Bachelor of Technology (Aeronautical Engineering)

Reach New Heights with Aeronautical Engineering

Are you interested in the operation and performance of aircrafts? Do you want to be the driving force behind successful, cutting-edge technologies in the design, manufacture and maintenance of aircrafts? Reach new heights and launch your Australian Defence Force (ADF) career by studying a Bachelor of Technology specialising in Aerospace Engineering at UNSW Canberra at ADFA.

Study with us and immerse yourself in the technology-forward aviation and aerospace industries. 

The Bachelor of Technology (Aeronautical Engineering) is organised into areas such as foundation science, engineering technology, materials and structures, dynamics and control, thermofluids, and design and management, as well as discipline specific areas such as aircraft design and maintenance and engine performance.  

Study Aeronautical Engineering at UNSW Canberra at ADFA

This degree provides a solid foundation in engineering technology, specially developed to meet the needs of the Australian Defence Force and accredited by Engineers Australia at the Engineering Technologist level.  

In your first year of study you’ll build a solid understanding of science and engineering, sharing common core courses with other technology and engineering students. In your second and third years, you’ll specialise in aeronautical engineering, where you’ll further explore the fundamentals of aeronautics, aircraft design and engine performance.  

With various electives to choose from, including materials and structures, aerodynamics and thermofluids, you can pursue interests both within and beyond aeronautical engineering.

In your last semester, a final project will build  problem-solving skills and apply your knowledge in technology, engineering, and aeronautics. 

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Technology (Aeronautical Engineering) if you wish to upgrade to a Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering, you may undertake a further 12 months study. Entry to the Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering at UNSW Canberra will be at the discretion of the Defence Services.

World-Class Teaching & Facilities

As an Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) Trainee Officer, you’ll have access to purpose-built workshops and facilities and benefit from the best university teacher-to-student ratio in Australia. Our teachers are experienced practitioners and collaborate closely with industry to ensure our graduates possess the skills to meet the needs of the workplace. Working alongside leading experts, you’ll gain the hands-on experience required to meet the global challenges of the future.

What Our Students Say

“I always enjoyed science, maths and engineering subjects at high school, so doing a Bachelor of Technology (Aeronautical Engineering) seemed perfect for me. My UNSW Canberra degree will open avenues into flight test engineering, which is an area that I am very interested in and would like to pursue in my career.”

Jace Stallard, Bachelor of Technology (Aeronautical Engineering) Student.

Take Flight in Your Defence Career

With a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, you could design, build, maintain or manufacture aeroplanes and helicopters, design and operate unmanned aerial vehicles or wind turbines, or conduct research in the aerospace or energy sector. Engineering graduates may work for aerospace companies, airlines, energy companies or civilian and military aerospace organisations.

The Bachelor of Technology (Aeronautical Engineering) is primarily undertaken by Air Force Trainee Officers who intend to become aircrew with specialised knowledge in aircraft design, manufacture, and maintenance. However, the program is also available to Navy and Army Trainee Officers, where you will find yourself employed in many technical branches of the ADF.  

As an Air Force Trainee Officer, you’ll graduate with an enhanced understanding of the operation and performance of aircrafts, leading you towards aircrew careers including:

  • Air Traffic Controller (mission controller) 
  • Ground Defence Officer   
  • Human Resource Manager  
  • Intelligence Officer 
  • Mission Aircrew  
  • Pilot  

For Pilots, the practical flying components are undertaken after graduating from ADFA.