 33

Notebook, titled ‘Notes for August, 1992 / Notes for “The Incarnate”, Nov. 28, 1993

Folder 34

Deborah Cornwall, ‘Girls just want to have fun’, The Sydney Morning Herald, 27 February 1993

Jane Cadzow, ‘Straight Down the Aisle (well, not quite…)’, Good Weekend, 24 July 1993

Ruth Ostrow, ‘Going round the gender bend’, The Weekend Australian, undated

Robert Dessaix, ‘Feeling a little Queer’, ABC Radio 24 Hours, undated

Clifford Longley, ‘Are gays part of a master plan?’, The Weekly Telegraph, undated

Folder 35

Notes for Story ‘The Naming’, 21 April 1993

‘The Naming’, 23 May 1993, first draft

‘The Naming’, 26 May 1993, second draft

Notes, 1 page, 23 August 1992 [very fragile]