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Manuscript Name Papers of Sally Farrell Odgers
Manuscript Number MSS 330
Last Updated May 2021
Extent 5 boxes + 1 oversize
Location Special Collections, UNSW Canberra
Abstract Correspondence literary drafts, financial records, illustrations, and galley proofs relating to Sally Farrell Odgers

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Scope and Content                                      

This collection relates to author Sally Farrell Odgers and includes correspondence from 1970 to 1995 together with manuscript drafts, illustrations, galley proofs, business papers, and financial records. The bulk of the collection comprises literary drafts of published and unpublished works, primarily children’s books

Date Range of Content


Biographical Note

Sally Farrell Odgers (Sally Patricia Farrell) was born in 1957 in Latrobe and began writing at a young age, with her first book of short stories published in 1977. Going on to become one of Australia’s most prolific writers for children, Odgers has also published poetry and novels for older readers. Her pseudonyms include Patrick Farrell, Tegan James (under which she wrote historical fiction ‘Anna’s Own’), Sally Darroll, and Virginia Baxter. In 2001, Odgers won an Aurealis Award for children’s fantasy fiction ‘Candle Iron’ and in 2018, she won the prestigious Alice Award

Austlit : Sally Odgers retrieved 9 October 2020


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Papers of Sally Farrell Odgers, Special Collections, UNSW Canberra, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra, MSS 330, Box [Number], Folder [Number].


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Sally Farrell Odgers, 1957- — Archives

Australian children’s books — 20th century

Personal Names

Sally Farrell Odgers, 1957-




Container List


Box 1

Folder 1

1970s correspondence

Hodder and Stoughton (Australia), 2 July 1974 – 30 September 1975, with some letters to and from Charles Batt, Labor MHA

Hodder and Stoughton (Australia), 4 March 1976 – 29 April 1977

Specific subdivisions of mid-1970s material:

4-26 June 1974

13 January-15 October 1975

23 July 1976 – 16 May 1977


Blond Pty Ltd, 27 December 1977 – 9 September 1980

Folder 2

1980s correspondence

Correspondence, 11 May 1981 – 4 November 1983

Correspondence, 16 January - 27 September 1984

Correspondence, 29 January - 13 December 1985

Folder 3

1980s correspondence

Correspondence, 8 January - 1 October 1986

Correspondence, 3 February - 27 December 1987

Folder 4

1980s correspondence

Correspondence, 10 January - 31 May 1988

Correspondence, 1 June - 15 November 1988

Folder 5

1980s-1990s correspondence

Correspondence, 13 January - 8 December 1989

Correspondence, 15 January - 11 December 1990

Correspondence, 16 January - 21 October 1991

Correspondence, 25 January - 11 December 1992

Folder 6

1990s correspondence

Correspondence, 15 January - 6 December 1993

Correspondence, 7 January - 25 May 1994

Correspondence, 1 June - 22 December 1994

Folder 7

1990s correspondence

Correspondence, 13 January - 1 May 1995

Undated correspondence and fragments of letters/notes, including Max Fatchen and Peter Combe


Box 2

Folder 8

Literary drafts

‘Anna’s Own’, chapters 1-9, undated, 335 pages; with ‘Anna’s Eden: Synopsis’, ‘Anna’s Eden: A Scene from Chapter 20’, ‘Part 1: Anna. 1850 – 1862’, ‘Part 2. Bridget 1867 – 1887’, ‘Part 3. Elizabeth – 1888 – 1915’, ‘Part 4. Georgina – 1915 – 1948’, ‘Part 5. Deborah 1966 – 68’; and rough notes

Folder 9

Literary drafts

‘Pirra Pirimba’, undated, 149 pages

‘Pirry-Merimba’, undated, 243 pages

Folder 10

Literary drafts

‘UFO’, undated, 147-page original manuscript for ‘Aurora’

‘Aurora’, undated, 134 pages

‘Aurora’, 5 March 1995, 105 pages


Box 3

Folder 11

Literary drafts

‘Aurora Corrections’, 1995 (?), 113 pages

‘Timedetector’, undated, Chapters 1-15, 67 pages

‘Taking a Chance’, undated, Chapters 1-8, 23 pages

‘The Nautograph’ [alternative title ‘The Hauntograph’], undated, 59 pages

Folder 12

Literary drafts

‘Musical Pairs – Book Two: All the Sea Between’, 1990, Katya Public Relations & Agents, Sydney, 154 pages

‘Timothy Whuffenpuffen Whippersnapper’, undated, seven pages

‘Deep Freeze’, undated, 14 pages

‘Kentish: The Cradle and Roland’, undated, 21 pages

‘Lorelei’, 1988, seven pages

‘Lorelei’, 1988 (?), 11 pages

‘The Astounding Sound’, undated, nine pages

Folder 13

Literary drafts

‘Amy Amaryllis’, chapters 1-27, undated, 221 pages

Folder 14

Literary drafts

‘One Weird Week; Manuscript’, Collins Angus & Robertson Publishers, undated, 115 pages

‘One Weird Week’, undated, 128 pages, with six extra unpaginated

‘New World’, undated, sample chapter and synopsis of proposed novel for children, nine pages

‘New World’, with alternative titles on cover page, undated, 47 pages


Box 4

Folder 15

Literary drafts

‘Tasmania – A Guide’, edited proof for Kangaroo Press, 1989, 404 pages

Folder 16

Literary drafts

‘Writing for Children in Australia’, four sample chapters and plus outline,

18 December 1987 (six drafts of this work)

‘The Second Year and on…’, undated

‘Ariel’, undated, ten pages

‘The Holiday with Alice’, four drafts, containing two documents dated 3 June and 11 November 1987

‘Just in Case…’, 16 June 1987, six pages

‘The Book Week Bonanza’, undated, six pages

‘How a Book Happens’, undated, unpaginated

‘The Pumpkin’s Revenge’, undated, unpaginated

Dog stories: ‘The Follow Dog’, 30 December 1987; ‘An Old Dog’s Tricks’, undated; ‘Dog’s Days’, undated

Chapters 1-11 (see cover page) of untitled children’s book, 48 pages

Folder 17

Literary drafts

Sally Farrell’s high school work: ‘High Water Mark’, ‘Tiger in the Smoke’ [fragile], ‘A Plover Called Arnold’

Chapter 1: ‘Spreading the News’, undated, five pages; chapter 4: ‘The Preparations’, ten pages; chapter 6: ‘Camp Life’, four pages

Title unknown, undated: ‘Part One’, pp. 2-12, 30-49

Notes on writing books, seeking publishers, developing ideas and plots, undated

Fragmentary materials from various unknown or untitled drafts

Folder 18

Literary drafts

Poems: ‘P-p-p-Petrified Paul’; ‘Moonstruck!’; ‘Highrise’; ‘Emma Jane’s Zoo’; ‘Animal Chorus’; ‘An Examination of Gruesome Gilbert…’, all undated, unpaginated; with other short drafts, including untitled versions

Folder 19

Literary drafts – galley proofs

‘The Astounding Sound’, new copy, 25 May 1994

‘Country Girl’, Macmillan Education Australia Pty Ltd, 1994, 31 pages

Untitled [‘Peri’?], 3 September 1995, Chapters 1-23, 206 pages

Folder 19

Literary drafts – galley proofs

‘The Astounding Sound’, new copy, 25 May 1994

‘Country Girl’, Macmillan Education Australia Pty Ltd, 1994, 31 pages

Untitled [‘Peri’?], 3 September 1995


Box 5

Folder 20

Literary drafts – illustrated materials

‘Angie the Brave’, 1987

Collins Angus & Robertson Publishers, ‘Advance Information – Children’s Books’: ‘Just Like Emily’, 1992

‘Summer Magic’, 1992

Untitled sets of drawings for various children’s books

Folder 21

Business papers and financial records

Memoranda of Agreement with various publishers, 26 July 1983 – 17 May 1993

Licence agreements / non-exclusive licence forms, 25 May 1979 – 12 April 1990

Royalty statements, receipts, June 1984 – 31 March 1994

Folder 22


‘Along the Storytrack’, October 1989

‘Edel Wignell’, undated, two pages

Reader’s Report concerning ‘Writing for Children’, undated, two pages

Short biography of and list of publications by Colin Thiele

‘Selection Criteria – Children’s Books’, undated, two pages

‘Digging for Yardsticks’, by Sally Odgers, undated, four pages

Survey materials from publishers on children’s books

Materials for ‘In Mara’s Case’, 1989, characters, notes, synopsis

Small series of maps

Brochure: Port Arthur, Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority (undated)

Article: June Stones, ‘Not just holidays for kids’, The Weekender, 31 January 1987


Oversize material

Folder 23


Assorted titled and untitled colour and black & white designs, pictures, depictions, for various children’s book covers and inside illustrations, including:

‘The Dragon’s Coming After You’

‘The Astounding Sound’ (book cover)

‘Thomas’s Place’

‘Dog Went for a Walk’

‘Polly’s Party’, colour proof

‘Polly’s Party’, proofed on 128GSM art paper

‘Up the Stairs’

‘The Ghost Collector’

Two sheets of contact film, untitled

Folder marked ‘Photocopies’ containing drawings, illustrations, maps