Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours) - Non-Defence

A Degree for the Inventors

Do you enjoy the challenge of figuring out how things work? Are you known for your inventiveness and ingenuity when solving practical problems around the house? If this sounds like you, then why not study a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering? 

Mechanical engineers power the world around us. From the buses that transport us to school and work, or the wind turbines and power stations that light up our evenings, a mechanical engineer played a role in delivering the final product. Studying at UNSW Canberra will give you the tools needed to begin your exciting career in mechanical engineering. 

Study Mechanical Engineering at UNSW Canberra

UNSW Canberra’s Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering is a four-year degree that challenges you to design, create, and improve systems that turn energy into power and motion. Your core courses will teach you to develop solutions using robotics, new advanced materials, and more. You’ll learn about using the principles of motion, energy, and force to create safe, reliable, and sustainable machines. As you progress through your degree, you’ll be given further opportunities to choose electives like land-based or marine mechanical engineering, that allow you to develop more specialised skills to suit your study and career goals. 

This work will be capped off in your fourth-year Honours research project. You’ll design and conduct your very own research with the assistance of your academic supervisor to make an original contribution to the field of engineering research. 

You will also complete a 60-day mechanical engineering internship. You’ll gain invaluable hands-on experience to complement your engineering knowledge and show you how a practicing engineer solves problems in the real world. 

World-Class Teaching and Facilities

When you study with us, you’ll have access to purpose-built engineering workshops and facilities, and benefit from the best university teacher-to-student ratio in Australia. Working with experienced engineers and client representatives on industry-focused design and research projects, you’ll gain the hands-on experience required to meet the global challenges of the future. 

Our teachers are experienced practitioners and collaborate closely with industry to ensure our graduates possess the skills to meet the needs of the workplace. 

What Our Students Say

an engineer student in Machine workshop in Lathe Building

I believe that mechanical engineering at UNSW Canberra is a fantastic choice for a degree. It provides an intellectual challenge, while also giving you important practical skills alongside the necessary theoretical knowledge, building a balanced skills base before going on to a wide range of employment opportunities.

Paul Nilsson, Mechanical Engineering student 


Kickstart Your Career as a Mechanical Engineer 

Studying mechanical engineering will give you the key skills to become a successful engineer with the project management experience to back them up in the workplace. With accreditation from Engineers Australia, you’ll be ready to work in Australia and abroad from the moment you graduate. 


Mechanical engineers are in demand and highly valued for their skills across a range of industries. As a graduate, you could find yourself working in: 

  • the automotive and transport industries 
  • development for biomedical equipment  
  • power station design  
  • the aviation and aerospace industries designing aircraft 
  • building and construction maintenance 
  • robotics design.