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Explore the World of Science

Science is the foundation of most human knowledge. From the tiny subatomic particles that form the building blocks of existence through to managing the earth’s precious resources, science will deepen your knowledge of the way the world works.

Science is also fundamental to defence specialties such as technology, computers, aircraft, ships, explosives, code-making and code-breaking.   

The Australian Defence Force requires leaders with sound scientific knowledge and problem-solving skills. As Bachelor of Science graduate from UNSW Canberra at ADFA you will possess the intellectual and analytical skills required to be an effective leader and have broad choices about where to take your ADF career.  

Expand your understanding and discover the world of science with a Bachelor of Science from UNSW Canberra.

Study at UNSW Canberra at ADFA

A Bachelor of Science degree from UNSW Canberra offers you a diverse understanding of the physical and social world, from chemistry and sub-atomic physics, to large-scale behaviours of oceans and planets, to contemporary transformations in social and cultural life, to computational techniques and data analysis.  

Studying science will develop your scientific literacy and deepen your science expertise in your chosen field of study. You can choose to specialise in:

  • aviation
  • chemistry
  • computer science
  • geography
  • mathematics
  • oceanography
  • physics

The ADF is always looking for leaders with expertise in physical, environmental and mathematical sciences. Should you excel in your Bachelor of Science degree, you may have the opportunity to undertake an additional one-year Honours program – Bachelor of Science (Honours). This is subject to the needs of the individual Services.

World-Class Teaching & Facilities

When you study Science with UNSW Canberra, you’ll join a unique and diverse community. Learning from leading academics and industry experts, your qualifications and skills will be highly sought after in Australia and abroad. Benefit from the best university teacher-to-student ratio in Australia and access world-class research materials and laboratories. 

What Our Students Say

"I had a lot of flexibility in my degree choice at UNSW Canberra, as I was selected as a pilot for the RAAF. My degree is helping me to develop the way that I think and learn."

Max Pickering, Bachelor of Science student

Science & Your Defence Career

The UNSW Canberra Bachelor of Science degree develops skills in critical thinking, problem solving and communication. A science degree opens up a wide variety of ADF and non-defence career options.

As an Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) Trainee Officer studying science, you will build lifelong skills in creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving and communication. Your degree will equip you with a breadth of technical, strategic and logistical knowledge for a successful career as an Officer in the Navy, Army or Air Force.

Design Your Degree

Expand your potential by choosing specialisations that suit your passions and interests. As a student at UNSW Canberra at ADFA, you can select two discipline areas to major in. Detailed descriptions of these majors can be found in the UNSW Handbook.

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Mathematics – Physics

Chemistry - Physics

Chemistry – Geography

Chemistry - Mathematics

Mathematics – Oceanography

Physics – Oceanography

Geography – Oceanography

Mathematics – Aviation

Physics – Aviation

Chemistry – Aviation

Geography – Aviation

Mathematics – Computer Science


Current students can access Degree Plans for the above Double Major Combinations on the Student Hub.

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