Bachelor of Business (Honours)

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Did you enjoy researching your assignments during your bachelor's degree? Do you want to learn more about a specific field of business studies?  The Bachelor of Business (Honours) degree at UNSW Canberra provides the opportunity to do both. You will deepen your critical thinking and communication skills and give yourself a key advantage over your peers as you begin your career. 

Honours students are already high-achieving and capable individuals. Continuing your studies with an Honours degree in Business will challenge you to develop a greater understanding of why business practices are the way they are. Instead of just knowing that a certain business process is better, you’ll be able to articulate why, as well as look for ways to make further improvements in the business world. 

Studying at UNSW Canberra

The Bachelor of Business (Honours) consists of one year of full-time study at UNSW Canberra. Over the year, you’ll plan and implement a research project on a topic of your choice. You will also complete coursework curated to help bolster your research skills and knowledge of your chosen area of specialisation. At the end of the year, you’ll present this hard work and research in your honours thesis.  

Learn with Outstanding Educators

In your Bachelor of Business (Honours), you’ll develop your research project with the assistance and support of one of our world-class academics. The School of Business is one of only 5% of business schools in the world to be a member of the Association to Advance Collegiate Business Schools (AACSB) International. You can be sure your supervisor is an expert in their field.  

Learn more about our outstanding educators and their research in the School of Business.  

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Start-up Your Career in Business

After one extra year of full-time study, you will have: 

  •  completed a significant independent research project 
  •  a far greater understanding of your discipline's approaches, perspectives, and traditions 
  • substantially improved your analytical, writing, and problem-solving skills.  

Your honours degree can serve as a pathway to completing a PhD and a career in academia if you choose. Otherwise, there are countless jobs in the public and private sectors that you could pursue.  

Graduates can pursue careers in: 

  • banking 
  • business analysis  
  • project management 
  • marketing 
  • human resources. 

Whichever path you choose, your ability to think critically and convey complex ideas will be highly respected and valued. 

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