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Manuscript Name Records of War & Society journal
Manuscript Number MSS 262
Last Updated July 2021
Extent 10 boxes
Location Special Collections, UNSW Canberra
Abstract Correspondence, records, and edited drafts of War & Society, a periodical originally published by the Australian Defence Force Academy, Department of History

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Scope and Content

These records relate to the early publication history (1982-1988) of the journal War & Society and contain correspondence with writers and potential contributors, along with drafts and some business files

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Organisational History

Wikipedia article:

Quarterly journal War & Society is an international, peer reviewed publication originally published by the Department of History, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra (later produced by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, UNSW Canberra). In print since 1984, its articles range in time from Ancient Greece to the 21st century. Highlighting the diverse aspects of national and transnational operational and social military history, War & Society focuses on the broader relationships between warfare and society

UNSW Canberra : War & Society journal retrieved 30 October 2020


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War & society — Archives

Military history – Periodicals

War and society – History - Periodicals

Scholarly publishing – Australia – History – Sources

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Australian Defence Force Academy. Department of History


Container List


Box 1

Folder 1

Correspondence, September 1984

Folder 2

Dulffer : Navy Warfare and Germany’s future as world power 1904-1906, September 1985

Evans : ‘Some Furious Outbursts of Riot - Returned soldiers and Queensland’s “Red Flag” Disturbances, 1918-1919’

War & Society : correspondence to and from contributors, issue no. 2, September 1983

Folder 3

Inglis : War Memorial, includes photographs

Folder 4


Correspondence - letters from contributors

Folder 5

Correspondence to contributors, 1982

Folder 6

Correspondence to contributors, 1982 (continued from folder 5)

Correspondence to contributors, 1983-1984

Folder 7

Correspondence - Albert Grundlingh, University of South Africa, 1984

Correspondence - Andre Corvisier, Comite International des Sciences Historiques

Correspondence out, 1985

Les Romaines, La Guerre et Les Militaires De 1914 Aux Annees 1920 - article in 1985 issue

Correspondence in:

Evans (Qld) - ‘Red Flag Riots in Qld 1919; Durandin (Paris) - War and society in Roumania 1878-1918; Udo Heyn (California State University, Los Angeles)

Folder 8

Greenapple Graphics, 1984-1985

Hank Nelson - ‘Prisoners Face Freedom’

War & Society - Editorial Board Meetings

Folder 9

Journal - page 2, inside cover

Martin Alexander, May 1986

Subscription renewal notes, May 1984

Requests regarding complimentary copies and enquiries


Box 2

Folder 10

Correspondence out regarding complimentary copies and enquiries

Correspondence, May 1985

Folder 11

Journal - 1993 correspondence

Folder 12

General correspondence - out - file 2

Folder 13

General correspondence - in - file 2 (continued)

Folder 14

G. Schmidt, May, 1986 : ‘Great Britain and Germany in the Age of Imperialism’

Edgar Anderson : ‘The Armed Forces of the Baltic States, 1918-1940’

Folder 15

Lee Kennett : ‘Military Inventions and Popular Involvement, 1914-1918’

Udo Heyn

Correspondence : includes to and from potential contributors not yet placed in a particular issue

Folder 16

Potential contributors

War & Society business file including NSW University Press; Green Apple Graphics

Folder 17

War & Society business file (continued)


Folder 18

De Moor : “Netherlands  Colonial Recruitment’

Paul Harris : ‘Two War Ministers - a Reassessment of Duff Cooper and Hore-Belisha

Sandys Storm - ‘the Politics of British Air Defence in 1938’


Box 3

Folder 19

Paul Harris : ‘Two War Ministers - a Reassessment of Duff Cooper and Hore-Belisha’ (continued from folder 18)

David Chandler

Folder 20

Kathleen Doig, May 1988 : ‘War in the Reform Program of the Encyclopedie’

Folder 21

Dr Norman MacQueen : ‘National Politics and the Peacekeeping Role - Ireland and the United Nations Operation in the Congo’

Robin Higham : ‘The Ploesti Ploy’

Folder 22

Brian Beddie : ‘The Australian Navy and Imperial Legislation’

Folder 23

Brian Beddie : ‘The Australian Navy and Imperial Legislation’ (continued from folder 22)

Dr Leroy Miller : ‘Schmidt, Carter, Reagan and Double Dependency’

Folder 24

Business manager

Folder 25

Business manager (continued from folder 24)

Folder 26

Correspondence, 1986


Box 4

Folder 27

Correspondence, 1986

Folder 28

Correspondence, 1986

Folder 29

Aaron L. Friedberg : ‘Britain Faces the Burdens of Empire - the Financial Crisis of 1901-1905’

Folder 30

Aaron L. Friedberg : ‘Britain Faces the Burdens of Empire - the Financial Crisis of 1901-1905’ (continued)

Folder 31, 32

A.T. Ross and R.G. Haycock : ‘the Australian Owen Gun Scandal, 1940-1945’

Folder 33, 34

War & Society correspondence, 1985


Box 5

Folder 35

Douglas Haig : ‘The Role of GHQ  and the Western Front, 1916’

C. Durandin : ‘Rumania, the War and the Army, 1914-1930’

Folder 36

C. Durandin : ‘Rumania, the War and the Army, 1914-1930’ (continued)

Folder 37

War & Society publicity file

Folder 38

Christopher McKee : ‘Pathology of a Profession’

Folder 39

Correspondence regarding number of articles - R.A. Preston and more

Notes on contributors, vol. 2 no. 1

Correspondence, May 1984

Folder 40

Correspondence, May 1984

Folder 41

Norman MacQueen : ‘National Politics and the Peacekeeping Role - Ireland and the United Nations in the Congo’

War & Society, September, 1987 issue : ‘The English Army in Flanders, 1689-1697’ - an examination of the position and influence of the Secretary-at-War during the campaigns of William III in Flanders by D.G. Chandler

Folder 42

War & Society, September, 1987 issue : ‘The Australian Navy and Imperial Legislation’ by B.D. Beddie


Box 6

Folder 43

Quinault : ‘Church and Australia’

Jurg Stussi-Lauterburg : ‘Women in Swiss Military History (1291-1798)’ - War & Society articles for consideration

Folder 44

War & Society, vol. 5 no. 2

Folder 45

War & Society, vol. 5 no. 2 (continued)

Notes on contributors

War & Society potential contributors :

Anderson; de Moor; McCalman; Overy; Dr K.R. Bohme; Douglas; Huppauf; Lynn; Martel; O’Brien; Strieter; Stussi-Lauterbeerg; Turnbull; Tyrell; Gee; Michalka; Schossler

Folder 46

Ann-Mari Jordens : ‘Peace Makers at War’

Folder 47


M.S. Riviere : ‘Voltaire and the Fronde’

Journal correspondence

Folder 48

Malcolm H. Murfett : ‘British Naval Policy on the Yangtse in 1949 - a Case of Diplomacy on the Rocks’

H.F.A. Strachan : ‘Enchained by Military Bureaucracy - Fitzroy Somerset (Lord Raglan) at the Horse Guards, 1827-1852)’

Claire Hirshfield : ‘the Legacy of Dissent - Boer War Opposition and its Impact on British-South African Policy, 1899-1909’

Folder 49

William de Maria : ‘Welfare in the Black Alley - the Transcendence of National Security over Social Security’ and ‘Combat and Concern - the Warfare-Welfare Nexus’


Box 7

Folder 50

Keith Grieves : ‘Improvising the British War Effort - Eric Geddes and Lloyd George, 1915-1918’

Andrew Lambert : ‘Preparing for the Russian War - British Strategic Planning, March, 1853 - March, 1854’

Folder 51

George Raudzens : ‘Blitzkrieg Ambiguities - a review article about doubtful usage of a famous word

Paul D. Lockhardt : ‘Danish Interwar Politics and the Defence Law, 1937’

Folder 52

G.R. Perras : ‘Eyes on the Northern Route to Japan - Plans for Canadian Participation in an Invasion of the Kurile Islands - a Study in Coalition Warfare and Civil-Military Relationships’

Folder 53

Armstrong Starkey : ‘War and culture in the Age of the Enlightenment - a Case Study. British Officers in America, 1755-1781’

Folder 54

War & Society : correspondence, 1984

Folder 55

War & Society : correspondence, 1984 (continued)

Folder 56

War & Society : correspondence, 1985


Box 8

Folder 57

War & Society : correspondence, 1985 (continued)

Folder 58

Professor J.H. Jensen : ‘The Impact of War (1912-1923) on South-Eastern Europe

Correspondence dated 1986 from : J. Richardson Dilworth, Professor of History, Yale University; Norman MacQueen, University of Papua New Guinea, and K.R. Bohme, Kungl Militarhogskolan

Article - ‘Zadruga (Kucna Zadruga)’, by Milenko S.  Filipovic

Article - ‘Philip E. Mosely’s Contribution to the Comparative Study of the Family’ by Margaret Mead

Folder 59

Eric Andres : ‘The Media and the Military - Australian War Correspondents and the Appointment of a Corps Commander, 1918 - a Case Study’

John Moses : ‘The Great War as Idealogical Conflict - an Australian Perspective’

Folder 60

John Moses : ‘The Great War as Idealogical Conflict - an Australian Perspective’ continued)

Folder 61

Roland Quinault : ‘Churchill and Russia - You Cannot Deal with this Question of Russia Apart from the Historic Aspect’

Charles G. Roland : ‘Allied POWs, Japanese Captors and the Geneva Convention’

Folder 62

Paul D. Twomey : ‘Small Power Security Through Great Power Arms Control? - Australian Perceptions of Disarmament, 1919-1930’

Folder 63

Jason Stephen Sears : ‘Discipline in the Royal Navy, 1913-1946’

Hugh Smith : ‘Conscientious Objection to Particular Wars - Australia’s Experience during the Vietnam War, 1965-1972’


Box 9

Folder 64

Malcolm H. Murfett ‘A Pyrrhic Victory - HMS Amethyst’s Negative Contribution to Anglo-Chinese Relations, 1949’

Folder 65

Malcolm H. Murfett ‘A Pyrrhic Victory - HMS Amethyst’s Negative Contribution to Anglo-Chinese Relations, 1949’ (continued)

Folder 66

C. Carr-Gregg : ‘An Extension of Humanitarian International Law - the Soviet Soldiers Captured by Afghan Liberation Movements, 1982-1986’

Paul Crook : ‘War as Genetic Disaster? - the World War I Debate over the Eugenics of Warfare’

Folder 67

Claude d’Abzac-Epezy : ‘Reductions in Office Numbers and Relations Between State and Army - the Example of the French Army in 1815 and 1945’

Folder 68

M.F. Driesziger : ‘Bridges to the West - the Horthy Regime’s Reinsurgence Policies in 1941’

Folder 69

G.D. Sheffield : ‘The Effect of the Great War on Class Relations in Britain - the Career of Major Christopher Stone, DSO, MC’

Folder 70

S. Inayet A. Saidi : ‘Structure and Organisation of the European Mercenary Army Forces in the Second Half of Eighteenth Century India’

Stewart Lone : ‘the Imperial Japanese Army and Political Parties’

Folder 71

Richard Foregger, MD : ‘A Proposed Mission to Destroy the Gas Chambers at Auschwitz’


Box 10

Folder 72

Jean-Charles Jouffret : ‘The Question of the Professional Army in Republican France, 1872-1987’ (OR the France of the Republics)

John Killigrew : ‘A Brief Summary of the Theory of Zheng-Qi from the Li WergongWendui’

William de Maria : ‘The Australian Wartime Budgets, 1939-1945 ; the New Fiscal Gluttony’

Folder 73

Mark R. Shulman : ‘The War of 1812 and the Use of History’

Barnett Singer : ‘Colonial Background and Leadership in World War I - the Tragic Case of Gallieri’

Bernd Huppauf : ‘Langemarck, Verdun and the Myth of a ‘New Man’ in Fascist Ideology’

Folder 74

Kenneth S. Gallant : ‘Anti-Utopianism among arms Controllers’

Folder 75

Azar Gat : ‘Montecuccoli-Humanist Philosophy, Paracelsian Science and Military Theory’

C. Mary Turnbull : ‘Britain and Vietnam, 1948-1955’

Folder 76

Terry W. Strieter : ‘Franco-Prussian War Veterans and POWs - Career Patterns Among the French Army Cadres, 1870-1895’

Folder 77

Paul B. Kern : ‘Military Technology and Ethical Values in the Siege of Plataea’

Warwick N. Funnell : ‘The Guardians of Liberty - the Role of Civilians in British Military Finance in the Late Nineteenth Century’

Alan Gilbert, John Robertson, Roslyn Russell : ‘Computing Military History - a Research Report on the First AIF Project’

Folder 78

Pam McLean : ‘Control and Cleanliness - German-Jewish Relations in Occupied Eastern Europe during the First World War’

Folder 79

War & Society correspondence, 1986-1987

Folder 80, 81, 82

War & Society correspondence, 1986-1987

Folder 83, 84, 85, 86, 87

War & Society correspondence, 1982-1983 (duplicates)